HTC 10 officially announced – everything you need to know

by: Jimmy WestenbergApril 12, 2016
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In the smartphone world, HTC’s bread and butter has always been design. The One M7 is widely considered to be one of the most attractive smartphones to date, and the company even managed to improve on that design language with its 2014 flagship, the One M8. Then with the One M9 in 2015, many consumers were torn. With poor battery life, a lackluster camera experience and a design that failed to turn the heads of most, the One M9 was a good phone, but it wasn’t great. Now the company is hoping to bounce back with its new flagship, the HTC 10.

There’s been no shortage of rumors surrounding this handset over the past few months, and today we’re excited to take a look and see what it has to offer. Without further delay, here’s what you need to know about the HTC 10.

HTC 10 specifications

 HTC 10
Display5.2-inch Super LCD 5 display with curved-edge Gorilla Glass
2560 x 1440 resolution
Processor2.2GHz quad-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
Storage32/64GB of on-board storage
MicroSDYes, up to 2TB
Fingerprint sensorYes
SIM typeNano SIM
ConnectivityUSB Type-C
3.5mm stereo audio jack
Bluetooth 4.2
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 & 5GHz)
Google Cast
HTC Connect
SoftwareAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
HTC Sense
CamerasRear: 12MP HTC UltraPixel 2 (1.55µm pixel size) with laser autofocus, OIS and f/1.8 aperture
Front: 5MP (1.34µm pixel size) with OIS and f/1.8 aperture
SoundHTC BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition
Dolby Audio 4
BatteryNon-removable 3,000mAh battery
Quick Charge 3.0 compatible with cool charge
Dimensions and weight145.9 x 71.9 x 3.0 - 9.0mm
161 grams
ColorsCarbon Grey, Glacier Silver and Topaz Gold

The HTC 10 is a flagship on the spec sheet through and through. It has a 5.2-inch Super LCD 5 display with curved-edge Gorilla Glass, and a resolution of 2560 x 1440. That’s right folks, HTC has finally brought us a flagship smartphone with a Quad HD resolution! While just about every major OEM adopted these higher resolution panels back in 2015, HTC forwent that decision and instead included a Full HD screen on the M9. Aside from the bump up in resolution, HTC says the 10’s display is 30% more colorful and 50% more responsive to touch than its predecessor, so this should be more than enough of an upgrade for users who weren’t impressed by the M9.

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HTC has always included top-of-the-line processors in their flagships, and the 10 is no different. Under the hood it sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor clocked at 2.2GHz, backed by a massive 4GB of RAM. It also comes in both 32 and 64GB variants, and you’ll be able to throw in a microSD card (up to 2TB in size) if you need more storage space.

Under the display sits a capacitive home button, much like the one found on the One A9. This home button doubles as a fingerprint sensor, and HTC says it will be able to “recognize your finger from almost any angle.” We really enjoyed the fingerprint reader on the One A9, so we’re hoping this one works in a similar fashion.

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Moving around back, you’ll find a rear-facing 12MP UltraPixel 2 camera sensor, complete with laser autofocus, a 1.55µm pixel size, optical image stabilization (OIS), and an f/1.8 aperture. All in all, this seems like a major step up from what HTC offered on the One M9. The camera will be able to launch in as little as .6 seconds, and the second-generation laser autofocus implementation will allow the camera to focus much faster. Of course, we’ll need to wait until our full review to give you our complete thoughts on the camera, but we’re happy to say things are looking promising.

The HTC 10 sports a 5MP front-facing “UltraSelfie” camera as well, with a pixel size of 1.34µm, OIS and an f/1.8 aperture. The front camera comes with a wide-angle lens and screen flash, so this should be more than good enough for your selfie taking needs.

This handset comes with a non-removable 3,000mAh battery, which is a nice bump up from the 2,840mAh cell on the M9. While it doesn’t support wireless charging, you’ll be able to charge up the device in no time at all — it comes with support for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 and can reach a 50% charge in only 30 minutes. As you’ve likely noticed in the spec sheet, HTC’s flagship also makes the move over to USB Type-C for charging.

