HTC One (M7) owners, no Lollipop 5.1 for you!

by: Andrew GrushMarch 19, 2015


It wasn’t too long ago that HTC had a reputation for being pretty horrid when it came to updating their Android devices, but this all changed starting with the HTC One M7. Upon release of said device, HTC promised two years of update support and they’ve kept that promise. Unfortunately, a new Tweet from Mo Versi indicates that the M7’s days of updates are over.

According to the HTC VP of Product Management, Android 5.1 is coming to the One M7 Google Play Edition, but not to the standard M7. To be fair, HTC has done a great job with updating the handset over the years, starting with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and ending with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Still, Android 5.1 seems less like a luxury update and more like an essential one, if only because it fixes much of what was broken with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

At least as far as my own Nexus 5 is concerned, Android 5.0 Lollipop was barely usable in its original form, and yet now works like a dream since updating to Android 5.1. Seems like a small slap in the face for One (M7) owners that will never see the crucial bug fixes found in 5.1. Then again, many of the issues that are found on stock Android devices might not have been a problem for HTC owners in the first place. That and with the phone turning two years old, many users are probably getting ready to upgrade to something newer anyhow.

What do you think of the news? Feel that HTC should release one more update to Android 5.1, or can’t blame them for calling it quits? For M7 owners, what do you make of this news?

  • I don’t have an M7 but I think this is mad. I could understand them saying they won’t update past Lollipop but 5.1 is mainly a bug fix for 5.0. If they’ve already done the work of bringing 5.0 to the M7 than bringing 5.1 won’t be much to do at all. Especially if they are doing the GPE version. If they are already supporting the hardware and they have to write sense for 5.1 anyway for the M8 and M9 then really there is no reason not to roll it out on the M7 as well. 99% of the work is already done!

  • As an owner of an M7 there’s no chance i’m moving to Lollipop now. 5.0 is way to buggy.

    • KingofPing

      Works great on my M7. (Better than 5.0 ever did on my Nexus 6).

    • StrikkerXX

      5.0 is pretty good on my M7, no bugs that I’ve had problems with.

  • Roby

    They’re a**holes for not releasing a bug fix update… That’s my impression

  • Samuel Davis

    I’m disappointed but not surprised. I guess I could always just turn my AT&T M7 into a GPE edition when 5.1 is released for it though.

    • Marty

      Good luck with that. It’ll cost you 25 clams if you never unlocked and S-Off’ed your M7 before updating it to 4.4.2. There are no tools to deal with 4.4.2 except one that costs $25….good way to screw HTC device owners.

      • Samuel Davis

        I did all that so I’m good on those fronts

  • PoisonApple31

    The phone is almost 2 years old – just be happy you got Lollipop in the first place. (said all the Droid Charge owners ;p)

    • mickeyoz

      my M7 is only 15 months old. Here is australia we’re still on 4.4.3 (no sign of 5.0 – which I suppose may be a good thing in view of the bug reports).
      My spare phone is a 5 year old iphone 3GS. Still getting ios updates – though not past ios 6.1.6 i think.
      My next phone will be nexus or apple.

  • Marty

    Heh…the AT&T M7 likely won’t see Android 5, much less anything beyond that. Cuts into AT&T’s profits to upgrade older hardware. Either that or they don’t have enough coders working on device upgrades and can’t do the M7.

  • Isaac

    My 2012 Nexus 7 was just updated to 5.1 and is running smooth as silk. HTC should at least update to 5.1 to fix the slow downs and then stop updating after that.

    • Joe

      5.0 with sense 7 already has bug fixea because the HTC team fixed most bugs while integrating sense 7. 5.0 or 5.1 makes no difference

  • Ivan Panchev

    Going to 5.0, but missing 5.1 is like going to Rome, but not seeing The Coliseum. Sham on you, HTC!

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Going to 5.0 is like being viciously beaten, and not getting 5.1 is like not going to the hospital.

      • john

        Their “hospital” treatment would be for the m7 owners to get the latest HTC one.

        • Vern Wilcox

          Many, many people didn’t get the m7 when it first come out, so now they have been left with a buggy phonefor 6 months to a year until their contract runs out, HTC should at least leave the people with a phone that works properly… This will be my last HTC phone

    • Shulamit Dashevsky

      Not getting 5.0 is like getting kidnapped while in rome, the 5.0 update was not an improvment!!!!

  • StrikkerXX

    With 5.0 being as buggy as it is, HTC should have worked on getting the M7 5.1… But it has been 2 years since its release, and I guess they gotta use that limited man-power for the M9

  • Mark Burgher

    This is why I rooted my m7 and run mainly cyanogenmod. I have recently tried a version of Sense 7 thats available on xda. Works great. After 2 years I’m ready for my m9 upgrade now :)

    • BatDroid

      I thought CM was ASOP with some extra CM stuff… without ‘sense’…

  • Redbone 981sl

    Put cyanogen mode on the Htc m7 and you will realize you don’t need a new phone. You will fall in love with your old phone all over again.

