HTC One (M9) specs rumored, include 5.5-inch display, no UltraPixel camera

by: Jonathan FeistDecember 1, 2014

HTC Desire Eye Hands On Close Ups -7

If manufacturers like HTC plan to continue their trend of launching new flagship devices at Mobile World Conference, they best be figuring out just what those next phones will be right away. A rumor has popped up of leaked specs, showing that HTC is on their way to launching the HTC One (M9).

For starters, this rumor offers up the continuation of the “One” naming scheme. Fair enough, most of us are comfortable with calling them the M7, M8 and now the M9 anyway.

From there, we see a specs list that is right on par with the latest and greatest phones out there. A 5.5-inch QHD display is a good start. The Snapdragon 805 processor is a solid choice, for now, and 3GB of RAM should keep any phone ticking along at a decent pace.

Internal storage options should start at 32GB, with 64GB and 128GB satisfying our upgraded needs. Of course, a microSD slot ensures we never run out of space.


Stepping things up from there, a 3500mAh battery is a smart power option. In most cases, lugging around 4000mAh makes for a heavy device, but anything in the neighborhood of 3200mAh or lower produces unsatisfactory battery life on a phone this size for the average user.

The best news here, if this rumor is to be believed, is the updated 16MP camera with optical image stabilization (OIS). Not to say that HTC’s UltraPixel technology was a failure, but it certainly has not been well received by those that look at the specs sheets. We’ve heard from many users that have passed on the HTC One (M8) because of the 4MP sensor.

Rumored HTC One (M9) specs

ProcessorSnapdragon 805
Memory3GB of RAM
Display5.5-inch QHD
Storage32GB/64GB/128GB plus microSD
Camera16MP rear camera with OIS

Further, there is mention of a HTC One (M9) Prime that could be sporting Bose audio. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

We do not expect the HTC One (M9) to be announced, let alone find its way to store shelves, until next March in Barcelona. However, this is just the beginning, we are sure we’ll see plenty of further rumors and leaks before then. Stay tuned.

What do you think, do these initial specs meet your HTC One (M9) expectations?

  • Josh the Moose

    I’m pumped for it! Sounds like an awesome phone.

  • Chris

    I’ve been a fan of HTC since the orgnail EVO days. im now rocking an one m8 on t-mobile. i would never buy anything else.

    • worldclassflame

      Same here

    • Alex Findley

      Same was for me until last year, when I saw no improvement in the M8 compared to my M7 that I still use and love. It even got worse in some aspects, no image stabilisation, weird duo-camera that has functions which a good software feature can almost do the same, 5 inch screen now with the buttons making its’ usable screen space not much (if any) bigger than the M7’s and leaving a huuuuge bezel now not functional for anything.. The only thing that undoubtedly improved was the speakers that got louder and just better. But that was not enough for me.

      Still, after 3 years of being an HTC-Only guy, starting with the Desire HD all the way to the M7 through the One X and Sensation models, it takes me a little more to swap for some other manufacturer. Currently I still use my M7 and it’s still fine, while an iPhone 5S is next to it, and I’m waiting for HTC to make a less than 5 inch flagship. Please do.

      • neo905

        Don’t forget battery life. The M8 crushes the M7 in that regard. That is a much bigger improvement than the sound.

  • xoj_21

    if design is good like m7 , and they dont screw up the camera we may have a winner

  • Pitahson

    Specs are not bad for end of 2014, but let’s be real. Snapdragon 808 and 810 is what should be in next gen devices. Even the super slim Oppo phone has the 610 which is the 64 bit low end

    • Chris

      no one gives a flick about oppo.

      • anonymous

        like once upon a time that no one gave a flick about samsung, thing will change bro

        • Wjdzm

          Samsung’s always been there with Nokia prior to smartphone era; your argument is invalid.

          • omnomnom

            not at all, up until around 2008 no one owned a samsung, they were view as horrible phones, it’s only since they started using android and the Galaxy series came out as the only real rival to the iphone(at the time) that they’ve been gaining popularity

      • Matt

        Oppo makes some great products. Their blu-ray players are top notch and the Find 7 was a great device. It probably had the loudest/clearest speakers on any smartphone I have come across.

