Leaked images of the HTC 10

Leaked images of the HTC 10

We already know that the HTC 10, aka One M10, will be formally announced on April 12th, but when can we expect it to hit store shelves? HTC isn’t divulging such details just yet, but a new rumor from ePrice claims that we could see the phone as early as April 15th in its home country.

Interestingly enough, it has previously been suggested the phone will launch around the 16th, so this fits pretty close to this timeline. Keep in mind the rumor specifically says home country, and so it’s hard to say what that means for the rest of the globe outside of Taiwan. It could be the next day, days later, or even weeks later before it makes its way to the rest of us.

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February 15, 2016

HTC certainly isn’t a stranger to quick releases of its flagship devices, with the HTC One M8 even going so far as to release in select markets the very same day it was announced. Such early release strategy makes a lot of sense this year, with it being just enough time for the LG G5 to have already been on sale for nearly two weeks, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 series has been in hands for a while now. In other words, the hype for the Samsung and LG flagships will already have started to dwindle, giving HTC the chance to really take the spotlight.

Even if this rumor proves true, it’s hard to say whether a quick release strategy will really work to HTC’s advantage or not. It’s hard not to be skeptical of HTC phones these days, as the company hasn’t had much luck in the smartphone game as of late. Even though many fans look back fondly at the HTC One (M7) and One M8, later devices like the One M9 have arguably pushed many of these fans away.

Will the HTC 10 be enough to bring back old HTC fans, and new alike? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • cmdr430

    Hopefully it’s sold here is the US, same day. That’s how I bought my M8. Hell, Verizon here hadn’t even put out a display model when I picked mine up. I procured the first one

    • Starcube

      Did you walk out of the store with en enormous hardon and did droves of iPhone users kneel before you?

      • Vizair

        Yeah, because Apple hate is so cool and on point these days.

  • AS118

    If that’s really how it looks, I don’t see how it can stand out from Samsung and Apple’s offerings. It kind of just looks like an HTC/Iphone/Galaxy hybrid, and it doesn’t seem to have boomsound anymore, which was HTC’s main distinguishing factor.

    Honestly, nothing since the M7’s really impressed me.

    • balcobomber25

      Considering the iPhone ripped off HTC’s designs, it looks like a normal progression for an HTC phone.

    • illregal

      Have you not been following anything.. It still has stereo boomsound speakers. What sets it apart, is build quality. Do you want a cheap ass metal rim, with two pieces of glass double side taped to it. Or an entire back plate milled out of a solid block. Oh, and it bests anything else on the market in all other areas as well.

    • Johnny Dwyer

      Then what does the iphone looks like to you?? And what does the S7 look like? Because if my memory serves me right, the iphone looks like a HTC M7 for the most part, just with some gigantic bezels without the front facing speakers. And the S6, and S7 look like a iphone 4, 4s, and 5.

    • Andrew Singleton

      Rectangular touchscreens can only differ in so many ways. Omg a car with dual headlights and led daytime running lamps and… get this… 4 doors? RIPOFFFFFFFF!! DID YOU HEAR THEY’RE MAKING A BLUE ONE, TOO?? *HEAD EXPLODES*

  • Michael Dexter Monroe

    I really do not believe it will look like the above image.

  • echo1284

    I got my M9 bought and delivered before it hit stores. I actually took it into the Att store for a new Sim and they didn’t believe I had it yet ha.

    • Elegant Young Gentleman

      How do you like your m9? I have always had my eye on it, but choose the S6. I wanted to trade my S6 in for the M9 as I hate touchwiz.

      • Matt

        My M9 is rubbish, I wish I still had my M8.

      • echo1284

        I love it, couldn’t see myself carrying anything else. Looking forward to the M10 released in mid April.

  • SL Carrtel

    I bet it’s arguably the best phone ? of the year. Just hope it sales well.

  • jasonlowr

    Just an ugly phone from htc. Nothing to be excited about. *Yawn*

    • Rufus MD

      its either you’re right or you will eat what u said..i feel it will be the latter

      • Elegant Young Gentleman

        Aren’t the leaks what the actual phone will look like? I doubt the phone is going to look any different that what we’ve seen. I personally think the M9 looks better than the 10.

  • Isa Love

    If it has boomsound as good or better than the M9 then I’m in all the way. HTC makes the best phones & the best skin for Android and only weak point has been the camera. Evidently that is solved so will boomsound still be there as good or better.That will be the kicker for me and many others I presume

  • Chuck Hawks

    I’m still holding onto my M7 and have been waiting for the 10 to change. I have had an M8 a few times as a work phone and like it a lot.
    But for my personal phone I have become pretty tired of waiting for HTC to play catchup to the rest of the market with the 10.

    This is encouraging news. I trust it’s going to be worth the wait or I’ll be sorely disappointed and probably break brand, never looking back.

  • Aleck Maccarone

    I really like the full black version all the others seem to look very ugly

    • Matt

      Its a tough call between the Black/Black and the Black/Silver for me.

  • Mail carrier

    There is a lot of interest in the HTC 10, it sounds like the best new phone coming out so far this year with great specs and benchmarks. I really want to see what they do w the next Nexus!!

  • Anar Bailey

    Headphone jack at the top? I hope its at the bottom. Also, no Boom – no sale. The rest expected to have anyway. God help us all…

  • Derek

    There is a HUGE possibility that the HTC 10 will have a removable battery!

    Think about it. Leaked images showed replacement backs for sale. Why would you need a replacement back if the back could not come off? This leads me to think that perhaps the back will be removable, making it a huge possibility that the battery will be removable too!

    This would add to the wow factor of the 10 as it would significantly prolong the potential life of the phone.