Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday!

A big congratulations to last week’s winner of the Galaxy S7 Edge giveaway: Ishan F. (Sri Lanka). Enjoy your new S7 Edge!

This week we are giving away the brand new HTC 10!

With its 24 bit DAC, radically improved camera and all metal design, the HTC 10 shifts its focus to what matters most – and affords the user a fabulous audio and camera experience. It’s also blisteringly fast, and really feels like this phone has been a long time coming. The sound experience is second to none, proving that BoomSound is not only back, but here to stay.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.)
  • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties or import fees that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by AndroidAuthority.
  • The prize will ship when it is available to purchase.
  • BriniaSona

    Not gonna win, but here’s to trying.

    • Mike

      Not with that attitude

      • Oh well, can’t change the past. Well there’s always the dit button, but what fun is that?

  • snoop doge

    im not gonna win, but here goes nothing…

  • Pranit Jaiswal

    Hope is a good thing, my friend. Maybe the best of things.

  • Byfield97

    I’m hopeful!

  • Ethan Campbell

    I might just have to set up a bot next time so that every time there’s a new giveaway, I will be first. (I would never actually do that)

    • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

      Its a pot drow it does not matter if you are first or last

      • Ethan Campbell

        If I’m early, I get a higher chance.

        • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

          Nope, the last wining entry was # 296387 out of 758722, whatever, maybe smoke something if you want a higher chance

          • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

            so we have to achieve more than 100k to win or…..

          • Dimuth Tharindu

            Nope. Last winner only had 19 entries. :)

          • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

            u must be joking

          • Dimuth Tharindu

            Nope. I asked him and that’s what he said.

  • QReignt

    Yay!!! Please RNG Lord, I pray you grant me this one :)

  • Mark Jablonski

    I just want this phone so bad! Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Joydeb Debnath

    always participate. how to win one day.

    • AppleQueen

      The chances of winning are like 0.000000000000000000000000000001 %. But still try :D

      • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

        There more than that, its like 1 in 30.000

  • Joshua Sedon Pregua

    hopefully gonna win this thing, need to upgrade my phone.

  • ArVa

    Good luck lads, stop being so negative everyone, SOMEONE has to win, so it could be you!

    • Ethan Campbell

      No, just me.

  • Gil Cimering

    HTC is back!!

  • Aboodi Zoubi

    I hope I win …. I’ve lost the s7 edge giveaway , but this time I’m hopeful .

  • Miguel Gonçalves


  • ✡ Netanel ✡

    I mean like, this guy got a Note 5 or S6 Edge+ or something with a Gear S2 and we only get a phone?!
    We should get the HTC Vive either!

  • Rohan Mehta

    i know AA is all about n for android , but having an ios app would be a kick to someone somewhere !

    • Ethan Campbell

      Such as me.

  • Dexter Cruz

    Good luck everyone! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • DarkEdge

    Uhh keep tryin

  • That’s me

    I joined the giveaway, invited one friend and logged out. How can I login again to view if my entries number has been updated?

    • Imran Noor

      Login with given facebook ID Or twitter ID you provided..

      • That’s me

        Thank you Sir, somehow I got confused earlier but now it works. Thanks again and good luck with the giveaway :)

  • Imran Noor

    HTC 10. NICE GiveAway….

  • Pat Martin

    i need to win this phone

  • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

    i am not sure i can win but i am sending emails to my friends asking help me))) good luck everyone

  • I don’t care what brand of the phone.
    just gimme 1 alrdy D:

  • Jade

    I’ve always wanted an HTC!!!

  • louie mapa

    im feeling lucky

  • I’m back again just like HTC. Let’s do this. ?

  • Marius-Adrian Zoltan

    The best giveaway this year !

  • purple

    I asked this again. Are people who DON’T use their real name, but nickname instead like me, automatically disqualified from the giveaways?

    • Ian

      I guess it is the email address that is important.

  • Francesca Ganci

    i want it so bad

  • Lets hope for the best :-)

  • Rafael de Souza

    Eu quero ganhar eese smartphone da HTC

  • Antonio Santimano

    HTC is back. Love that they got rid of the One in the device name. 10 sounds good just like windows10.

