HTC Incredible S Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out now

by: Chris SmithJuly 2, 2012

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean may be the hottest Android OS version in town, but the update is going to take its time to arrive to supported devices. In fact, except for the unofficial Jelly Bean ports that we have seen recently and the ones Google confirmed that are upgradeable to Android 4.1, we have no idea which of the current Android devices will get the new OS version in the near future.

Samsung and HTC have released vague statements regarding Jelly Bean upgrades, therefore in the mean time we’re still focusing on Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades, as various Android device makers are rolling them out as we speak.

Such is the case of the HTC Incredible S, which is getting the Ice Cream Sandwich right now. According to The Unwired, not only is the Incredible S getting ICS, but HTC is also releasing the first Android 4.0.4 upgrade for one of its Android devices that support Android 4.x versions. In addition to ICS you should also expect to taste HTC Sense 3.6 on the handset once the upgrade is performed.

The same source reports that this upgrade measures 250MB in size that will be available initially for the GSM version of the Incredible S and should be rolled out over-the-air (OTA).

  • angryfrog

    ICS is rolling out NOW? Jelly Bean’s coming out next month! What a joke.

    • khaleelu

      this month, in a little over a week

  • alias25

    its not out yet

  • ibyz

    If u have an unlocked version of the incredible s then the update is on now but for ones like locked to Optus we have to wait till early august as they speak

    • dylanado

      Mines unlocked, ive still havent gotten it yet.. D;

      • apoc

        same here.

    • Meeeeeeeeee Veee

      It is not locked/unlocked phones, its the location.

  • Hassan

    Got the ICS on Incredible S in Pakistan

  • cgs

    Mine updated last night. BAD. Animations stuttery, touch screen slow, Gallery doesn’t show existing videos. Unhappy. Wish I could go back to 2.3

    • Christian Collet

      I experience a larger drain on the battery than with Gingerbread. Also, the phone is slower in general, than it used to be.

  • noname

    I’ve upgraded mine and enjoyed it only for about a week.
    Now my incredible s faced the same problem like mentioned by “cgs”. The worst case is, it hang for more than 20mins that none of the buttons are responding, including the on/off power button. I have to forced shut down by taking out the battery to restart. after restart it only last me for a few use and it hang again. Now it hang half way during I export my phone contacts to my sd card…
    Does anybody able to advise if ICS is having problem on Incredible S? or my case is exceptional? Thanks.

  • Pierre J.

    No ICS 4.0 for the Bell Canada Incredible S.
    It was scheduled for this July but nothing happened !
    Now, we’re in August and without any news.

  • victorluis

    so far mine is pretty smooth,no laggs,waiting for jelly bean update now.
    nothing really special about android 4.0.4 updates and htc sense 3.6.

  • M.Ali

    hey guys nebody knw when ics uprgade will be available for htc incredible S ?

  • Unsatisfied ICS user

    I am having the same problem with my HTC Incredible S ICS. It sucks big big big time! Battery lifespan is the biggest problem. My email suddenly takes up 6GB per month. When I was using Gingerbread, my entire months usage was barely 3GB!!!