HTC Desire 816 cases

It’s a sad day, HTC fans. Not a sad day for you, of course. I mean a sad day for me. You see, there was a time when I was young and foolish, and I bought a carrier-locked Moto X (2014) with Verizon. Now I’m consigned to an eternally Marshmallow-less existence as droves of wiser phone purchasers receive boon after marshmallowy boon. And lo, like Sisyphus, it is my task to ever report on these updates without ever knowing the satisfaction of it myself. Next up to receive this blessing? The HTC Desire 816.

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HTC Desire 816 Review

April 21, 2014

Yes, with only this bottle of whiskey and the rain pattering against my window to console me, it is my honor to announce that HTC is rolling out Android 6.0 Marshmallow for this device on Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. Check for a firmware update, and soon you will be enjoying all the perks of Marshmallow that some poor souls are forever barred from. Features like Google Now On Tap, which gives you pertinent search information based on the contextual information on your screen at a given time. And don’t forget that warehouse of Emoji that you’ll soon have access to. Granular Permission? Absolutely. Allow and deny apps the privilege to use different services on your device with live impunity.

Are you an owner of the HTC Desire 816?Excited about finally getting the (almost) latest version of Android on your device? Please gloat in the comments below so that the rest of us can vicariously experience your joy in the hollow Lollipop existences we have forged for ourselves.

Thanks to Amr Elshamy for the tip!


5 common problems with the HTC Desire 816 and how to fix them

September 29, 2014
  • Blah

    No update yet for Virgin Mobile Desire 816

  • Riyaz

    Waiting for M in India

  • Roberto Tomás

    it is annoying that most phones havent gotten the android M upgrade and yet the android N preview is up.

  • darkxblade1

    No update yet for Desire 816 Dual (A5_DWG).. Also I heard some reports of a few variants not getting the sense 7 update with the marshmallow firmware.

    • soulife

      dwg started rolling out a few days ago.. a quick glimpse at xda shows china and india rollouts for dwg. ul got it, dug got it, dwg is getting it, and chl is still asking “wtf!?”

  • Moose & Squirrel

    Awaiting anxiously for the Virgin Mobile update. I assume that will come along with Sprint, right?

    • Elena

      I asked HTC about it on Twitter and they said Yes

      • Moose & Squirrel


      • Lori Konecki

        how do you update? it’s not coming up on mine. (htc desire 816 Lollipop version)

        • Elena

          It has not been released yet

          • Moose & Squirrel

            I’m starting to wonder if it ever will.

  • haha nice piece :)

  • nadim

    How do i know if i’m virgin mobile or T-mobile or something else?! Also i didnt get the update yet..

    • Marcus

      You should know who your service provider is because you pay them each month. Virgin mobile is Sprint and considered CDMA. T-Mobile is more like AT&T and they use SIM cards. But to be sure you can check settings/about phone/ network/ operator name – “virgin mobile”

      • nadim

        My operator name is MTN so ??

        • Grwtogether

          That is MTN Group, South African based telecommunications company that operates in Africa Europe and Asia. It is a GSM style service provider so it will most likely get the update when AT&T and T-Mobile do, but I really can’t say for sure since I’m in familiar with the carrier….sorry.

  • Marc

    Has anyone received the update yet for Sprint/virgin?

    • Moose & Squirrel

      Not yet

      • Moose & Squirrel

        Still waiting…

  • ramashish tomar

    are the updates available in india

  • Lalit

    I didn’t found any updates for my HTC 816 d sim how to download marshmallows

  • palosrob

    My desire 816 still stuck on Lolipop on Virgin Mobile USA and it’s half way through 2017!