The Samsung Galaxy S3, revealed a couple of days ago, definitely sports some of the best hardware specs around, but it also looks like Samsung have managed to integrate software functions that give a new meaning for the word “smart” in smartphones. Marketed by Samusng as human-centric functions, these are features exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S3. On a personal level, I feel like the smart features on the Samsung Galaxy S3 represent a major improvement towards simplifying tasks on your smartphone. Granted, we expect more from a thinking smartphone, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

So let’s take a quick look at the software functions that make the Galaxy S3 a truly unique smartphone:

S Voice

Voice recognition software has been available in some form or another for the past decade, but it was Apple’s Siri, a personal voice assistant that brought a more ‘natural’ form of voice recognition to smartphones. Siri was a major marketing factor for the iPhone 4S and Samsung has decided to come up with a personal voice assistant of their own. Dubbed S-Voice, this feature of the S3 allows you to control your smartphone only by using your voice. Commands can be personalized, but possible uses for S-Voice include unlocking the smartphone, launching apps, taking pictures with the 8MP camera, music control (such as stop, play, pause and skip), snoozing the alarm, turning on the Wi-Fi /Bluetooth and more. S-Voice is available in the following languages: British, USA English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Korean.

Social Tag

Possibly one of the most interesting intelligent functions of the Galaxy S3 is the social tagging feature. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S3 is capable of identifying and properly tagging the people in your photos as long as you have them added as contacts (with an attached picture). If this face recognition software works as Samsung claims it does, it is one of the most interesting smartphone capabilities ever. The Social Share ability takes matters one step further, by allowing you to instantly share the pictures with the contacts the S3 has recognized in the photo.

Direct Call

Direct Call allows you to make a call simply by lifting the phone to your ear while writing a message to someone, or while specific contact details are brought up to the display. Just lift, and speak. Personally, I can think of many scenarios where this could go wrong and I’m not actually sure that the couple of extra touches that you save are really all that important, but it is a nice feature to have.

Smart Stay

This is definitely the most useful of all the smart functions available on the Galaxy S3. Smart Stay detects if the user is looking at the display and keeps the display from timing out until the user looks away. A very useful feature for those of us that regularly read text on our smartphones, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Smart Alerts

If you’ve been away from your smartphone for a while, it’s possible that you have missed a few calls and messages. Granted, Android smartphones always notified you of the stuff you missed, but the Galaxy S3 takes one step further and vibrates to inform you of the action that happened while you were away. Not exactly the most revolutionary of features!

So there you have it! These are the smart, human-centric functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3. While other smartphones (think of the HTC One X) might stand up to the S3 hardware-wise, these smart functions will make sure Samsung’s Galaxy S3 stands out from the increasingly populated Android smartphone market. Make sure you drop us a line in the comment section below and let us know how you feel about these software tweaks!

Mike Andrici
Growing up in my father's PC store, I was surrounded by and developed a passion for technology ever since I was in kindergarten. However, advancements made in the technology world continue to amaze me on a daily basis! I've been writing about the Android OS since back in October 2008, when Google and HTC launched the first Android smartphone ever, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. Although I'm no company's fanboy, Android is the mobile OS I devoutly support.
  • blah

    What the hell?

    How does the sentence ” it was Apple’s Siri personal voice assistant that has first brought together voice recognition and smartphone usage.” make it through an editor on a site about Android?

    Especially considering Android had voice command integration at least a year before the iphone 4…

    • Just for the record, iphone already had voice commands, before siri came with iphone 4s., and the best thing is that it works offline.

      • AppleFUD

        The iphone had integrated (no an apps from itunes via a third party) voice commands before Android and Siri?

        Source please?

    • Honestly, I was one of the people who were excited to try Siri when Apple launched the iPhone 4S but I find it not that useful after couple of months.

      Having S Voice on the Galaxy S 3 is a good addition to its features but I wasn’t impressed.

    • Eurisko Pebenito

      what the hell are you talking about, that’s not even what the sentence said!
      also the purpose of this site is to compare everything smartphone to android, therefore of coarse there is going to be sentences and articles that include comparisons to apple. and big whoop if android had voice assistance before the iphone 4 because mike andrici here is just pointing out that “siri was a major marketing factor for the iphone 4s” and that samsung is also using their voice assistant, s voice, as a part of marketing for the s3. so wait, what the hell was your point again?

    • Kagnon

      Voice commands is not equals to voice assistant.
      My windows mobile phone had voice commands ages ago.

      Apple was the first to include voice assistant to a smartphone out of the box. (Meaning no purchasing of apps)

    • SweetLegsHTC

      Its was google who did it 1st…

  • Iman_hardy

    I just thought of it.

    Smart Stay uses the front-facing camera to detect our eyes looking at the phone, no?

