HTC 10 leaks out yet again in a pair of new images

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 10, 2016

HTC-Logo-3 (1)

HTC’s next big flagship smartphone just doesn’t seem to want to stay hidden from the public. We’ve seen everything from press renders to blurrycam shots over the past couple weeks, and today we’re getting yet another pair of photos of the HTC 10 in the wild.

Today’s leak comes from Twitter user @tanalibera. Thankfully the shots attached below are relatively clear, and are pretty much in line with the other leaked photos and renders we’ve seen thus far.

Starting with the photo on the left, it looks like HTC took the One M7’s camera module and pasted it on the back of the 10. There’s a slightly bigger flash to the right of the sensor as well. According to previous rumors, the device will sport a 12MP rear camera with laser autofocus, as well as a 5MP UltraPixel shooter on the front. As far as the design of the device is concerned, HTC doesn’t seem to be straying too far away from past One flagships. The HTC 10, though, appears to have a pretty sizable chamfer that extends around the entire device.

HTC 10 leak

htc one a9 first impressions aa (12 of 45)See also: HTC One M10 rumor roundup: release date, specs, and features14

Moving to the front, we’re not seeing anything all too surprising here. There’s a big screen (supposedly a 5.2-inch display of the AMOLED variety), with an earpiece above and a big front camera sensor to the right. Down below the display sits a Samsung-style physical home button flanked by… capacitive back and recent apps buttons. We’re not entirely sure why HTC is switching back to capacitive buttons from on-screen keys, but the decision probably won’t be taken lightly by HTC fans.

So now that you’ve seen a clearer photo of the HTC 10, tell us — what do you think?

  • Mohamad Haris Ishak

    No boomsound, no good. No go.

    • Sam King

      boom sound is there . Just because it’s not two in the front doesn’t mean it’s not loud. You got one in the front and one on the bottom. “Word on the streets” it’s really loud!

      • fourthstooge

        They should have put the speakers on the back panel, no? Or better yet, both on the front. Why that makes sense? no?

      • Ismail Akram

        I hope you are right. If this become turth that will make my day ;)

  • Nidou Xperia™

    HTC in a good bankruptcy SOON!

  • Xandercom

    Looks like they took away the dual speakers. They are the one thing I miss with my note 4. Safe to say I wont be going back to HTC any time soon. Had the M7 and M8.

  • Why??

    Htc..those chamfers on the back are a massive scratch magnet..these phones will look terrible in no time…there goes your “front facing speaker” advantage, the last thing you had to do was ditch the things that made you unique

  • george zaravellas

    No boomsound no party!!!! Come on HTC the unique think you have !!

    • Mr Mop

      While other OEMs don’t specifically have Boomsound, many have included front-facing speakers (Moto X Pure, Nexus 6P, Sony Xperia Z5) so it’s not exactly unique.

      • fourthstooge

        What everyone seems to forget is that a successful successor device needs to have all the great technology available in the market that can be packaged together. The reason the M9 didn’t do well is because it ran hot initially, the camera was poor, and had no Image Stabilization, and it did NOT have a biometric reader of some type that is needed for future secure commerce transactions.

        Note though that any company that removes a great feature like front-facing STEREO speakers from an existing product on its next iteration has engineers with mushy brains. If this ends up being true, then it’s likely that the “Perfume” phone will be another weak seller, like its predecessor. Even Samsung brought back a microSD slot on the Galaxy S7. There are NO good reasons to remove the stereo speakers. Right? One keeps improving, not removing good stuff. Time will soon tell us how mushy those brains are. The Galaxy S7 Edge is the way to go till some company can create a follow up flagship device with FF stereo speakers.

        If smartphone users think that stereo speakers should not be part of their multi-media experience when using the device, then they should ask themselves, “would they buy a TV without stereo speakers – like it was in the 70s – great mono sound?” If the smartphone plays back HD video, then the smartphone should play back stereo sound. It just makes sense. Of course, both large and small multi-media smart devices should also have jacks for earplugs or headphones when privacy is required. This just makes sense too. Right?

        I also watch youTube videos on my M9. I hold up my phone and watch different types of clips with it, while I’m lying down. Those FF stereo speakers make a huge difference. I can watch John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) clips in HD, and the stereo sound is awesome. My next portable computer (which will just happen to make phone calls as well) MUST have stereo sound (without accessories), and if HTC does not offer it in a few years, then I’ll be buying someone else’s smart multimedia personal assistant device.

