We first heard of Hulu looking to launch a new live TV service last May. News regarding the matter were pretty silent until the beta testing began early this year, but Hulu’s new website has just been updated and it’s teasing the upcoming service. doesn’t show much in terms of new information, but it does corroborate previously reported features and allows you to request an invite. Advertised features include multiple profiles/livestreams, the on-demand services you already love, DVR-like recording, real-time alerts and mobile support

Nothing new there, but at least the information has gone public, which means the company is getting ready for an imminent launch. These streaming channels would be offered through a monthly subscription distinct from Hulu Plus, and prices are expected to be set under $40.

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December 4, 2016

This is looking like a complete service that could replace traditional cable TV for cord-cutters. I am especially excited about alerts and DVR services, as they could be used in conjunction to never miss a show.

Are you looking to replace your TV service for an online alternative? Is Hulu an option you are considering? Hit the comments to share your 2 cents!

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