    But what if we’re reading an e-book or using the phone in a dark room.

    Will it still be able to detect our eyes?

    • TD

      It also recognises that your not touching the screen, if your fingers aren’t on the screen for a certain amount of time it will dim, it uses a combination of most of the sensors, it is the most advanced smartphone on the market and will be until the samsung galaxy s4 is released

    • shubert

      it doesnt work even in dim light… :(

  • Bogdan

    Hi guys, I still do not understand why there are so few talks about the wairless charging. I actually think that’s the great innovation, but you all talk so less about it.

  • I don’t think Samsung has included wireless charging in the Galaxy S3, I was also waiting for this really cool feature :(

    • Bogdan

      I thout they anounced it

    • Gabba

      The S3 will have the option of wireless charging. Enjoy your portable cancer knoll

      • and the phone is not a portable cancer knoll? Im more than sure the LTE will be one; maybe not so much on HSPA+

  • The Kurd

    Seriously I have been looking forward to this phone for such a long time! And I must say none of these functions are really needed, they will not help us in our everyday lives. I’m so disappointed.

    What is more important then these functions are 1. Better Battery, 2. 12 Mega pixel Camera, 3. 1080 HD. 4. Make the phone less plastic looking and so on…

    I will buy it anyways and sell it when Iphone 5 comes and buy that one too. But the Iphone 5 will most likely have a small screen of only 4 inch. Best size is 4,6!

    //The Kurd

    • Okishaya

      I hope the battery last…. Cos Sammy promised 2012 devices that would last all day on single charge….I was also expecting 12 mega pixel cam…but come to think of it…if it were an iPhone with all this function u would have been singing a diff song…i think the s3 will be better than anything apple is cooking up….

      • Luke

        That is true. When apple implements a minor change for instance the new iPad only has a slightly better camera and display. It doesn’t even ship with Siri. So only two incremental upgrades and everyone buys it because at the conference all they talk about is the display… Of Samsung did that with the galaxy note. They would not get away with it

  • rihana

    {Smart Stay detects if the user is looking at the display} the question is howww? a normal phone do that if we change the dislplay settings……i reeaaliii reeealiii dint get this….marketinn tool for 1st standerd kidss….mwaahhhaahhaa

  • Eurisko Pebenito

    i think sammy is moving towards the hype side of smartphones, and will begin disappointing all of us who wanna see real improvements in tech and not silly little innovations that are all just part of marketing. i hope something truly impressive pops up this year, like dual-boot smartphones that when docked turn into lap-tops, or that the first version of google glasses isnt incredibly disappointing.

  • Number1fitter

    “This is definitely the most useful of all the smart functions available on the Galaxy S3. Smart Stay detects if the user is looking at the display and keeps the display from timing out until the user looks away. A very useful feature for those of us that regularly read text on our smartphones, as I’m sure you’ll agree.”

    Who has a text so long that the screen dims before you finish reading it?!?
    So what is the real features?

    • natashaleslie

      clearly someone does not read articles or ebooks.
      regardless, this is a wonderful feature that is definitely a power saver.

  • I allready have a Samsung Galaxy S3

    This are the main features:

    pop-up play – using this option allows you to watch a video and use an app simultaneously. it uses a technology similar to picture-in-picture.

    burst shot – you can take photos of moving objects or targets. using this option, you can photograph continuously up to 20 frames.

    Best Photo – With this option you can shoot continuously up to 8 photos. The phone automatically selects the best photo depending on: clarity, brightness, contrast, face detection etc. You can always manually select another phot, of the 8.

    Stay Smart – Stay Smart recognizes your eyes and prevents closing your phone as long as you look at it. It is a very useful function when you’re reading an e- book or an E-mail.

    Face and Voice unlock – a security option that recognizes your face, as well as your voice.

    S-Beam – uses WiFi Direct and NFC. You don’t have to hold the phones tight to each other to transfer a file, just touching them will suffice. you can transfer any type of file, of any size. if you’re sending a video, you can start watching it although it’s not completely transfered

    S-Voice – Application used for voice commands. Languages known: English, Spanish, Latin Spanish, French, Italian, German and Korean

    And here are some videos made by me:

    S-Voice –

    Pop-up Play –

    Face and Voice unlock –

    S3 vs. S2 –

    • Kagnon

      And other few nifty features that are really useful are notification toggles, percentage battery, customisable lock screen shortcuts, some other gesture command, clear all in the multi task.

  • Jane

    i’m about 2 buy samsung galaxy s3..but can i skype?

    • me

      you could definitely skype.

  • blacksmaka

    y my s3 is diffrent then other s3

  • Laneshia

    I love s voice and I also love how the screen does not darken when you look at it.