        Boomsound is just some hardware and software inside the device (and more importantly it’s a marketing term). It has nothing to do with where sound exits the device. In my opinion, the engineers had it right, when they designed the exits so that the direction of the sound hits my face, and a stereo effect is achieved by having the sound exit from both sides of the screen when one holds it in landscape mode, as if you are watching a small LED flat screen TV.

        LightStruk stated: I have a One M8, and I bought it specifically for the loud, front-facing, stereo speakers. I use those speakers every day! I can watch videos without cupping my hand around the bottom bezel like you have to with an iPhone, and the stereo separation is obvious. I can turn my phone around and show some friends what I’m watching, and they don’t have to alternate between pointing the speaker at their ear and watching the video. I put it on my kitchen counter and listen to podcasts as I cook. I turn on music and sit it on the table while playing with my toddler. The sound that comes out is actually tolerable!

        So, I believe Stereo FF speakers are just as necessary as a colour display.

  • Morgan Archer

    Very happy with the Capacitive buttons.
    Without them the bottom was just dead space with a weird fingerprint scanner in the middle, looks much better with them

    • Dennis Wu

      Agreed, it would also be awesome if they had a OnePlus approach that gives you the option to switch between or allow both capacitive and software keys to be used at the same time. Soft buttons could have other functions like search, notification, quick settings, and shortcuts!

    • Goran

      Capacitive buttons or not, boomsound or not, m10 will stay behind the competition in all aspects, maybe not looks. Screen and camera wont match samsung or audio lg. What will be special thing for m10? Except htc design? And sense which is not close to be superior as it was? S7 edge will kill lg g5 and destroy m10 if things stay as they are. And price….htc needs to buy all the parts from others and can not compete in price. M10 will be propably most expensive and offer the least of all 3. If this is what htc offers after all the disasters from m9 (especially A9)….than htc is doomed. Maybe Google will save htc with Nexus if word is true. Save htc from itself and terrible leadership.

      • onstrike112

        Have to agree. I hate Samsung but people will buy them for some reason. Like the hardware, hate the software. I have a BlackBerry Priv, and think it’s the best option, but it’s not likely that’ll achieve the same level of success that Samsung, LG, or HTC will. I wish that Google will have BlackBerry make the Nexus.

        • Goran

          You know what….i had, since day one, htc phones. Htc desire was my first phone. And i was in love with htc. Even now i still use htc one max. But, along the way, samsungs alpha came to my hands. And, surprise, its an AMAZING phone. In all aspects. Touchwiz is its worst part. But, to be honest, with such wonderful device u learn to live with it. And all who say that Samsung is terrible, they are wrong. They make supreme hardwer. Even though, i wont buy S7 or edge not bcs of samsung and touchwiz….i wont buy it bcs its made of glass. If they were made of metal, without one minut of thinking, they would be my next choice. And i think that glass will stop s7 edge to be the phone with best sales ever. And ive learned from samsung what htc is missing. And they are missing a lot. First screen quality and camera quality. Few years behind samsung all others are. Especially htc.

          • onstrike112

            I just can’t stand the software, and therefore will never own one unless I can put Cyanogen Mod onto it, which is what I did on my tablet (Galaxy Note 8.0). I just can’t see using TouchWiz as it’s plain awful, and the only issue I have with samsung.

          • Goran

            We all have issue with something bcs there is no such thing as perfect phone:) but software can be changed. Hardware can not.

          • onstrike112

            I found the closest thing to the “perfect phone” for me. It’s the BlackBerry Priv.

          • Goran

            Happy for you:) i wll give a chance to 2016 nexus…..

          • onstrike112

            Best of luck with that. Maybe one day BlackBerry will make a Nexus!

          • LightCucumber

            I really wish there was a version of priv without the physical keyboard. It makes the phone bulky.

          • onstrike112

            Not really. It’s only slightly thicker than the S7 Edge. Try it. Pick it up when you’re near an AT&T store, a t-mobile store or a Verizon store. It’s a good device. It being bulky is an exaggeration.

      • Nahmsayin

        What was so disastrous about the A9? It’s a great phone tbh

        • Goran

          Price. Htc killed A9. For 350 A9 would be best selling htc phone in midrange. In some European countries 2/16gb version was priced over 600€.

    • Harris Shakeel

      most likely cuz of the home button..

      • onstrike112

        Yes, the fugly home button and TouchWiz, a joke.