HTC 10 design, software and features

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The HTC 10 isn’t too much of a departure from the One M9, though there are a few things we should note. It’s still mostly made of aluminum, though the 10 does sport some beautiful chamfered edges that surround the entirety of the phone’s chassis. The front is also completely covered in glass this time around, which helps make for a more seamless look.

This device is also certified for Hi-Res audio. It comes with a headphone amp that will deliver two times the power of a conventional headphone amp, and the ability to upscale from 16-bit to 24-bit audio, which will certainly make audiophiles happy. HTC has also included a new Personal Audio Profile system that will let you create unique profiles that will dynamically adjust specific sound frequencies to each ear. The 10 comes with re-engineered BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers that feature a separated tweeter and woofer design. The speaker on the front (above the display) is simply a standard speaker, while the second speaker, located on the bottom next to the USB Type-C port, acts as the subwoofer, making for a fuller, richer sound experience overall.

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On the software front, the 10 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HTC Sense. HTC has reduced the number of pre-loaded applications this time around, so you should notice a lot less bloatware on the device (at least on HTC’s part). One of the biggest changes with the user interface is the addition of the new Freestyle Layout mode. When you select this option, you no longer have to use the on-screen grid that dictates where you put your apps and widgets. You can layer them, group them, and even add stickers to make the experience a little more fun.

HTC is also including a new Boost+ app on the 10. This app is designed to help make your phone faster, consume less power and provide additional app management features. Boost+ includes a mode called smart boost, which automatically optimizes your device’s memory, a game battery booster that will help conserve battery during gameplay, and a new PowerBotics system that will auto detect and shut down apps that use excessive power. Boost+ will also let you utilize App Lock functionality, which will allow you to lock any app of your choosing.

HTC 10 pricing and availability

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Depending on which market you’re in, the HTC 10 will be available in two variants with different Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. One variant will come with the Snapdragon 820 CPU, while the other version is unspecified. HTC says both versions will come with the same design, audio, camera and display, as well as “similar software experiences and battery life.” We’ll be sure to let you know what changes are being made as soon as we get the details.

The HTC 10 will be available sometime in April in Carbon Grey, Glacier Silver and Topaz Gold color options. Pricing and exact availability is to be determined.

I know you folks are ready to tell us your thoughts on the HTC 10, so head to the comment section below and let us know what you think! Be sure to also check out some of our other great HTC content:

  • Stevie V

    I think I’m more impressed it’s actually larger at 5.2-in. Ideal big-ish size for one hand use.

  • mark s

    I think there’s a theatre mode that can use the two speakers as stereo speakers. It’s mentioned in an article on eprice

  • Diego


    Any special features?

    • Btort

      no laggy touchwiz? if they got the camera right this time it’s a win for most people

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        most people dont care about htc

        • Btort

          you must not care about htc also right? you even commented and clicked on the link. try harder samsung fanboy

  • Diego

    My search for the perfect android phone continues.

  • saksham

    even if they didnt innovate they certainly hit the sweet spot and the hype is justified

  • Scottie Fess

    Welcome back to the party HTC nice comeback!!!

  • Joe

    Definately sold. I’m getting it!


    Cant wait to see some reviews ,probably going to be my next phone.


    so DISAPPOINTED, expected an OLED screen not this LCD crap
    basically if you are in Europe you cannot buy a phone with Snapdragon 820 and OLED screen