  • Lucifer

    after years of joining, still not winning.. but still hoping !

  • rishabh

    Enough if i dont win this time ,i’ll quit

  • Anggraeni

    good luck y’all

  • Aris

    Xcellent! Good luck!

  • Firdaus Othman

    pleaseeeeeeeeee choose me :(

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal


  • Bilal

    Don’t loose it.

    • MKA_TR


    • Ibra Kamara (HelmontIsBack)

      so damn right! even for me to win my new crush xD

  • Antony Guan

    If I could win one thing this year it would be this!

  • Kalen G

    Initially loved my HTC One (M7) before the motherboard failed (common issue) and haven’t really been interested in anything since. The HTC 10 certainly looks to be very well done so it would be good to see how good this is. Especially in comparison to my Note Edge.
    Thanks AA! Hope to win once…
    Here are monks.

    • Ethan Campbell

      You should end all your comments like that.

  • Mulyo Hadi Winoto

    bismillah 0:-)

  • Jose Manuel Gómez Ulloa

    i hope to win!

  • gabba

    Really need this,need some luck ,excellent phone.

  • Eddy Drgsn

    I shall never give up!

  • FlipJumpman

    Why not me…

  • VinDiesel

    Thank you for this giveaway, thank you.

  • Muzzammil Ahmed

    Please let me win!

  • Santiago Dent

    I need this more than any other phone, this is why I’m loyal to HTC

  • Ian Bell Russo

    I can only enter and hope

  • Ibra Kamara (HelmontIsBack)

    Woooaaahhhh i just love this phone it fit me so damn perfectly <3 i'm just in love with this phone!!!!!Good luck everyone and don't be mad when i'll get it :P

  • Mohib Sheth

    Looks nice!!

  • Javier Beltran Carceller

    Buen sorteo, gracias !!

  • csmehdi

    Fingers crossed ^^!!!!!

  • Jeremiah John Pineda

    let us win :-)

  • InMyLifeeeeee

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!

  • Vanquishgc

    If there were ever a contest I wanted to win on here……

  • richardz123

    so i may have the HTC desire (bravo), HTC Desire S (saga) and the HTC Desire X (protou)
    so the HTC 10 would fit greatly in the family colection i have

    • NinoBr0wn

      Just sell those and buy the phone yourself.

      • richardz123

        ehhm cant really sell them i aint not geetin a lot from them tho
        like the x is running JB 4.1.1 the s is running 6.0.1 cm13 but yet you whont get i turned on because its trying to render a 4k ressolution and the desire is worth nothing with its frojo 2.2.1

        • richardz123

          like that htc 10 is € 576,00 and i will get a total of mabey € 75,00 out of sellin the 3 phones so nah wont be buying it annywhere near soon ish

          • Ethan Campbell

            In Canada, it’s worth $1000. I wonder how many Oneplus 2s I can get with that.

  • vmxr

    im losing hope :(

    • Dimuth Tharindu


  • Shashank Bhardwaj

    4 HTC handsets in 8 years. The fan in me deserves this one!

    • richardz123

      3 of them in 5 years ha

      • Allan Lee

        1 of them in six months

  • L Wiz Love XD

    Must have that phone.

    • Elbert John Felipe


  • Just entered and cross my fingers
    good luck everyone!

  • pseudo

    Good audio, good screen, good camera, I would be happy to have a phone like this.

  • Siyer

    the hell is wrong with my luck mannn :'(

  • kg

    great phone. pick me this time pls!

  • luisitox22

    I soooo whant to win this HTC 10!!!!! Go HTC!!!!!!!!!!

  • Okan kin

    Do u ship to egypt?


    What would make this phone better is if it had a removeable battery ( who wouldn’t like some extra juice?)

    • Ian

      I use external power banks…and i have a removable battery..a lot easier than replacing the battery.

  • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

    guys lets share our number of entries so that we will know our chances… i will start mine is 28

    • Anton Phillipson

      I’m at 15, Not a lot of chance though…


    Wow..thats impressive. Am at 11 but am sure it wont go higher than that. Not many people in my country on social media will follow a link that has something to do with winning something from anywhere abroad.

