HTC One M10 could launch as just the HTC 10

by: Robert TriggsMarch 4, 2016

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HTC has gradually been building up the hype for its next flagship smartphone, with a few teasers here and there, and a launch anticipated for some time in early April. In a bid to change things up a little, it also looks like HTC is preparing to drop the “One M” name from its new phone. Perhaps this is a sign of bigger changes heading our way.

According to Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), the next flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer will simply be known as the HTC 10. This isn’t the first time that a rumor about a possible name change has popped up either. Furthermore, @OnLeaks has seemingly confirmed the latest rumor, after uploading a screen shot presumably captured from the HTC 10.

If true, the company would be abandoning the naming scheme that it has used for its past three generations of flagship smartphones, as well as moving away from its general One branding that it used for the more mid-tier A9 later last year.

It seems unanimous that HTC needs to switch up its mobile hardware to claw back some of the manufacturer’s previous glory, especially after the One M9 failed to lift the company’s languishing handset sales. With rumors pointing to a redesigned look, top of the line specifications, and a “very, very compelling camera” setup, we are certainly hoping that the HTC 10 can deliver. But what do you think about the new name?

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  • HR

    Where’s the previous 9? Windows started this jumping to 10 bullshit, now htc does it too.

    • Ryan Ullman

      There was a 9. They had an M9 and an A9…….

      • GreaterLesser

        There was also an X9 too

    • Shellyman 8K


    • Kody

      They had the M9 and M9+

  • Mist Coconut

    Front facing speakers?

    • saksham

      kabooom boomshakalaka GONE !

  • fraserb64

    Can hardly use the One name anymore when One Plus barefaced nicked it and had done quite well with their own handset

    So not a surprise

  • moew

    According to Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), nobody cares!


    So it’s the HTC One Zero?

  • KeyserSoze

    Las yeh HTC numba One now dey numba 10, tu mutt bad ruck, das no goot!

    • Buell
    • Stickyglass

      Learn how to effing speak English…Wtf irritating as all hell to see that…. Spell check much… Mofo blah blah blah… No one takes you seriously when you talk/ text like that….
      I think m8 is har as I will go with HTC…Samsung here I come.

      • KeyserSoze

        Hehe, I like how you morons are so stupid you can’t tell when something is phonetically spelled out as a joke; can’t take you idiots seriously when you’re that much of an imbecile. See how I worked all four words (morons, stupid, idiots, imbecile) into the same sentence describing your level of intelligence there? Noice eh?

        • Stickyglass

          At least now you’re speaking English. Lol… And you probably need to check the definition of phonics.unless you have a lisp. Now I can’t even say you’re uneducated, because you talk like that wilfully. Now you’re just stupid.

          • KeyserSoze

            Just man up and admit you weren’t smart enough to get the obvious joke. It takes more guts to do that than try to save face by digging a deeper hole for yourself. Pathetic wuss.

  • Kody

    They might lose a couple people though if they start using bottom facing speakers. It kind of just looks like the S7 now.

  • balcobomber25

    Looks like we found the design of the next iPhone.

  • Victor Martinez

    No boom sound? Bottom facing speaker… Na, I’ll pass

  • Mohammed Azzoz

    i hope this design is a fake one , and the real one contains the lovely BoomSound Speakers :(

  • Josh Adams

    I suppose that’s one way to go about naming your device…albeit not a very clever way.

    I was partial to “HTC O2”, in spite of the inevitable lawsuit from O2 in the UK.

    I think HTC needs to drop the “One” moniker, since it’s lost any value it once had, and pick a letter. O seems the most logical.

  • taborinni

    I had a One M8 HK that was pretty good but it puked so they replaced it with another M8 HK and it puked within 2 months so they replaced it with a One M9 but HK is dead and gone…too bad as I actually liked it. The M9 is really a pretty good phone – def faster than the M8 and does have the Boomers in it. The aluminum case is hard to hang onto but I guess that’ll change when I get an OB Defender like I had on the M8 HK. BTW, the OB or other cases for the M8’s won’t fit the M9. That was a little bit irritating – another $50 out of pocket.

  • ConCal

    No front facing speakers and it has physical buttons? No thanks…

    • Rob nuttz

      Not a button it’s just a fingerprint scanner. It’s more if an indention like on the A9.

  • s2weden2000

    htc m10 …

  • SalKnowsBest

    Looks exactly like the last 4 or 5 iterations without the best part(speakers). I really would like to avoid Samsung, but HTC is making that harder and harder to do.