    • AngryGoldfish

      What exactly about the 820 is far superior to the European/Asian equivalent? For the Galaxy S7, Samsung used their own Exynos 8890 for UK devices. According to reports and tests—which I have not seen verified—it’s a marginally slower chip. But is that actually going to be in any way perceivable by the end user? If the price of the phone remains the same respectively, despite possessing a slower CPU/GPU, that is indeed frustrating. But the race to have the most powerful phone on paper is, in the end, futile. It’s this race that has caused developers like Samsung and HTC to release new flagships every year whilst increasing the prices in tandem and not advancing the technology far enough. The chips are faster and there is more RAM on board, but that’s how silicon works. It has worked that way since it was introduced decades ago. The die size shrinks meaning you can cram more capacitors and resistors onto the chip. At the same time, temperatures are reduced, frequency is increased, and power consumption is lowered. This does cost more in general, but the demand also increases, thus widening the profit margin. Now, eventually current silicon will hit a wall and a replacement will need to be introduced in order for improvements to continue (graphene could possibly be that next evolution), and that’s where the price increase should be, if anywhere. €670 for a smartphone is a little ridiculous in my opinion. We are craving the absolute best because the price seems to insinuate that. It stops being about having a phenomenal device that does everything we need it to do, to being a futile, childish race with no end. It’s also a scapegoat for Samsung, HTC, Sony, Apple, etc. to charge through the teeth for marginal advances. We’ll keep buying new phones every year for a 1GB of extra RAM the majority of people don’t need, and a slightly better camera that still doesn’t come close to modern DSLR’s and Mirrorless shooters. And then you’ve got tablets on top of that. It’s just a silly race. I’m disappointed that the 820 won’t be in the device I buy, whether it’s an S7 or M10, but unless the phone is any way sluggish for the intensive usage I’ll be throwing at it, I’m OK with that. Realistically, will you not buy any phone just because it doesn’t have the absolute best processor on board? Are you just chasing brands here? I need a new phone. My M7 is really lagging behind and struggles with daily tasks. The S7 and M10 will be the best phones for me when it comes to upgrade, with or without the 820. The M8 was a marginal increase, the M9 was a marginal increase. I think after three marginal upgrades, it ends in a worthy update. Also, I just need a new phone so it has to happen whether I feel like HTC deserves that much money from me or not. /rant

      • KeyserSoze

        Yeah right, as if anyone will bother to read that big wall of text.

        • EverythingAssholePro

          I did m69 all of it

      • nelty

        +1. I am also at the M7 right now and I also need a new device. The M10 is by far the closest thing to a worthy successor. Most other flagship devices of 2016 or 2015 are either made of plastic or do not meet my aesthetic demands because of other reasons, are too big to properly use them with one hand and/or they have crappy software.

    • 3223

      As much as we’d love to support amoled, the pictures seem to show a really nicely saturated lcd screen. I’d say to not mock the system until we actually see it in person. :)

  • Tareq Amro


  • Ken Techie

    I seem to remember there was some hype about HTC being obsessed with battery life…Hmmmm.

  • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

    Awesome, the long awaited succes to the m7


    Phonearena: ‘Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset for USA/different Qualcomm chipsets elsewhere

    • SD 652 is other chipset, but in which regions they’ll ship it is not clear…

      • RADOW

        if they give Europe Snapdragon 652 (which is like half of 820) they can just not release the phone here. Samsung and HTC sell the most expensive phones in Europe yet they do not give us the best performance chipset, its offensive

        • Jack_Package

          Europe has pretty good buyer power, not likely that they’ll go with a cheaper Soc here

        • I believe that in EU they’ll bring SD 820, but who knows… But even with SD 820 I won’t pay more than $549 for unlocked phone- $699 is crazy price tag…

        • 3223

          As much as you’d mention Samsung, I’m actually thankful the global galaxy s7 came with exynos. Snapdragon seems powerful, but for short bursts. The exynos on my s7 has been a dream chipset thus far :)

        • Sorry, but S6 shows that Exynos can be better then the butter grill.

  • Anon

    good but i dont think many people will choose this over an s7

    • Sebastian_L

      I would take this over shitsung S7 any day..

      • Anon

        well that’s 1 for HTC.

        • Jack_Package

          +1, just because I am a long-time Samsung-sceptic…okay pretty much hater..there, I said it. But at least I’m honest.