  • Byron Poindexter

    can’t wait to get one in my hands

  • Look’s like an iPhone 6s and an HTC M8 went on a one night bender of drugs, booze and other depraved acts.

  • Mist Coconut

    No front speakers no talk! The final nail in its coffin…

  • LordLanky

    Lack of Boomsound is a deal breaker…. Bye bye HTC… A sad day….

    • Mr Mop

      Well, Boomsound didn’t exactly help them either, see the M9

      • That’s not an excuse to remove it.

        • Jake

          It’s definitely an excuse. The iPhone and Galaxy line, both better selling series’, don’t have front facing speakers. It obviously doesn’t help sales. So if they remove it and copy what makes Samsung good, people will then buy the phone based on looks. At this point, it’s pretty much down to if they prefer glass or metal.

  • common sense

    they figured, Samsungs sales are good with the capacitiv designe and the middlebutton fingerprint scenner, so they try this out… witch is a big mistake..

    • Ismail Akram

      I doubt it. Cuz I like the capacitive buttons. So also saves a lot of screen real estate

  • Dan McSweeney

    It’s not too bad apart from that home button slash fingerprint reader.

    Good points for me are:

    No branding on the front.

    None of those ridiculous Boomsound things. I realise this might be a controversial opinion but I always thought they ruined the HTC phones, making it too tall and supposedly the cause of those stupidly large “logo” bezels. Fast as I’m concerned if you want good sound, just buy headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

    Capacitive buttons aren’t my number one choice, but if they must be there then I like them to have the same shape and position as the on-screen buttons in stock Android. (Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 would be a good example of a phone with the capacitive buttons done in a way that I like.) With HTC 10 on this count 2 outta 3 ain’t bad, but unfortunately Homey don’t play that.

    Even if the brand name wasn’t there, the phone is distinctively and easily recognisable as a HTC from the rear, so they have a definite look of their own that is not reliant on Boomsound.

    The obvious bad point for me is the home button. If they had moved this to the rear, like it is on the Nexus 6p, Nexus 5x, and LG G5 then IMO they could be onto a winner. As it looks at present, I think there will be many people for whom that home button could be a red line issue.

    • neural_physics

      As much as I love stereo front facing speakers, I agree they aren’t that big of a deal, especially now that I picked up some M50x’s. Although, I’ll take them wherever I can get them.

  • Jesse

    RIP HTC. They could have at least released it around this time to at least try and win over some Samsung buyers

  • Lik-chung Li

    It just looks like a Samsung.

  • William Tavares

    God… wish i could buy HTC phones in my country (Importation isn’t an option) i’d never come back to any other manufacturer.

  • illy

    I really preferred the square style camera from the m8 and m9. It went well with the shape of the phone.

    • Zack R

      The M8 has two round cameras on the back…

      • illy

        My bad. I mean the m9 only

  • Francis Kwan

    the HTC still cannot get rid of the old design formula by much. the look of the phone is …. so mid-range …..

    • Matt

      I disagree, I love the look of all HTCs designs, they look premium and solid without going over the top.

  • Sam King

    Anyone not loving this phone is obviously not a htc fan. Phone is going to be epic! You don’t like that? Go stick with samsucks!

    • neural_physics

      I have a One M8 and I love it, but there doesn’t appear to be a reason to get this over the S7, even if it does have boomsound, the S7 has the Edge variant, and probably a better screen and camera. Waiting for my S7 edge in the mail, I hope it works out for HTC but I am moving on to Samsung.

      • Sam King

        Good luck with touch wiz

        • neural_physics

          Considering you can theme it, it should be fine. My only issue is Samsung’s lack of speedy software updates.

          • Sam King

            Not gonna lie. The edge is not bad. But touch wiz is a turn off. Themeing it won’t change it. So many downside to it. Wouldn’t buy it unless I root it and run a custom rom

          • neural_physics

            Seeing as the S7 has a Snapdragon CPU, we should see plenty of custom ROM’s. Exynos is harder to find ROM’s for.

          • Sam King

            Well I’m all set for the HTC 10. What made you consider the s7 over the 10?

          • neural_physics

            Bigger screen mostly. I want a 5.5 or bigger screen.