  • fn noobee

    I doubt I will win because I never win anything but hey, no harm in trying. Considering I just upgraded to the G5 the only way I would get this phone is if someone gives it to me. Then the decision would have to be made in a showdown for which phone to keep…

  • Charles Sweeney

    Here’s to hope! HTC is Back! Good luck everyone. Thanks AA for all the giveaways, past, present and future!!

  • peiguy67

    Out of all the contests I enter for phones this is the one I’d like to win most!

  • LinhSei

    I hope I can get this one. its one of the best android phones ever.

  • Riyaz

    Wish to win

  • Gimberg

    These giveaways are fake, bet on it.

    • Dimuth Tharindu

      Nope. They are real. One of my Facebook friend won the last contest.

      • richardz123

        how can you be shure there have been atleast 40% of the AA people that have won so idk

        • Dimuth Tharindu

          2 week ago, One of my Facebook frd won Galaxy s7 edge giveaway.

          • richardz123

            so because 1 of you fb friends won doesnt mean its 100% real

            like if 1 of the 1000 people jumps in a vulcano you jump in it to ?

          • Dimuth Tharindu

            It may not 100% real. But it is real. So, give a try. It takes only less than 5 min and it doesn’t cost you anything.

          • richardz123

            dont you even know howmanny AA giveaways ive joined and all of them have been not me like not even close
            and i cant even gett all the entrys annyway since i dont want snapchat

  • Daniel Ochoa

    need this my nexus 5 is feeling old :(

  • Brian Mactavish Mohammed

    I must have this phone XD

  • Kevin Weber

    once again, after years and years of entering, i will not win.

  • Rohan J Singh

    just maybe ..

  • Sujeet K.C.

    Here’s to another worthless try. Cheers!!

    • Dimuth Tharindu


  • Biscuitville – Fresh Southern

    All the time I’ve spent signing up for these and recommending friends could have been spent on something that could have made me money, like buying lottery tickets so I could have just bought all these phones by myself.

  • Sandaru Dilshan

    Another perfect from HTC.

  • Santiago Sepulveda

    God, it seems like we’ve been waiting ages for this phone to come out. If I were to win /anything/ on the entire internet, I really hope to win this. Either way, may the odds be ever in your favor, everyone.

    • Fred Sandford

      True. I skipped the m9, have the M8 running maximushd with marshmallow and it’s still better than alot of stuff. Until the 10 got announced. Good luck!

  • Alb

    I loved my HTC One M7, after that I now have LG G3 which is a great phone (especially with removable battery & dual sim), but I miss HTC’s Sense, Blinkfeed, Zoe, music player (by far the best music player) This new HTC 10 looks an amazing phone.

  • Asħwıŋ Parmar


    • Dimuth Tharindu

      I hv the same dream bro…

      • LinhSei

        I have the same too.. Good luck guys.

    • Aditya Gupta

      Foirget About it if you are in INDIA

      • Bogdan

        It’s International Giveaway! Also, there’re plenty Indian winners.

        • Ian

          There have been, not so for the smaller countries but thats what odds are all about :))

          • TinFOIL

            Really? Has anybody from the UK ever won a giveaway :(

          • Ian

            Yes have a look ffs

    • #TeamNoSleep

  • Alain

    HTC 10 unbeatble quality and durability is the best !

  • Anders Schrøder

    WOuldn’t mind one bit winning that phone. :)

  • Birdboyize Daleak

    I hope I win at this time

  • Randy Garcia Santos

    can I have that?

  • Prabhath

    never won.hope this time too

    • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

      how many entries u have now?

  • Bill_Toulas

    If I win this, I will sell it. :p

  • Zubair

    can you ship the giveaway to Pakistan?

  • Zubair

    You ship giveaway to Pakistan?

    • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.) If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.

  • Saikat Kar

    Hm! Let’s see… umm… GIVE It TO ME!!!

  • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

    i have
    30 entries

    • Dimuth Tharindu

      Wish you good luck. :)

    • Ibra Kamara (HelmontIsBack)

      i’m almost at 30 entries too hope they’re enoug to get my dream phone

  • Tyson Stevens

    Super eager.

  • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

    u have used all htc flagship phones i hope that thats gonna be my next

  • Give Me That Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase..
    I really really Wan that HTC!!!

  • Manthan

    What are the odds of winning ??!!!

  • Tushar Mistry

    Plzz this time an indian plzz

  • Eduardo M

    I love Htc. This Phone is gorgeous.

  • Faddie Nevoani’s

    i want to finally upgrade my htc m7 i hope its me :)

  • Abdurrahman Muhammed

    how do people even get 30k entries when i cant even get a 1000 ???

    • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

      do we need over 1000 entries to win?

    • Dimuth Tharindu

      You’ve got to be kidding me….
      People get 30k….. O.o Jesus…

  • krzysiek100

    ok, i want this one

  • pascal abdelnour

    well i convinced my friends and my family now they all use htc
    i’m a big fan of HTC
    i already tried about all the devices <3
    super wow !!

  • Aldhy M. Tuyogon

    Well,good luck to all of us!

  • Vlad Gorneanu

    I’m so happy that I haven’t changed my phone since the M7. This is the honorable succesor it needs. Hope I win one because it will be massively overprices in East Europe. #powerof10 #androidauthority

  • Unique

    My 10 fingers are crossed – Good Luck to you all I’m already hating on the winner lol :-P

  • Ivy Njoki

    A lady for once

    • Elbert John Felipe

      I don’t think so but Good Luck to you!

  • Johnny Danger

    10 :-D

  • Xristoforos Rittas

    good luck to everyone! greetings from Greece!

    • Ian

      Hi Greece, greetings form New Zealand

      • Ethan Campbell

        DFTBA from Canada!

  • Dimuth Tharindu

    Not a huge fan of HTC. But HTC 10 looks good.

  • Dimuth Tharindu

    In every contest, I feel like I’m going to win…
    but every contest, I didn’t win. :D

    • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

      how many entries u had in previous giveaways to win… share us how much it should be at least to win

      • Dimuth Tharindu

        Around 15-20 I think. In this giveaway, I have many entries.
        But I participate many contest not just Android auth.
        There is also another giveaway, try that too. (Samsung Galaxy S7 edge)

      • Prabhath

        I don’t count that yet.must be more than 40

  • Bill Lacy

    How do I verify the current number of entries I have?

  • Domenico S.

    Good luck guys :D

  • anis miraoui

    i don’t have a smartphone

    • Ethan Campbell

      I think best buy has a oneplus 3 giveaway (they don’t)

  • Aakash Bhavsar

    hmm lets see..

  • XL Elliott

    May the odds be in my favor…

    • Ethan Campbell

      No. In mine!

  • Ana Lara

    Only men have been the winners! It is a little weird!

    • Ian

      Whats weird is the lack of female participants….

  • Leonardo Loures Quirino

    This is my only chance of having this phone. HTC left Brazil a few years ago after trying to sell midrange phones priced as flagships and said that the smartphone market here was not appealing.

  • do want!!

  • Viki Stark

    I could really use some luck in my life right now, winning this would be great :) :)

  • ok. so all men are winning these prizes..hmmmm

    • Ian

      And all Women are winning hair straightners….

  • sky1309

    Yes, It’s HTC!! Love it!!.

  • Nu jävlar ska jag vinna

    My 23rd time havent won yet this is the last time if i dont Win im quiting

    • billy routh

      Quitters never win and winners never quit

    • Ian


  • Vanessa Giang Lo

    Really need a new HTC phone, I’ve had my M7 ever since it came out, need an upgrade. Here we go hope 28 entries is enough :3

  • Jason Salvador Cirujano

    stay positive guys XD don’t lose hope

  • Vanessa Giang Lo

    I’ve never won anything in my life, hope this is a one off chance!

  • Edmond Leung

    . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)

  • Manar ismail

    I need that one sooooooooo baaaaad

  • Vito Bozo

    HTC is back in the game ! The 10 is not so original but it’s a beast !

  • Thod Thodoris

    Good Luck!