        • omnomnom

          make some great headphones, I’m not surprised the speakers are good on their phones

        • Chris

          where? china?

          • Matt

            You can find Oppo blu-ray players at Best Buy Magnolia centers. The phones you have to import

    • J_Pod

      I agree, it would be disappointing to not see a 64 bit chip in the M9 now that Lollipop is 64 bit.

  • Collin

    Will this be for Verizon?

  • 5’5 inches is too large

    Manufacturers should stop the trend of growing in screen size to the point where it’s almost unusable in one hand. The M8, with its rounded edges, heft, and height, is already hard to handle.

    • chris pinkston

      If done right, it might not be much bigger than current m8. Lg g3 isn’t much bigger but has 5.5″ screen

      • 5.5″ still too large, 5.2″ max

        But HTC needs to fit the Boomsound speakers on the front and the added width that would come with the 5’5 screen would make it large. LG also minimalized the bezel by using back buttons.

        • black88halo

          Maybe they’ll use the design of the desire eye for the boomsound.. remember that when it had been leaked, everyone was wondering if it had boomsound.. Let’s hope for that because if HTC sticks to the M8 design it would be a really tall device with a 5.5 inch display

          • J_Pod

            That would be awesome if they did, and included the water resistance, but most of all, just move the HTC symbol to the colored bezel down below and get rid of the black bar! It would make the phone look better as well as symmetrical.

    • jbell

      One hand use is so 3 years ago…

      • Alex Findley

        Bullshit. You telling me I should not be able to operate my phone on the bus while holding on to something with my other hand so that I don’t fall over? Please.

        • Shane

          Don’t buy new phones then. Save your bus money for a car…

          • Alex Findley

            Oh mister money man, I actually have a BMW 3-Series E36 cabriolet, but this is not America, petrol costs money, drivers are crazy, so sometimes you just take the bus instead. And I still don’t see any reason for a 5+ inch screen while I can do anything on my HTC One M7 and even on my iPhone 5S. This is just another thing manufacturers make fools of the consumers, like screen resolution. Most televisions today have 1080p displays, why the bloody hell do we need 2k and Quad-HD screens on tiny displays compared to them? 1080p is enough.

    • ulegoblind

      Could you not just put the phone down while you masturbate?

  • Xavier_NYC

    That 5.5 inch is gonna seem like 5.9 with those Bezels and speakers..

    • My thoughts exactly! sigh…They can at least get rid of the HTC bar or even make it useful in some way.

      • Alex Findley

        Just place the buttons on the bezel like the M7. It was alright.

    • DavidVarghese

      HTC better step up their bezel game! I’m looking for a good update to my M7

      • LG


        • Daniel

          Front Speakers

          • ed

            Have you seen the front facing speakers on the HTC One Eye? They are basically invisible. Front facing speakers do not need to be giant.

          • Sang-G

            are you stupid? ofcourse they do. When i watch movie on my device (m8), i prefer bigger/better speakers :) for the better sound. But overall they need to implant the speaker better smoother with the bezels….

          • ed

            The actual speakers on the M8 are not large. They are roughly the same size as other phone speakers except there are 2 of them. The speaker grills on the other hand are giant. They do not need to be. If you look at the HTC Desire Eye, it has the same “Boom Sound” speakers but the speaker grills are tiny.

          • Vyron

            Are they the same quality as the m8 though?

          • ed

            They are listed as Boom Sound so I would assume they would be the same.

          • Sayersttu

            I’m not sure about that assumption. I assumed the “desire” brand all around meant less powerful. Then again, it is a newer phone so maybe they figured out how to shrink the grills?

          • unyi3lding

            I’ve talked to the HTC designers at a HTC Meetup; the entire reason for the bigger display was actually due to the larger speakers in the M8

          • ed

            Then how do you explain the same speakers in the htc eye being hidden behind tiny speaker grills?

        • findinghomer


    • Anonymousfella

      HTC Shamu? Hmm…

    • inbruCHes

      It’s not the speakers that bother me, but the two bezels above the speaker. So from the bottom of the device you first have the speaker, then a black bar with HTC logo, then the three Android buttons. All three combined you loose an inch of screen real estate. The advantage of the M7 was to have to ‘back’ and ‘home’ button left and right of the HTC logo, which saved space.