          • Sam King

            I think 5.2 is the sweet spot. And to your earlier comment. 10 will have a Amoled screen, I don’t see why Samsung will have a better screen. Also I’ve seen pictures from the 10, 12 ultra pixel. Very clear shots. Have fun with the s7 for a month before you get the 10 :D

          • neural_physics

            Even if the difference isn’t big, Samsung has usually always had the best display out on any smartphone, and I can’t imagine HTC can steal that thunder. And the camera on the 10 WON’T be better than the S7. The odds of that happening are so small it’s not even worth talking about. It might have a good camera, maybe even great, but lets be honest, Samsung is camera king.

          • Ismail Akram

            I had Note 5 and Nexus 6p together other than higher brightness I didn’t see much difference between the too I enjoy One A9 display better yes like did wish it was bigger as I was using nexus 6p, Moto X and iPhone 6s Plus so One A9 felt tiny but after selling it I missed it cuz no of those phones have call quality as good as on One A9. B

          • neural_physics

            you’ve had a note 5, 6p, moto x pure, iphone 6s plus and a one a9? Now you’re getting a s7 edge AND a one m10??? jesus christ, that is too much

          • svenskhusmafia

            you mean the odds are high, right? small (low) odds = likely to happen. :)

          • neural_physics

            Are you retarded? Low odds means there is a low liklihood for something to happen, not the other way around. Wtf?

          • svenskhusmafia

            please stop trying to be cool with words you wouldn’t say irl. in a gamble with odds, the payout is higher when the odds are higher, eg. when something is unlikely to happen.

          • neural_physics

            If your odds of winning are HIGH, then you are MORE LIKELY to win. If your odds of winning are LOW, you are less likely to win. I don’t know if you are trolling or just a moron but you are wrong. I’ve never heard of somebody saying “Oh, you have a higher chance of winning if your odds of winning are LOW”! SMDH.

          • neural_physics

            And I didn’t even say low odds, I said “the odds are so small”. Different terminology, low and small mean different things in this context.

          • Matt

            Actually, it looks like the HTC camera may beat Sammy here, rumour is that the HTC 10 will have the Sony IMX377 sensor, which is a 1/2.3″ type
            with 1.55 micron pixels. The GS7 has the Sony IMX260 sensor, which is a
            1/2.5″ type with 1.4 micron pixels. So, they are not the same sensor.
            Both have 12mp, but the HTC sensor is bigger.

          • neural_physics

            There is no way the HTC 10 is gonna have a better camera than the Galaxy S7. That’s just is so unlikely it’s not worth discussing. I hope it has a good camera but don’t kid yourself, HTC sucks at making cameras, so for them to pull a complete 180 like that isn’t gonna happen.

          • Matt

            I just presented you with what may be facts, if they turn out to be true, then HTC 10 /will/ have a better sensor than the Galaxy S7, hopefully they pull their camera software into line and then we should have a S7 slayer. Obviously this is only speculation, but there is no reason to throw the HTC 10 under the bus before it is even released, even if you are in a bit of denial over future possible buyers remorse.

            HTC leadership changed to Cher Wang after the M9, so there is no reason to suggest that HTC is incapable of turning things around. Also note the “World First” camera claims in HTC’s newest teaser.

          • neural_physics

            OK smart ass, first of all these are just rumors, there were rumors the iPhone 7 was gonna have long distance wireless charging and we both can agree that’s not gonna happen. Same thing applies here. There is no f’n way the HTC 10 is gonna have a better camera than the S7. Even if it does have a better sensor, HTC will find a way to F it up, trust me. They always do. But odds are, it won’t have a better sensor in the first place. I want HTC to have a great phone, I really do, but I’m being realistic here. Are you?

          • neural_physics

            I would have said 5.2 is the sweet spot too, but the S7 edge is so compact, it is nearly the same exact width + height as my One M8. It is incredible how small it is for the screen size. Go big or go home, I say.

          • Degus Jacoby Pradana

            Lol u really die hard htc or htc employee lol!!

          • Goran

            Samsungs best screens are reserved for their flagships. If htc is buying some (and they have to) they will get lower class (A or J series).Responsiveness and energy efficiency wont be as S7’s. And if they dont buy from samsung….quality will be even worse.

          • Anthonydotcom

            Dont forget the odd bits of lag here and there. The theme engine made me tolerate my GS6 edge for a little while, but in the end I had to sell it. I upgraded to a Moto X Pure.

          • neural_physics

            By the time I start to dislike Touchwiz (if ever, I like the look now), Cyanogenmod will probably be available for it.