  • Vipul Basapati

    The fingerprint sensor should be on the back side of the device as it makes more sense.

    • billy routh

      The front of the device makes the most sense, being on the vacation is just plain stupid

      • Vipul Basapati

        Is it stupid that almost all of your fingers are on the back side of the device . May as well do stuff with it.

  • Ethan Campbell

    When I get the phone, I will then have to get a SIM card for it.

  • younes


  • Yuvraj Singh

    how does these giveaways work? Does the person with most entries win or is it random?

  • I want you!!!

  • Siyer

    My phone is old ah

  • Elbert John Felipe

    Dang! I lost the Galaxy S7 giveaway! I thought they are gonna pick three entries like the
    previous giveaway.

  • Zonezgirl26

    I would be so happy to win this I can’t afford to buy one outright at the moment. I’ve been in the market for a new phone since my phone now is pretty much obsolete. I’m using the HTC 3D that I purchased when it first came out. The phone has been amazing over the past 5 years and still works strong. With technology ever evolving I find most apps are no longer able to work on my phone. I will keep saving so I can buy the next phone to get me through another 5 years and am def. thinking I’m sticking with HTC. I have to say my phone has gone through hell and still works great. Over the years its fallen down stairs, onto rocks, stepped on and other tough punishment and has never broken or cracked. They are tough phone and can withstand most torment I would recommend HTC to anyone.

  • Ryan Dede

    Love the 10!!!

  • Arun Deo

    love it to win it :)

  • Arun Deo

    too awesome too good contest :)

  • Arun Deo

    fingers crossed :)

  • Arun Deo

    its the most desired phone :)

  • Vaughn Swann

    Please Htc gods let me land one in my hands #htc10

  • Randy Garcia Santos

    HTC 10 for the win!!

  • Vipul Basapati

    how many points does it take to win the contest??? or is It random ??

  • Aldy Satria ‘ndi’

    please, gimme this phone to replace my suck smartphone :(

  • Takbir

    a perfect upgrade from my old and fckin slow iphone 4. hoping to win !

    • Takbir


      • richardz123

        or from my slow HTC Desire X

  • Kurt Robin Jalgalado

    the chances of winning this is like 1/10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Dave

    I must win this!

  • Dave

    I need this so I can switch back to android and to HTC! Give it to me AA!!! hehe

  • Matthew Gale

    Considering I’m currently running with an iPhone, I’d kinda like an android device again.

    Please let it be me!

  • Djora

    Would be nice to get one HTC!

  • Nishant Kankaria

    It’s my birthday this Sunday!
    Surprise me ?
    *fingers crossed*

  • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

    u guys say that i have a shit phone please gimme that phone but i don’t actually use smartphone)) so it is everybody’s change to win or not . good luck


    i think i will win this cell because i am using galaxy pocket and i need this one.

  • Ethan Campbell

    I win! Maybe.

  • Laraib Omer

    I have great hopes that there will be a female winner this time.
    thank you android authority to meet our needs

  • Christine Veau Moreno



    je tente ma chance avec plaisir

  • Tiago Teixeira

    *Don’t stop belivin’*

  • Herreng

    je participe avec plaisir.merci

  • Vidmantas Šilkinis

    i realy need this phone but dreams are dreams

  • Mirjalol sirojiddinov

    who has 50+ entries ?

  • Yuvraj Singh

    I wish i win this one! I’m in love with the HTC 10!

  • Preye C.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Vidmantas Šilkinis

    plz let me win

  • Vidmantas Šilkinis

    lets do this

  • Jason Salvador Cirujano

    where can i find the winners ???

  • Swiftie4ever

    OMG!! so cool phone!! Hope ill win it…#praying

  • richardz123


  • VinDiesel

    Hello again to see if we are lucky this time, thank you for the giveaway.

  • Wellington Sena


  • Gustavo

    I don’t believe this kind of contest, but I am gonna try anyway

  • Albert Lensberg

    I could wear this doug l guy won two consecutive phones…

  • T

    when will it be announced?

  • Resa

    Wait Didn’t Doug L win last time?

  • Rohan J Singh

    Feeling lucky