      • Xavier_NYC

        That’s where they put the wire’s etc. That’s why all phones pretty much have top and bottom bezels. The speaker doesn’t allow for them to put the necessary wires behind it so they put it behind that black spot or so I was told. I could be wrong.

    • maclifer

      If you don’t count the bezels – only glass covered area on the M8 – it’s exactly 5.5″ size. So if they removed the black bezels it could be 5.5″ with the same sized frame. That would be a great use of space! I had to measure my M8 earlier today to make sure.

      • Xavier_NYC

        The problem is you can’t get rid of that part. That’s where the house the wire’s etc. That’s why all phones pretty much have top and bottom bezels. The speaker doesn’t allow for them to put the necessary wires behind it so they put it behind that black spot or so I was told. I could be wrong.

      • JohnMiller2013

        If HTC puts a 5.5″ 2K screen in the same frame but with slimmer bezels, and slim down the body to be under 8mm thin, and if the rumored specs for the phone are right, they will put Samsung out of business :-)

    • Alexboom

      yep…i can clearly see those bezels…oh wait…………THAT’S THE BACK COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ibrahim speed

    When come to specs i rather choose 64bit processor… I want the best performance for the best phone

  • Srini

    805 is a let down. I thought it’d debut a 810 and the software (read: apps) also tweaked / modified for 64 bit processing. The RAM, as a result, should’ve been 4GB.

    Sad – it’s the end of Ultra Pixel. I actually like their ultra pixel camera. The light in the photographs were much better captured than other cameras. I actually thought they’d put in a much better version of the ultra pixel – maybe a 12/13 megapixel ultra-pixel camera.

    Either ways, 805 is a BIG letdown for me. If I have to wait for 4 months to get a 805 with 3GB ram & a 16 megapixel camera with OIS, I might as well get a Nexus 6 now with all of the above features, with the added benefit of getting the latest updates immediately.

    • Yeah,UltraPixel was capable of takes nice pics and the photos didn’t full the memory .also 8 UltraPixel was enough

  • crutchcorn


  • Shashank Bhardwaj

    Someone tell HTC to slow the fuck down on screen sizes.

    • Ralph Wyndham

      5.0″ should be fine. 5.5″ is too big.

      • maclifer

        It could remain in the same size frame – without taking out the Boom Sound speakers – if the black bezel around top and sides, plus on bottom (where logo is) were converted to screen space. The glass on the M8 is exactly 5.5″ diagonal.

    • Alex Georgiadis

      Someone should tell that to all the OEMs right now. I don’t want my flagship phones to be this big.

      • Alex Findley

        Yeah, exactly what I’m thinking. And even Apple follows this damn trend now, why does the iPhone 6 have to be 4.7″?!

        Only one still thinking is Sony. They have the Z3, a big flagship, and the Z3 Compact, a 4.6″ not so big yet not too small phone that has high-end specs. If it had the design of HTC phones, I’d have already replaced my M7 for it. But now I don’t know, I have an M7 and an iPhone 5S and I don’t want to replace any of them because they both have successors that are ruined in one way or another, the M8 and now M9 being huge, and the iPhone 6 also being big, at least for an iPhone. iOS was so well-optimised for a 4″ screen, it was enough for most people including me.

        • Alex Georgiadis

          The worst thing is that I feel that they punish the consumer who doesn’t want a big ass phone by making all the smaller ones really obsolete and expensive at the same time. We see that with the HTC one mini and the Galaxy S mini series. And the bad is that even though android phone owners who make fun of iPhone users are just as bad because they support such practices for Android too.

  • toomuchgame441

    Bring it on!

  • kjmok

    805 has been in phones of 2014. Honestly i’ll not settle for anything other than 810. I’ll be truly disappointed if 810 is not in the m9.

  • Bhaarath

    Interesting .. and hope they come out with some awesome Cam .

  • Nice !

  • Tony Chiang

    Damn. I wanted the UltraPixel to carry on. Its too awesome to pass up. The extra light absorbed is too good

    • Iggy

      Really??? I hate my M8`s camera!

      • Tony Chiang

        Fell for the megapixel shenanigan ?