          • Ismail Akram

            Moto X pure is great until you use nexus 6p. Talking in term of performance and speed. I hated Moto X pure when I had nexus 6p along with Moto X pure but after I sold 6p and back on Moto I like it better. But when I happen to use nexus 6p I feel nexus 6p is faster better.

        • Hoggles

          Nothing wrong with TW. That argument is getting a little bit old, especially considering TW has had probably the best camera interface on any mobile OS, for many years. That is part of TW and it’s the best. Slap Nova on it and have all the great parts of TW…camera interface, settings etc and a AOSP feel in other places…it doesn’t get much better than that imo.

          I have the S7e w/Nova 3.3 (black app drawer) and it’s fantastic. Lightning quick.

          I will however get the HTC 10 in June or so…then switch to the Note 6 in October.

          Gotta love Jump on Demand :)

      • Ismail Akram

        I have ordered s7 edge which sort of Ivan regretting only reason I choose was battery which some says not as good as people thought it would be. I have tried in store too but not liked it. Maybe I keep for month and then I like it. Anyways I’d be getting HTC 10 as soon as hit the shelves. Had One A9 which made me more excited about 10 cuz thing A9 lacked was power battery beside awesome experience

        • neural_physics

          The battery in the s7 edge is amazing, don’t let the idiots at phone arena fool you

    • nebulaoperator

      I am HTC fan. But this phone looks no more than an iron from Argos. And you know what I think S7 looks nicer than M 10. Even in leaks M 7 looked nothing less than a beauty. X9 is also very nice device .

      • Ismail Akram

        I never liked much of One A9 design in pictures but when I looked in real I felt it’s better than Samsung offering leave edge variant aside. And that’s one reason I am more excited about 10. Other excitement is HTC software other is there is build which I didn’t like of s7 edge in hands felt small and heavy to me yes compact though.

        • nebulaoperator

          I was talking about X9. I don’t quite know how HTC software optimised these days but at the time of m7 it was nothing short of excellent.

          • Ismail Akram

            I think it’s M7 from where there software got great and best one was on M8 especially before update to lollipop. M8 with kitkat was fastest. It’s still fast but not like it was.

          • nebulaoperator

            Do you still have M8 ? If so did you get MM on it? Just curious how they optimise software.

          • Ismail Akram

            I got MM before Christmas as I had M8 developer edition. Nothing ground breaking. It had all MM bell and whistle like Andrid on Tap, App permissions, adoptable storage. But runs still smooth but not like as it was on kitkat. Sense 7 was great. But I liked M9 battery stats which they have changed I guess but rest was almost what was on M9. I sold about 3 weeks ago actually have to my brother to use it and he sold it

          • nebulaoperator

            I see . I think of buying M7 for around 150 GBP and have it for a while . Maybe I will root maybe not otherwise will stay on lollipop.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      And u mocking samsung cuz its way more superior than htc who almost bangkrupt. Lol

    • ambivalentone

      I bought a new HTC flagship every year for 10 years until the M9. The updates became iPhone like. Incremental. There was no way I was going to spend $800 to go from m8 to m9. So I tried a Nexus 6. I was waiting to see if HTC came out with something awesome this year but here I am looking at a tiny screen and probably a 13mp camera. I could deal with a 5.5 or 5.7 inches screen. I got used to the realestate. I have big hands and my phone truly has become my primary computing device.

      If you are wondering, I will never subsidize a phone again because I’m grandfathered on a plan that costs me $50 with 6gb of data. The closest new plan would be $90 with 3gb. Oh Canada.

    • Angel Orlando Paz R

      This is not about htc fans, which by the way are less and less each day, htc needs to convince everyone to buy this phone, I had an HTC one m8, it was very good, I replace it for OnePlus One, and it was better, so now people have many options to choose phones, it’s not about fans. Fans can’t save HTC, they need many more people, sadly they took too much time, by April a lot of people already bought the new Samsung and apples phones.

  • Matt

    I wish people would wait for release before they start shouting “No boomsound.” The call speaker at the top looks quite large, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is paired with the bottom speaker for one front facing, one down facing Boomsound speakers.

    • Ruben Silin

      I agree with you and hope so.

    • neural_physics

      interesting idea, that would definitely help

    • Sam King

      It’s paired and it’s loud. Enough said ;)

      • Jake

        Can you not lie about a phone you have never even touched? Fanyboyism is stupid, stop creating lies to get people to buy a phone they don’t want. I had the M7, and loved it. The M8 and M9 were piles of crap. I want to get the 10, but i’m not overhyping it with lies.

