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Your Instagram feed has been chronologically ordered since the inception of the popular image (and now video) sharing social network. This keeps things tidy and orderly, but Instagram no longer believes this method works best.

The Facebook-owned social network states users miss about 70% of their feed on average. This is because Instagram has grown so much that most shared images get drowned in a sea of other photos. Sadly, many precious gems you would enjoy looking at get buried in there too.

The solution? They claim the best way to go about it is to apply a similar algorithm to the one we have seen Facebook use. Instagram is looking to prioritize your feed by taking into account what matters to you. This may include your relationship to the user, how much you like an artist and other complex factors.

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If Instagram’s algorithms say a post is more relevant, it will be pushed to the top… waiting for you to open the application. The new experience is set to launch “in the coming months”, so you have some time to complain or praise, if you so choose to.

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Do you even want this?

I, for one, like the orderly nature of a chronologically organized feed. Do I miss Instagram posts I would rather not? Probably, but I still find peace in knowing there is a set structure to my Instagram feed.


If the system will work similar to the parent social network, I have to say I am not a huge fan of the idea. Facebook just seems scrambled. And I can’t “like” anything because suddenly I will be bombarded with posts from the same person.

But what do you think? Maybe it will be convenient to not have to scroll through an infinity of unimportant images just to see those few photos or videos that matter.

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  • Jose Alberto

    Interesting, i have noticed the date of the post was moved after the comments and reduced in size, so this was the move behind this.

  • Those weird algorithms are the only reason that I can miss some posts on Facebook. Only in chronological order I’m not missing anything.

  • Bravo Alpha

    No, I don’t want a Facebook-like Instagram.

  • No!! I definitely don’t want a scambled Instagram!! I don’t use Facebook anymore purely because it’s so messy. I’m always scared to like something incase it was posted 2 days ago. It’s annoying for everyone. Is there a way we can stop this??

    • DDD

      With Facebook, there is a way to get the chronological order. Hopefully they do the same here.

  • Haseeb

    Screw this. First Twitter became Facebook, and now Instagram is becoming Facebook. Can’t we have a clean and chronological social network with equality among all posts?

  • Xtopher

    That device on the image tho.. wish I had it

    • Илиян

      yea.. looks like a nice laptop

  • monsterdonutkid

    Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Nope! Nope? Nope.

  • Aiii

    Fine if you wish to develop something like this, maybe most use cases will benefit from it. Who am I to tell, I’m sure as hell not as informed as Facebook is at social media browsing habits.

    But at least give me the option to have it sorted chronologically. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that works equally as well for every use case involved. Not everyone follows 500 people on Facebook or Instagram, not everyone wades through 100s of new photos every day. There’s no reason to make things more complex because somehow kids these days have more Facebook friends than my hometown had citizens in total.

  • Jakob West

    I always set FB back to most recent. I don’t understand why anyone thinks non-chronological makes more sense.

  • Noah Jones


  • Cyclopean

    This is just like how flick died trying to be facebook.

  • Nila

    Annoying is an understatement. I just sit and scroll through instagram when I’m on the toilet – works great! Dont want things muddled all over the place. I miss so many posts from friends on Facebook because Facebook in all it’s wisdom decides that they aren’t important to me just because I dont interact enough with them :(

  • Don Draper

    gonna be a nightmare