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Last month Google announced that the way gamers sign in to Google Play Games would soon be changing, and it looks like that day has finally come. The company has just released a blog post explaining that Play Games will no longer require you to sign up with a Google+ account. Instead, gamers will be able to sign up with a newly-created Gamer ID, which can be customized with a Gamer Picture of your choosing.

Google says that for new users signing into their first Play Games integrated game and existing users signing into a new Play Games integrated game, you’ll create a unique Gamer ID and select one of 40+ avatars for your Gamer Picture. Just like current Google Play Games accounts, you can choose to make your gaming activity public or private, and decide if other gamers can associate your Gamer ID with your email address or real name.

Google is making it easier and faster to start playing new games, too

And just as expected, Google is also making it easier (and much faster) to start playing new games. Now you won’t need to wait for the slow Play Games prompt to load up each time you start a new game, thanks to the new auto sign-in functionality. With auto sign-in, you’ll only be prompted to sign-in once per account, not once per game. You’ll also automatically be signed in to future games.

These new changes will be rolling out in the next few weeks, so you might need to wait a little while before you can sign up for your Gamer ID. Will you be signing up for a Gamer ID? What are your thoughts on Google ditching the Google+ requirement? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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May 1, 2017
Jimmy Westenberg
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  • 1213 1213

    As mobile gaming becomes more engaging this sort of thing will become more important. Good step forward. :)

  • sri charan

    Already got it….looks pretty slick….

  • BlackElemental

    More importantly, will I be ab to detach my current Google Play Games account from G+ while keeping my game activity?

  • Agasicles

    This is huge. @blackelemental:disqus I took the article description here to mean “yes” to your question:

    “…and existing users signing into a new Play Games integrated game, you’ll
    create a unique Gamer ID and select one of 40+ avatars for your Gamer

    Meaning that the first time you launch a game that has not been previously associated with your Google Play ID, that you’ll be prompted to either use the old ID or to enter a new one, and from that point on you would continue to us the new ID.

    This is huge for me as I’ve been streaming more mobile games to my YouTube channel from my nVidia SHEILD AndroidTV Console and SHIELD Portable, but one problem is that the games load my Play Games ID and then periodically show my real name on-screen, which I do not want. But I don’t mind if a gamertag shows up as my ID. Can’t wait. Only thing is that I wish you could just sign into Google Play Games on the desktop via a browser and change this globally there instead of waiting to do this on your phone or tablet.

  • Fix issue

    Help me. I cannot sign in gamer id. Why? Need fix issue

  • Rushikesh Mane

    hey, i am trying to log in in google play games but it show me error like this – signing is required
    and i cannot enter in my acc in google play games
    Please Help me…..

  • mosh

    it sucks cuz the gamer id picture u only choose only 40 avatars but my opinion i liked to choose ur picture on gallery or something like that like ur picture on g+

  • VisserOne

    “which can be customized with a Gamer Picture of your choosing.” out of the 40 Cartoony looking pics they provide you with. You CANNOT choose to use a picture you downloaded as the image. Until they do I’m done playing any Google Play Games.