        • Anthony Rintala

          The M8 was not a pile of crap!, I fucking love that phone. The M9 was.

        • Ferro

          Are u serious dude? I got HTC m8 for almost 2 years and it’s been the best and most reliable phone that money can buy and it has never even frozen on me once and despite using a 64gb micro SD card it still performs as great as the first day I got it. Used to have Samsung Galaxy s3 and iPhone 4s and they were so unreliable and worst of all was that they used to get frozen at least couple of times a week.

        • Matt

          I agree with @farrero:disqus and @anthonyrintala:disqus, I have had the M7, M8 and the M9. The M8 is by far the best phone HTC has ever released, leaves my current M9 in the dust, the M8 improved on everything that the M7 has (except maybe the loss of the capacitive buttons).

          I think that the M9 is the prettiest phone HTC has ever produced though, shame the performance sucks and the rear camera is just about useless unless its a completely sunny day.

    • Hoggles

      Onleaks showed a screen shot on his Twitter account, that showed an audio option that said “speakers”, plural. He did also talk about how Boomsound is not the physical speakers though. It’s essentially a marketing term and that Boomsound is still intact. Not exactly sure what any of this means…but the fact that ” speakers” was an option… That earpiece could very well be a speaker, indeed. Though there were also rumors that would be the case with the S7 and it didn’t happen.

    • Trevor Zier

      The “Boomsound” name is a lame relic of generations past, grab an M7 and go back to the last decade! It looks like the phone grill will put out some sound, and if you’re bumpin’ some music get a Bluetooth speaker

    • Ismail Akram

      It’s almost same size on HTC One A9 but that is just awesome earpiece with awesome quality.

    • Jake

      It still has “Boomsound”. It’s the software they use that’s pretty much just an equalizer for better bass and sound quality. The fact of the matter is, though, pairing a front speaker and a bottom speaker wouldn’t push the sound to yours ears in the same direction. It doesn’t really make sense. Frankly, it’s not like the Galaxy line loses sales because they have a bottom facing speaker, neither with the iPhone. People will call the phone inferior if it doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner either. So for sales purposes, they sacrifice the front facing speakers for a fingerprint scanner and basically a copy from Samsung so that people will give the phone a chance. I don’t agree, but it’s what they are doing.

      • Goran

        You are completly right. And ppl waist time arguing boomsound…what htc needs is screen quality that can match samsung and camera on the same lvl. Htc once was leader in sound quality but in terms of 2016, sound quality that htc has is mediocre. Htc unfortunately need improvements on all aspects and i doubt they will succeed. They need to buy all the parts, they can not compete in price too. I dont see m10 changing anything for htc and i expect it to be another flop from htc. Same as disastrously priced A9. Flop.

        • Nahmsayin

          What was wrong with the A9?

          • Goran

            Price. Terribly wrong.

    • Richard Anthony Sowerbutts

      I agree totally, the top speaker is huge and the grill for the bottom one is also quite large. There’s your BoomSound (2 speaker setup), thank god. I was worried about earlier leaks about no BoomSound. Wouldn’t be worth waiting for otherwise. Nexus 6P if no speakers

  • Ruben Silin

    I am really hoping that HTC can come out with two versions of this device. This is the only time I would want HTC to copy apple and samsung in releasing two devices to please more customers. I would love to see a larger version of this One M10 with onscreen buttons and front facing speakers (at least like the ones found in the HTC One X9). Look at Google and how they released the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P.

  • neural_physics

    Not bad, but the fact that there is no Boomsound means there is no reason to get this over the S7. I hope it’s a good phone as I still like HTC, and this is way better than last years phones… But I’ve ordered an S7 edge and it will be here any day now, and I don’t really regret waiting for the One M10.

  • Justin l Murphy

    I like the capacitive buttons. For years people complain that the on screen buttons take up to much space. So HTC answers and brings the capacitive buttons back and now people are going to complain about that! Can’t win. Personally I’m a HTC fan. And if all the rumors are true then it should be an excellent candidate. Boom sound is not a deal breaker as long as the bottom mounted speaker is loud, clear, and is a stereo speaker. And of course the camera best be top notch! Having purchased the A9 at launch and understanding that top tier specs are not necessarily needed to provide a smooth and overall great experience. It will be refreshing to basically see a decked out A9 in all its glory aka HTC 10. If HTC in my opinion wants to come out swinging then price point will be a deciding factor. If the underdog wants to bite back then this is key. I fear there are less and less HTC loyalists, myself included that will make a difference if the device comes with a similar price point as the inevitable comparison to the sam7 and the g5 ‘n friends amongst others. Price it right and they will sell.

