HTC One M9 render (1)

If you’re a phone geek, phones are inherently sexy. Well, most of them are. For the rest of the world, some coaxing is required. Press shots and promotional images play a big role in this, which is why companies hire armies of photographers, graphic designers, and 3D artists to make sure their products look at their absolute best.

Enter Jonas Daehnert, an industrial designer based in Germany, who runs a design firm called PhoneDesigner. Jonas took all the information that’s currently available on the One (M9) and created this set of beautiful renders. The stock Android screen simulation is definitely off, but on the hardware side, what you see in these high-quality renders should be pretty close to the real thing.

This work is definitely impressive – Jonas took a set of inconsistent blurry cam shots and turned them into some very convincing images. They get your pulse racing, so to speak, especially if you’re an HTC fan. So, HTC or anyone else looking for talented industrial designers, maybe check this guy out?

We’ll only find out how accurate these luscious renders are on March 1. Meanwhile, would you be interested in the M9 if it ends up looking like this?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Leo

    wat a funny title ~~

  • Bob

    Start taking bets..

  • amyunus

    No HTC logo on bottom sidebar, please?

    Move it next to front camera or just somewhere else.

    Less. Bezel. Period.

    • Anonymousfella


      • crutchcorn


        • Cole Hyntermeister

          At least be glad it’s actually part of the speaker, and not just extra stuff. At least with this, even with on-screen buttons, it should be roughly the same size as the M7 if you were to fit a 5″ screen into it. I love how it looks, especially if everything sits symmetrically. I like the M8, but I don’t like how EVERYTHING is centered. M7’s face was better.

          • crutchcorn

            I don’t believe that, that with all our tech – our 14NM CPUs and just everything else that HTC can’t get rid of that bar though. So…. Yeah

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      I actually like how it looks. F*ck me, right?

    • Berry__Baaaaaaad

      It’s the notification led so it’s stays

    • Sqube

      But… but there is less bezel. The Xperia Z3 has got some top and bottom bezel going as well.

    • nosense

      How would moving the logo next to the front camera make it look better?

  • Jack Parker

    So where do I pre order

  • João Carvalho

    I’d buy it immediately.

  • VAVA Mk2

    Yes please!

    • MasterMuffin

      Yes please! Cash?

      • crutchcorn

        Hey man, I’ll take credit – debit – ANYTHING

        • MasterMuffin

          How about you buy some products from me and sell them + invite some of your friends too, the more friends you invite the more money you get! 100%notscamtrustmeh

          • crutchcorn


      • Nik

        give me the phone and you can take my soul

  • Gabi Dipla

    I hope it looks similar to this and the screen is not bigger than 5,2 inch 1080 p

  • Anonymousfella

    Make it the next nexus please!

  • Георги Кузев

    Amazing ! Fingers crossed it will look like this

  • J_Pod

    As long as the useless black bar is gone, I couldn’t care less if they leave their logo on the front.

  • roberthenderson

    I am so ready to get rid of my crappy sounding Galaxy Note 3. Please please PLEASE HTC do a big screen phone that is at least 5. 7 inches!!

    • Oliver Steinfeld

      I sold the note 3 to buy the m8 and it wasn’t easy to get used to a small screen, but it’s totally worth the change. Now I have no problems with it at all.
      HTC’s quality is just superior to Samsung’s toys. The M9 will kill em all, especially if it is going to look like this render.

  • i_say_uuhhh

    I’m in love, if HTC makes it look exactly like this then wow. Seriously it’s just beautiful.. I’m lost for words

  • nebulaoperator

    Hmmmm…looks stunning!

  • They definitely should. I saw them earlier, and it’s too freaking sexy! I almost learned the *self-destruct* ability after witnessing all this sexiness at one given time.

  • Ciprian Stefan Ruse

    It’s absolutely beautiful !!!

  • Isaac

    I honestly don’t see anything different here. I was hoping to make the jump to HTC cause I’ve had their phones before but these renders just dont quite do it. Hopefully Sony has something to announce cause Samsung, well I’m done with Samsung

  • Emmet

    I know these aren’t what the actual thing is going to look like, but I would LOVE to have this phone, if it looks like this…or similar to this design.

  • TheSony/AppleFanatic

    Looks awesome

  • abed

    WOW, i wish these renders are true….it looks stunning….i really hope this is trueeeeee…..:)

  • crutchcorn

    God this is good looking

  • Trey

    Isn’t this exactly what the m9 will look like? I’m guessing it is!

  • jclgan

    I think the only off-looking thing about these renders, hardware-wise, is the continued presence of a (redundant) button within the IR strip on top – all rumours are pointing to the power button shifted to below the volume buttons on the right, which the designer included.

  • bklm1234

    It’s a little too iphone 6 looking. But I totally will buy this because the top and bottom bezels are thinner. I hate so much the bottom bezel on the M8, too much wasted space. What’s with the HTC logo taking up almost 1 cm of real estate?

    • OBoi

      Ahhh you mean the Iphone looks like the M8 since it was out first……

  • Alvin Adiwira Santosa

    Take my money!

  • Wow those are pretty nice. Hopefully HTC really will release something like this as opposed to the M8 “rehash” that everyone is bracing for.

  • Karly Johnston

    It looks like an M8 morphed with an MX4.

  • Oliver Steinfeld

    Holy snap! If it’s gonna look like this render I’m splashing the cash as soon as it’s available!

  • Tony Davis-Coyle

    Definitely interested…….looking forward to seeing the new M9… phone is due for renewal then too :D

  • OBoi

    I believe this is the new M9 from HTC, and they are testing the waters to see how people react to the new design. Just guessing.

  • derp

    bezels are still think compared to ip6 and samsung phones.. it would be great for more screen realestate.

    • David Li

      Are you serious? The iPhone 6 has huge bezels because of the circle button on the bottom. Even the LG G3 has a bezel on the bottom.

  • Zachary Vincent Manning

    Yee, for real doe.. it won’t look like this. When has a phone ever looked this nice. It’s too damn nice for the real world, those speaker grills are ill as hell. That whole design period is just gorgeous. Hopefully they surprise us but I won’t get hopes up like I always do

  • Ammar sagheer

    Perfect to me

  • CR7
  • Fudge

    its an awesome and beautiful lookin phone :) :P


    HTC is so boring nowadays.

  • brendanhohoho

    There’s no denying it, the One M9 is another fantastic phone from HTC. Yes, it is let down slightly by an inconsistent camera and some software niggles, but the One range remains one of the best all-round flagships you can get thanks to the One M9.