HTC 10 spotted again in new renders

by: Robert TriggsMarch 7, 2016


Leaks of the upcoming HTC 10, previously known as the HTC One M10, have been coming thick and fast over the past month, as we edge ever closer to the handset’s expected launch date. Today, a series of new renders have appeared online, courtesy of the @upleaks Weibo account.

The renders hint at a number of possible case color configurations. We have black, gold and white options, along with a mixed black front and white back option, which looks pretty nice. The HTC 10 appears to retain a lot of the One M series’ design cues, including the curved metal uni-body, but there are definitely hints of the One A9 in there too, especially when it comes to the button layout.

HTC 10 renders upleaks

It is tricky to say exactly how well these renders represent what the HTC 10 will actually look like, as the front facing camera size differs a bit from previous leaks and the bezel width looks slightly different in each render to my eye, but there are a couple of defining features that we have seen a few times before. The circular rear camera and flash combination along with the new home button, which presumable houses a fingerprint scanner, look pretty set at this point.

In terms of hardware, the HTC 10 is expected to arrive with a 5.15-inch QHD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC with an Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB of RAM, a 12 megapixel rear camera, and a USB Type C port on the bottom. According to Evan Blass, the HTC 10 is set to be unveiled on Tuesday April 19th, so there’s still more than a month to wait for any official confirmation.

  • KeyserSoze

    “In case it wasn’t obvious, I’d say that Tuesday, April 19th — the date on the screen — is nearly a lock for HTC 10 launch.”

    No smart-ass Blass, it wasn’t obvious. You can’t even read the date on the blurry photo shown here.

  • Winston Purnomo

    How long ago were these renders made? There’s still the old Google logo.

  • Still not a fan of this design. There is no reason for the chin to be that big.

  • sonicboomin

    no plus size screen, No HTC for me. I really liked HTC. That is what held me back from them past 2 years

    • Phone Master X

      Get the E9+ or X9~

  • Marty

    I’ll take the silver/white please. Thanks. No, wait…I’ll take the black one. No, wait…I’ll take the gold one. Awww, shoot…I’ll take ’em all. :D

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      Wow htc bigfan, i thought they were extinct

      • Marty

        Nope. Not gone. Just sitting quietly in the shadows waiting for a killer HTC device. :)

  • 29

    digging this design. lets see if they get the camera and the price right

    • LeVvE

      Home button is killing it for me, the A9 was the worst looking phone last year.

      • 29

        not really the most elegant part of the phone, but I prefer this over htc branding

      • Ronnie Brewer

        your sick. the A9 was the best looking phone for android.

      • Phone Master X

        Agree. Looks likes a bastard child between Galaxy and iPhone.

        • Alwaqdan

          So you want them to make the home button square?triangle?
          there is no room for new Ideas to design the front, It will always look like some other device from another brand.
          in my opinion, I like it :-)

          • Preben Nielsen

            No, we want our phone NOT to have a home button!

          • Phone Master X

            Well, they can make it an Hexagon. Or a big oval Shape.
            Most important, they need to bring back front facing speakers.

          • Simon

            +1 for me. And the rear camera in shape of a star, please :)
            The phone I’ll buy this year will be either One M10 or Xiaomi Mi 5. Both of which I like because of their software. Still Sense UI is much more beautiful than the ugly launcher on stock Android.
            However, I found myself installing MIUI over and over again on my M8, liking that even more.
            I’ll see what HTC makes of this.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Someone draws a picture of a phone and it’s big news.

  • vmxr

    its good phone but they should offer a second one with bigger screen

  • Modest Mind

    Man, those huge bezels! What is wrong with today’s top smartphone manufacturers? Why would they manufacture phones with such a terrible body-to-screen-ratio (BSR), usually 65-75%, when is technically possible to manufacture phones with 85-90% BSR and thus reduce the “dead weight” by 20+%?

    • Phone Master X

      Because we need space for speakers, buttons, front cameras? Higher BSR is not always everything. In fact, 65~75% is an idea range.

  • I liked the A9 design, this resembles it in my eyes. I sort of like it. Those bezels tho. I dont know, i’m on the fence.

  • Phone Master X

    They need to bring back front facing speakers and increase the screen size to 5.5″ They should used the frontal design of either X9, M7 and just add the FP scanner either behind, at the side or replace the HTC Logo / Home button with it, and let it also be usable as a home button.
    For camera, they need to give Laser AF, OIS and at least 15Mp 1.55~2µm Ultrapixels to really woo people back. If they can add in a HOYA Optical Zoom, like the one Asus’s ZenFone Zoom uses, that would be perfect

    Hope after this HTC 10, they will release a new version that has the above elements, and still with this new back design, as well as use either MTK Helio P20 or X30. A lot of my customers are looking forward to phones with those 2 chips, almost none are excited about SD820.

  • alwaqdan

    I’m still not sure that this is the final design, there is differences between different leaks, and HTC has 5 prototypes for it.
    I like this design, but I think there is too much chamfered edge on the back.

  • takpro

    Behold…The first iSam.

  • King_Android

    Yawn, HTC you dont bring anything to the table that other OEMs arent. What will make me get this over other “current” offerings. Smh and then the design look almost like the Original M7 but without the BoomSound speakers.

  • KeyserSoze

    Other photos on the internet shows Aug 20 on the M10’s screen. Kinda ruins Blass’ crappy theory doesn’t it?

  • gmc262

    April 19? Wondering why they are giving some of the other manufacturers such a head start in sales?

  • Leandro Brandão

    The problem for me is the capacitive keys and no boomsound speakers.
    I hope at least the screen and camera are good, and the battery life too.

  • Sergei

    So many android phones try copy iphones style and colors,(and fail) .Thats the one downside to android phones is the “wanna be” iphone clones.Apart from a small bunch like samsungs s7 which actually looks different to other phones and iphones.

  • RDTRGaming

    m7 had the best design

  • jasonlowr

    Nothing changed, but just got uglier since the m7. What is wrong with htc’s design team? Samsung + iphone? Wtf?