      • Chris

        I love mine

    • Evander

      have u seen the reviews for the ultrapixel camera? cuz its bad

      • Tony Chiang

        Are you into photography? Do you know how photography and light works? I’ll take a lower pixel count but with bigger pixel size over high pixel count and tiny ass pixel size. I am not going to choose one with high pixel that only works best with ample light and struggle during low light moments. Instead I’ll take the one that has lower pixel count but bigger pixel size that works good enough during daytime and still awesome during nights. That huge pixel size just gobbles up all the light.

        • Chris

          no he isn’t. hes prob. some middle schooler/high schooler who knows nothing…

  • msal

    Hopefully no front logo that makes the phone unnecessary tall..

    And why isn’t it using the 810?

    • Chris

      maybe it will. the phone isnt out yet bud,.

      • msal

        If it’s coming out this year, it won’t use the 810.

  • Johnny Dwyer

    HTC will have a 5.5 inch phone, but that will be the PRIME. I believe they have 2 phones, the M9 with a 5.2 inch screen and the snapdragon 808, also the M9 PRIME with a 5.5 inch display and the snapdragon 810 64 bit processor. Can’t wait to upgrade my M8 to one of these beast.

  • Samplethief

    No no no HTC. Go back to 4.7″

    • Evander

      soz that aint happening the trend i now 5+”

      • Niks

        The smaller 4.7-5.2 phones sell a lot more than the 5.5-6 inch phones. Although it’s funny because the hype is all on the ‘big ass’ phones as LG G3, Note, Nexus and so on.

        • Evander

          the funny thing is that even though the g3 has a 5.5″ screen it still has a smaller or same size (roughly) as a 5.2″ screen phone

          • Niks

            What funny about it? That does not change the fact that smaller phones sell more than bigger phones. I had a look at the G3 a week ago, and it felt very wide when I tried it. They can make it smaller in height, but not in width – and thats what matters when holding it – at least for me.

    • Chris

      not happening. get over it.

  • Vic Thor

    “right on par with the latest and greatest phones out there. A 5.5-inch QHD display is a good start.” I disagree. Why can’t a phone that fit in my pocket be “great”? Or have a resolution that my eyes are capable of distinguishing from full hd one? Manufacturers: I personally don’t care how “great” your phone is, if it doesn’t fit in my pocket I’M NOT BUYING.

  • klaus der gabelstaplerfahrer

    That are just rumored specs, nowhere near reality since the s 805 would be a bad choice!! I think HTC will at least go with 808 or better 810… Also 5.5 inch yes seems to be good much more would be again too much..

  • Irtiza

    Missing the dimensions. I really don’t want better specs over the M8, but I could do with a slimmer phone.

  • pgee4

    I tbink it’s a mistake to move away from UltraPixels. Sure it needs a upgrade in the camera dept. Be stuffing pixels into a camera isn’t jist going to do the trick. In my opinion they jist need to upgrade the sensor and not move away from UltraPixels

  • Eduardo

    A better processor, waterproof and an already upgraded camera, it would kill everything else.

  • iamghostdevil

    16MP rear camera will be great but I wish they still make this 2 real camera thing for 3d effects and focus

  • Give me none of the specs above, except 6000 mAh battery and I’ll bless you.

    All I ever need more in a phone is Battery, battery and battery. Battery juice matters. If I have the best specs but have to refuel every 8 to 10 hours, then how Antonov is it?

    I want big battery. Big ooh. I wont bother for 10k mAh battery. Stop wasting time on Qhd whatever.

    • neo905

      So you want a tablet size battery in a phone? Good luck with that. The S810 in and off itself with contribute 800-1000 mAh relative to the 801 and 2,000 mAh relative to the S600 in the M7.

  • Johnny Alexander Liechtenstein

    Seems like a worthy upgrade from my M7. I love Sense UI, and on my M7 I never really felt like leaving sense for another rom. I wonder how the phone will be like.

  • Ardit Grezda

    For me, nothing less than snapdragon 810 and 2 days of battery in regular use, 1 day in heavy use. I was counting on xperia z4 but got disappointed with the rumors for having SnapDragon 805. Android L is compatible for 64 bit. Forget the 32 bit SoCs

  • king

    No need to chasing the rabbit like Apple. We don’t need the next phone thinner then the M8. Just give us a bigger battery.