          • Anon

            it’s cool. it’s not like im samsung’s ambassador or something

          • Jack_Package

            Okay, I’m not really a hater either, I just don’t get all the fanboys – not just Samsung but by any brand. I can acknowledge their strenghts, but somehow I was never even tempted to buy a Galaxy. Had many friends and colleagues that had eventually been disappointed, even annoyed by them. I myself had mostly Sony phones, some of which I loved, but I admit that they are just plain boring and overpriced nowadays. The S7 edge is a very good looking phone I admit, but spec-wise it’s not necessarily superior.

          • Anon

            not a fanboy myself. i have never owned a samsung phone but the s7 is the 1st one that im seriously considering.
            im curious though. what phone is superior then? spec-wise.

          • Jack_Package

            Pretty much all of them look the same inside to me this year…Snapdragon 820, 4 gigs of RAM..I think at the end it just breaks down to what’s more important to you personally. I’m curious about how the camera holds up, that’s my priority this time. I was blogging about android phones myself pretty long, and for years now I feel that the software and design are the deciding factors, hardware-wise it’s pretty much the same, except for the screen technologies of course, but that’s also kind of subjective, I for one am not a fan of oversaturated SAMOLED displays, I’m more of an IPS-believer, but I was rarely disappointed in HTC’s displays in the past that I tested.

          • shanali04

            I’m curious to know if HTC and LG have the same liquid cooling setup as the S7, they all share the same processor and RAM.

      • Jillxz

        So would I. I would take most anything over Samsung.

  • moew

    This phone is EXACTLY what we thought it was going to be!!!!! It’s the HTC pre-funeral party!

    Oh and AA confirms the fingerprint scanner is actually a home button, but there’s no saving grace there for HTC.

  • 5.2″ qhd screen? Great idea…

  • s2weden2000

    htc m10

  • Kersten

    Does it have a RGB notification led?

  • Vasil Nikolov

    Whats all the hype? You’ll be much better off with an LG V10. Same specs plus removable battery and back and you can add wireless charging for 10 bucks. And it has a double screen, better camera features.

    • Jack_Package

      not at all same specs, the V10 is a much bigger phone, and I for one am still not sure why the second screen is good for you..
      The wireless charging is one good point, but HTC was never going to release a plastic phone as a flagship, that’s one reason why they still have many fans. As for the camera features, you cannot possibly know how they compare, since we haven’t seen a single image shot with this phone.

      • Vasil Nikolov

        By better camera features I didnt necessarily mean better image quality. I mean the V10 has dual front facing cameras for wide angle selfies. Directional mics. you can shoot in RAW(pretty sure the HTC 10 will too), the LG camera app is great and very user friendly. Yes, the V10 is a big phone and the dual screen is not for everybody, but you can always turn it off and not use it. Yes it is a plastic phone, but this way you can go from 0 to 100% battery in 20 seconds by simply replacing it. But those points are not the most important ones. The main point is that LG V10 price has dropped and you can get it for around $500.I am in the market for a new phone and I am comparing all the time new flagships and ones from last year. I would even choose the V10 over the LG G5. The LG V10 is the most underrastimated phone of 2015, nobody pays big attention to it and I dont undestand why.

        • Jack_Package

          You’re right in that it is a superb phone, and I would consider getting it too, but it’s just too big for me.

          • Vasil Nikolov

            Yes, in my opinion the V10 has more to offer, but it is indeed a big phone and I dont mind big phones. If I wanted a 5.2″ phone the HTC 10 would be my phone. I think HTC really stepped up their game with it and this is a great comeback. Only competition now comes from Huawei with the P9, but I am very dissapointed in Huawei because they dont update their phones. I have a Mate 7, which was their 2014 flagship and it is running Kit Kat!!!! no updates at all. Dont like Samsung, so I am really glad that HTC is back!

          • Jack_Package

            THese are kind of my issues as well, I like the P9, but the EMUI is not my favourite, and I fear the lack of updates…that said, HTC is not always an early adopter either, but at least at some point they will release updates..
            I normally would go for Sony, since I also dislike Samsung, but the new Xperias look exactly the same as my Z2, and not that big of a step-up in specs either. I’m going to wait for the reviews, but it’s either this or the P9 for me.
            Depending on my carrier too, because I most definitely won’t pay 700 bucks for a phone

    • Btort

      for a bigger phone the 6P is much better….