  • Emil

    Unfortunately the worst ROM, I wish they update at least Developers Edition

  • Karly Johnston

    Between this flop and the M9 cooking eggs… HTC = Blackberry

  • Emil

    I hate to say so, but that’s why I can’t leave iPhone. Despite how much I’ve liked M7 and M8.
    Google must change this asap.

    • Marty

      It’s HTC that does the update, not Google.

      • Emil

        Google owns Android. They are aware this is a problem they need to face.

        • Marty

          Let me ask, what do you think it means by Google owning Android? Does Google sell Android to OEMs? Also, does Google own all of Android, or only most of it?

          • Emil

            No. Google benefits from Android. More people using Android more revenue from Ads.
            4 months after being released and only 3% using Lollipop. Users get mad that their last gen Galaxy or HTC havent being updated. People being mad means people could go to Apple. Google cant stand that.

          • primalxconvoy

            Even though I understand why others are happy with the fragmented update system of Android, I think it’s fair to say that Apple has an avant-garde in this respect.

            Personally, I hope that the OS will one day be an “app” at Google Play, where users can install the latest version. Once that’s done, places like Aptoide will even be able to offer “downgrade” OS versions (just in case the latest isn’t actually, the greatest).

  • Vern Wilcox

    I’ve had the 5.0.2 update and I am having problems, signal dropping and not getting back untill I reboot the phone, apps force closing all the time, can’t send texts unless I turn off WiFi. Everything worked fine on jelly bean, now they have screwed my phone up and it doesn’t look like they are going to remedy it… Thanks HTC, this is my third HTC phone but it will b my last.


  • Dawid Poleszczuk

    they released buggy 5.0 or 5.0.1 for them but they wont release patches? of x.1? lol shame on you htc

  • Niklas

    I get that HTC can’t put manpower on an “old” phone but if you step back a bit, you see that it’s madness that they’re basically saying that the phone is irrelevant and obsolete after only TWO years! I will be rooting my M7 after this but I think it is ridiculous. Just think about the environmental effects this sort of thing has…

  • Geekhound

    No m9 for me!

  • Evans Mc

    This is actually why I’ll never buy another HTC Device. They take for every to get their updates out and stop providing update after 2 years

    • primalxconvoy

      They take for ever, right?

      Anyway, after HTC’s abysmal update support for the Desire, I upgraded to a Note 2 and haven’t looked back.

  • HiterTechCorpManager

    Well HTC this all wouldnt have happened if you diddnt even put a skin in the first place.

  • nigofthenogs

    Alright everyone, bust out your root kits cause it looks like we’re on our own

  • Ivo

    I start to think that they do this on purpose. M7 is really still a capable phone for everything(including games) and they broke it/made it worse with that update. 5.1 is bugfix update, it’s what 5.0 should have been and they refuse to implement it to m7 leaving it semiworking… shame HTC. Reputation means a lot, especially with such big companies in the field as samsung/apple. M8… same buggy thing. Battery drains, bugs and they leaved on purpose sense 6 instead of sense 7. Now they are focused on m9 and we will most likely wait till later summer for 5.1/bugfixes. Htc are really bad at updating their phones and always where… I had 3 of them in a row, but most likely my m8(great phone, btw.. especially on 4.4) will be my last from them. They are just not right with their strange update policy. Two, one, three years – you should be certain that the last update will leave the phone working as best/bug free/stable as it can be, not broken more than the lanch.

  • John Hayes

    This is my second HTC phone and I’ve been relatively satisfied. I’m also in the M7 group. With this announcement HTC has convinced me that there will not be another HTC anything in my future.

  • Shulamit Dashevsky

    This is so fuckin annoying considering the fact that i bought this phone this year. The new lollipop update besides for making things uglier, now does not show my corrext battery percentage, i get text messages several hours later, and my headphones dont work!!! And yes i have tried many things like turn it on and off trying different working headphones and i just realized that this all happened in some cases several days after i updated and in some less! So if ur gonna give us 5.0 give us 5.1 its rlly not fair that u want to break our phones, its almost like u appled it and did it on purpose! Give us 5.1 or take away 5.0 seriously!!!

  • HtcfanfromGreece

    I was so happy when it was announced that we are getting updated to Lollipop 5.0.2 and so dissapointed when I updated my phone and it started having problems with basic functions like alarm clock not ringing, home button freezing, missing notification sounds etc…
    If HTC respects us as customers we should get updated to 5.1 ,which is a maintenance release, and have once again a bug free phone.

  • umhhmm

    I am just going through turning my m7 to gpe so i will get all updates and it will be like having a new phone ! close to the nexus

  • umhhmm

    and yes get 5.1

  • Joe

    sense 7 with 5.0 is already going to have the bug fixes from 5.1 because HTC has already fixed 5.0 bugs while integrating sense 7. the .1 at the end will make no differerence at all for the user experience.

    m7 user myself..

  • KellyToon80

    I have it on my HTC one M7 on O2

  • Sundappen

    Anyone in the nordic countries got 5.0 lollipop by now?