    • javallee

      I’m in your boat. I love my M8, and don’t plan on getting rid of it until I HAVE to. The 10 looks very appealing to me, can’t wait for the actual release and get the full scoop. Not a Sammy fan, Moto is a great option, but I luvs me some HTC goodness.

  • Luis Alberto

    The front part of the phone doesn’t look that unique as the M models but I guess we will have to wait and see how it looks when combined with the metal finish. I mean, this model won’t have the M name on it but will it really have a metal finish? I mean, they are the pioneers after all and it will be their top of the line phone.

  • Yaman Chhabra

    I m not happy with htc phones. All the accessories are so low quality within 6 months headphone stopped working and as i got replaced new one doesnt last long soon aftermy charging cable and adapter stopped working and over all htc devices dont get any further android update it stays in the same android version which u have bought.

    • horhe

      Are you drunk? Had the new version on m7 and m8. Never had problems with HTC. Still using the M8 and a LG G4 for the excelent camera. Never buy Samsung products after being dissapointed by their services.

  • ringo

    “F*** evolution”

  • droidbeat

    It’s common sense to make use of that space beside the fingerprint/home button for the nav buttons. This frees up screen space. Much more efficient. I’m sure there’ll still be an on-screen nav button option for those who don’t mind losing some screen space.

  • droidbeat

    That gold metal looks amazing!

  • soup

    That is one ugly piece of shit.

    • Ismail Akram

      Just like your words

  • thatguy

    I have been waiting for a year to replace my xperia z1…thought of buying one m9 but after seeing the reviews, i decided to wait for m10….but this device has disappointed me…No boomsound….capacitive buttons.
    ..sorry htc…i will be buying a nexus (provided htc does not make it with the same stupid design)….or may be i should try the next gen blackberry device…

  • Ferro

    Gorgeous and elegant ??

  • Viktor Borovnyk

    Freak phone :( standard Chinese phones looks batter than this one.

  • Popa Florin

    Time to make a change. I buy the m7 and m8. M9 was a disaster. I wait to see what’s happened with m10…. I’m gonna buy the Huawei mate 8. Sorry HTC…

  • rocketryan

    Looks lovely, and sense is still one of my favourite skins on android. But camera will be make or break for me , it’s why I got the s6 last year, it’s just so good at taking pictures and video. Vr is pretty cool too. I’m really rooting for HTC this year to make a comeback.

  • sameer dhanumali

    Htc company now being criticized so much that it forgot innovation. They could bring back dual camera with 3D screen in front. They could add VR experience like Samsung and lG. Signature BoomSound missing. If this handset does not have IP68 certifation against dust and water then there is no reason to buy this phone. Samsung seems to be winner with HTC already accepted defeat. They could keep BoomSound like desire eye water dust resistance. But I think htc already know about their defeat so just fr sake they r realeasing one 10. Only hope is aggressive pricing to beat nexsus 6p instead fighting with Apple or Samsung. Htc made mistakes with m7,8,9. Now m10 still want to spared ????

    • Ismail Akram

      Everything you said is non sense.

  • Elegant Young Gentleman

    Back looks good.. The front is kind of plain. Why is the camera so large in the front? I hope they do a few accents like Samsung did with the S6. The capacitive buttons at the bottom are pretty cool

  • Arton Haziri

    Very happy about those capacitive buttons. you should shut yo mouth and keep it that way

  • HobgoblinTruth

    I don’t hate capactive buttons but fingerprint reader should be in the back.

  • Tony Tone

    I am hoping that the thickness is because it will house a BIG battery…

  • Flow

    Props to HTC for bringing back the OG HTC clock

  • Curt Hays

    One of my favorite parts of the HTC One has been the great sound from dual front speakers. If that’s gone, I may stay with my Nexus instead of the M10

  • balcobomber25

    Apple is loving this, they can now start to design the next iPhone!

  • saketh ram

    Oh no !!!!! What about BoomSound ? Want the front firing speakers or else something really great output

  • My next phone

  • John Ross

    No boomsound? Seriously? That’s was the reason you bought an HTC. Ugh

  • Prince Mirza

    Capacitive buttons is the best choice