  • hahah

    No Snapdragon 810???

  • Pullmyfinger

    Removable battery would be nice. My current phone loses its charge faster nowadays.

    • Chris

      is it a m8? cuz my m8 lasts all day and thats just fine for most normal people. no one wants a plastic phone expect samsung users

  • Justin Williams

    HTC is known for humongous bezels, but anything can happen in 2015. I won’t upgrade my G2 just yet until next year for a s810 device. 2015 will be a very promising year for technology

  • Captain jack

    Better would be if they stop putting that ultra pixels thing in their flagship…

  • Guest105

    Finally a better camera, now HTC will dominate.

  • htcman

    Didn’t see anything about screen resolution.. hoping for 4k

  • jordan

    HTC need to make more of an edge to edge screen or just thinner bezels, as opposed to the ‘case bezels with black screen bezels that equals a tall thin screen in basically all new HTC phones now. Also need to totally re-vamp the android interface, i much prefer the old colourful, skinny, rounded black menu bar at the bottom. blink feed is a no no.

    • Chris

      blinkfeed can be disabled.

  • unclebob

    man htc sucks and so do all of u losers go get a note 4

    • Chris

      because the note 4 sucks….

  • kunal pansuriya

    flagships don’t mean pumping everything alongwith screen sizes. slow down guys. anything upward of 5 inches is a bad choice for a flagship. figure out a way to fit more pixels in smaller screens and you got yourselves a killer.

  • Urbano Burriola

    I will say. I am impressed. 5.5 is a pretty solid screen size. The Specs are just as amazing as well. Definitely a competitor with other Flagship Models. I am digging the 3500mAh battery though. I actually do not let the weight of the phone bother me, it is going to feel of such quality build, and cannot wait to at least hold it! Im rocking the Note 4 with 3220mah and it lasts me ALLDAY!!!! and then some. Can only imagine that a poweruser can seek to make this phone battery life work for an extended period of time!

  • Chris Brown

    In not going to upgrade my M7 there isn’t an option for a smaller version without compromising the performance. I may have to look at competitors maybe even going to the iPhone. I don’t need a giant phone.

    • Chris

      thats what iphone users said a few years back. now look at them

      • Chris Brown

        sure, but the market is big enough for multiple offerings and that’s great if they offer YOU a gi-normous uber phablet but I want a smaller compact device that is more mobile and ergonomic for phone calls and quick access. I own a tablet for apps and media that requires a larger form size.

      • Chris Brown

        I would also add that that statement sounds a lot like Apple’s old delivery line.. “we know what you need.”

  • Javier Tejeda

    I was thinking of getting a new phone anyway in March and I like the HTC brand. The shooter is going to be amazing. So I get to decide between the Samsung Galaxy s6 and whatever it is that HTC is rolling out. I look forward to hearing more about this phone.

  • Alex Findley

    Everything except the screen size. This is not a phone anymore! 5.5 inches – for what?! 4.7 inches in the M7, that was just the right size: big enough for everything, yet comfortable in one hand. M8 was already a wrong move in this aspect, this is getting even worse. So, apart from this it is a great spec sheet, pretty surprised they leave the UltraPixel, that’s a good point. If I were HTC, I would release a One M9 Mini the way Sony does – a smaller phone with high-end specs. The Z3 Compact for example is, I think, one of the best Android phones today for those who want to buy a phone, not some tablet-phone hybrid. Or even make the normal M9 a 4,7-5 inch device.

    Until there is an HTC One Mini with the M9’s specs but a 4.7″ or smaller screen, I’ll stay with my iPhone 5S and my still great One M7, thank you.

    • Chris

      are smartphones really smartphones? or are they just mini computers?

      • Alex Findley

        They should be smartphones. There are phablets and tablets if you want mini computers.

  • Mr Riggs

    So 5.5 is the norm now huh. I’ll take my 5.2 droid Turbo. Perfect size. Only thing HTC got right is the speakers.

  • vicnale

    Pleaseeeee No! I hope they don’t make the phone any bigger. I liked the 5.0 inch on the M8. The newer phones now are getting way to big. The M8 size is just perfect. If they want to make it bigger, I ask that they atleast give you an option to pick your size like the iphone 6.

