The Kyocera Proteus is a shape shifting flexible smartphone

by: Matthew BensonOctober 31, 2014

Despite the amazing progress in display technology in recent years, one thing still remains beyond the mainstream consumer’s grasp: truly flexible screens. Last year Samsung and LG both released high end devices with bendable technology, however in the case of the Galaxy Round it was fixed to the glass, and in the case of the G Flex, could only be flattened. Neither device truly embodied “the vision”, and even the incredible new Galaxy Note Edge or Gear S can’t achieve it. Kyocera, no stranger to unique products however, thinks its latest prototype called the Proteus, might be just what the doctor ordered.

Proteus A

Displayed at Japan’s CEATEC exhibition a few weeks ago, the Proteus can transform into three distinctive shapes: a flat panel, a bracelet, and a drapery. The first is a typical smartphone presentation and isn’t particularly remarkable save for its extreme thinness. The bracelet configuration transforms the phone into a wearable, and by using sensors on the back of the display, allows the device to monitor the wearer’s health and fitness, making it ideal for workouts. The third form, “Clip Style”, would allow the user to wrap the panel over a thin rail; Display Factor suggests it might be ideal for cycling by placing it on a bicycle’s handle allowing the user to glance at information without needing to move their hands.

Proteus B Display Central

Unfortunately, Kyocera has yet to solve the problems about display technology (AMOLED is suggested however), how a keyboard would be used with the curved form factors, and of course, a battery to power the screen. Until solutions are found that will allow for a final product and subsequent mass production, the Proteus will alas remain a techies dream.

  • JKim


  • Rick_Deckard

    Finally a cellphone that can fit in your wallet lol

    • dodz

      at this size or stage, no it cant, but it would probably save you from having another device like today’s smartwatch, why not just wear your smartphone around as a watch? imagine that! no need to put in your pockets without worrying about bending or so we call “bendgate”.

      • Rick_Deckard


  • OhStopItYou!

    release to market (for a affordable price with decent specs) and we are talking!!!

  • mutyo051026

    Officially “bendable” phone is coming!!

  • For Japan I think this is important because, unless I’m forgetting something, there are no domestically produced devices with bendable displays. Chances are, however, that either Samsung or LG will get a truly bendable product out first, perhaps like Samsung had in the video from its YOUM unveiling.

    • Same Smith

      All this bendable stuff is good, but I would rather have the modular phone, ARA, out to the masses even before having a bendable phone. It’d be like collecting/trading pokemon cards but only module parts in that case. Hahah

  • Darrell Shannon

    Smart watch pop up display I can see it coming

  • BZ

    ill buy this if it turns into some sort of wrist band

  • paul cook

    The foldable bendable battery was announced last month with Samsung r&di think it was why don’t they just use a wireless battery out little multiple battery lines so they can flex

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  • Mark Mann

    this would be the only way you’d ever see a wearable on my wrist

  • crutchcorn

    Please? Please? PLEASE?

  • Shark Bait

    I’m not at all convinced a flexible phone will be a good thing. Sounds bloody annoying to me. Never when I’m using things my phone do I think, “god, I wish this would flop over and be difficult to hold, read, and type on”.

    I have a feeling this is a cool gimmick technology that has no real purpose. Until of course I can unfold my phone to make a tv

    • harry potter

      it is tuff enuf to stay ware it is but i see your point (ron wesley (bloody))

  • Viswanathan P

    a great outcome of required and most wanted product

  • Name doesn’t fi

    f****** copy Apple, iPhone 6+ is the first big screen phone that can actually bends and got the best display, which is retina HD. Catch up Android!!!

    • CHAMP

      LOL LOOSER.. Are u kidding me? Big screen?? Third party Keyboard? what an innovation Man!! Check out the conference of Samsung like couple of years ago, when this prototype was announced. Please go back to sleep and enjoy ur year 2012!!

      • Name doesn’t fi

        You must be fun in parties……..

      • fortuna

        lol u probably didnt get what he said

    • iAndroid

      HAHAHAHA CHAMP was right! Go back to 2012! lame iPhone HAHAHAHA

      • Name doesn’t fi

        You must be fun in parties as well

  • Sergio Arroyo

    THIS is what smartwatches will be down the road. Right now, android wear is just taking baby-steps, but its getting there. Smartwatches will bend like that on your wrists and later, they will be holograms. As Virtual Assistance, there will be a person to tell you what is your status like: Health, if low on sugar or blood pressure too high. What time to exercise, tells you if you are going to sick and many things more. The holographic person, just like cortana, will interact with just like a real human being.

    You heard it hear first folks!!

  • PhatFish

    Finally a worthy wearable for my ****. Now it just needs a sensor which can check if I have a healthy sexlife. Oh and a special app for counting my sexual activities and for recommended ones, of course.