    • King_Android

      Camera is better, software is better, sound might provide to be better and the 820. These are definitely not the same. Im not game on the 10 but its definitely much better than the V10.

    • nelty

      Why are you writing such nonsense? Those phones do not have the same target group. The m10 ist at the upper end of what I am willing to buy size wise. Why would I even consider the V10? And I know I am not the only one who does want a phone I can use with one hand without trouble. Besides this, you have obviously no eye to the aesthetics as the m10 is one of the most beautiful phones which were ever created while the LG V10 looks as valent as the piece of plastic it is. Not comparable at all. If find it silly that you things just because some hardware specs are comparable the phones are as well. Having the same processor for example does not necessarily produce a similiar user experience. Besides that, you also ignore the fact that the software is very different.

  • Nick Hernandez

    Looks nice.. I’m in the market these days for more of a smaller phone than anything else.. Just very skeptical about HTC as a company of it not being supported after a limited time…. Im stuck on a Moto X (2014) so right now anything else seems like an upgrade.

  • Btort

    one of the few phones that has a decent non phablet size screen….if only the s7 had a google play edition but this will do, especially since the htc android skin is not laggy unlike LG and samsung

    • Jillxz

      I have had my LG G 2 going on three years and it has never been laggy.

      • Btort

        it’s not as fast as how android should be. try a nexus before claiming you are not experiencing lag.

  • LazyGeek


  • Nhell

    2TB of porn

  • Wolf0491

    Would be awesome it it was also water resistant. I don’t need a new phone for at least a year though so doesn’t really matter I suppose.
    Would buy over S7 just because of front speakers though IMO. Used my GF S7E and within ten minutes found my hand over the speaker and blocking noise….I have no idea why but that drives me crazy to have to hold a device a special way to be using it correctly.

  • That 4GB RAM is that the latest LPDDR4 or the upcoming LPDDR5, Gorilla Glass which one, 4/3/2/1?

  • dubs

    why the fuck is there a “Pricing and Availability” section when there is no information about pricing or availability?

  • KeyserSoze

    Very noice phone, excellent camera specs. Looks like a very noice 2nd choice alternative to the S7. Too bad they don’t make any phablet comparable to the Note6.

  • Danton

    HT who?

  • xoj_21

    Amoled , bigger screen 5.7

  • Luciano

    I do like the aperture of both lenses. Having an f/1.8 already screams low light. Hopefully that will work as intended.

  • Scott

    No FM radio is a killer for me. I use my M7 FM radio every day. I like to keep my data plan pretty conservative so using internet apps for radio are not an option. Also where I go running data 3G/4G reception can be sketchy at best.

    • nelty

      Welcome to the 21st century. I am sorry you do not enjoy your ride so far.

    • Jill Bailey

      No FM radio is a killer for me too. ?????There is no data reception in West Cornwall where I go in holiday so having the FM radio option on my HTC m9 is essential! #disappointed

  • nicodemus

    Thank you HTC!

  • 9mm thickness for just 3,000 mAh… S7 do it better.
    5.2 QuadHD (useless) LCD… S7 do it better.
    Audio jack at the top… S7 do it better.

    An no, I’m not an Samsung fan, but LG is trying hard to be the worst this year.

    Also, 2016 and there are OEMs putting that NFC icon on the status bar…

  • Gamma M

    On paper it’s as good as S7. I’ll decide between the two after camera and battery life comparisons come out.

  • Peter Ejemyr

    With the HTC 10, will I be able to use my old micro-usb charger cables?

  • oneofthem

    Had M9 in good condition. Thought whether to use Uh-Oh to renew the device or get a $100 for M10. Decided in favor of a refurbished M9 because of lacking FM radio on the new model. And that was the main reason I switched from Samsung to HTC past year.