  • Cole Walter Tague

    If they release this phone without a 64bit CPU people may say it’s outdated before it s even out.

  • I’ve got the M7 and the camera is just a disaster. They had the best intentions, but its performance in low-light situations is abhorrent. The purple hue has never been fixed and it renders the camera and videocamera almost useless indoors, especially once the phone warms up a bit with use.

  • Os

    I would have hoped for the snapdragon 810 I think it is

  • QHD :/ Not necessary at all.

    • Chris

      why not?

      • Because it’s not necessary. 1080p is more than enough. Mobile GPU’s can’t power QHD displays in 3D graphics.

        I’d personally rather let graphics technology catch up in the mobile space and offer us some power savings rather than constantly bumping the resolution to something unattainable or keeping battery life exactly the same.

  • Specs

    Just make it a 5,2 inch screen with QHD quality,
    and a810 octa-core snapdragon chip, with 4GB RAM,
    and a minimum of 64/128 GB internal storage, which is microSD expendable,
    and 4000+ mAH batterly life,
    and OR a 12 (mp) Ultra pixel (duo) camero with 12+ mp front camera OR a 20+ mp duo back camera and 12+ mp front camera.
    Oh and sense 7.0!
    Everyone would be happy

  • pjcamp

    Just fix the damn camera.

  • Sebastian Bartlett

    Seems to me they are just playing catch up and not adding anything new.

    • Chris

      thats apple you are thinking of.

      • Sebastian Bartlett

        Yah Apple are playing catch up to HTC but HTC seem to be playing catch up to Samsung and LG

  • Endri

    I’m one of those people who passed on HTC M8 because of the 4mp camera.

    • Chris

      the camera isnt that bad. its not perfect but Im not blowing up photos to fill a movie projector screen eirther.

  • nuclearboy197

    5″ to 5.4″ is the sweetspot. Anything bigger is what I consider a phablet, so I’d like something around 5.2. Saves battery life and keeps the phone small

  • chris walsh

    Would love if they go snapdragon 810 or 808.

  • SoulCollector

    Just place the buttons on the bezel like the M7 its a must have and the ir-blaster for htc tv Who is fantastic.
    I love the ultrapixel camera, can you upgrade it to 8 ultrapixel ?
    And please go for snapdragon 810.
    And of corse aluminium .

  • Paul Alexander Mills

    Atleast they upgraded the battery for once haha, might last the day :D

    • neo905

      The M8 lasts a day. The M7 does not.

    • Chris

      my m8 lasts all day long…

      nice try kid.

  • Bill Murray

    5.5 is a phablet. Please at least try to make a device that normal people can use with ONE hand and fits in regular sized human pockets. Drop the qhd screen. 5.0 on the one m8 is fine, lose the bezel and trim the damn speakers down. For gods sake put in a camera that is vaguely usable.

    • Chris

      dont like it then dont use it.

  • Bob

    These are all rumors people.. don’t get all your panties in a bunch.. it COULD have an 810, it COULD have 5″ QHD, it COULD, but probably not, have smaller bezels.. :P I’d be quite happy with an 8MP Ultrapixel shooter..

  • Karly Johnston

    I h8 that HTC logo bezel… be gone!

  • Seth Forbus

    Bose Audio? HTC obviously doesn’t know sound quality. First Beats, now Bose? Seriously?

    • Chris

      U don’t think it’s bose. It’s Dolby. Then again judging by your picture you look like you are in high school and have no idea what you are talking about

      • Seth Forbus

        The article says “Further, there is mention of a HTC One (M9) Prime that could be sporting Bose audio. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” I’m 22, I work at an I.T. company, and I’m active on the XDA developer forums.

        • Chris

          And yet this isn’t the prime version… So your comment is moot.

          • Seth Forbus

            My comment wasn’t about this version, it was about HTC being willing to use Bose and Beats.

  • Jayesh Soni

    Still i love Note 4. choose your android giveaway … <3

  • thelastguyX20

    “Not to say that HTC’s UltraPixel technology was a failure…”

    No, I’m pretty sure it was a failure.

    If they were smart, they could have up the megapixel for the Ultrapixel. NOPE, let’s add a gimmicky second rear camera for hipster shots.

  • Jayesh Soni

    always with Note 4.<3