March 20, 2017

We’ve all had those days. You head to the store, park far down the lot, and come back out with no idea where your car is. In larger parking areas there are letters that mark parking rows, but often parking feels like the wild west. Google wants to change all this, and is looking to use the power of GPS to mark your car’s location so you can return to it later.

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March 3, 2017

When you opt to mark down your location in a parking lot, the app will slap down a small “P” icon. Since this only really works for single-floor lots, you can edit notes in your parking icon to mark what floor you are on as well as how much time you have left if you’re on a meter. This can also alert you when your time is almost up as well, which is very useful for locations where you pay to park. If you want to remember where you were visually, you can also take a photo to see where you left your vehicle.


The new feature is only live in Google Maps 9.49 for Android, which you can download from the Play Store at the link below.

Download Google Maps from the Play Store

Are you excited for the new feature? This will be most useful in shopping malls and mass parking areas, but will be great for metered parking as well. Let us know your thoughts below.

David Imel
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