Glu Mobile’s “Indestructible” car combat game is a free download on Google Play

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 25, 2012
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Games like the Destruction Derby and Twisted Metal forever hold a special place in our heart. Forget inspiring stories, character building, and the like – because these games were all about blowing things up and causing carnage to your opponent’s cars.

That’s exactly what Indestructible, the latest game released by Glu Mobile, will let players do. Just get behind the wheels and shoot everything in sight. It’s a matter of setting your enemies ablaze or becoming crisp bacon yourself.

This “vehicular combat mode” surprisingly allows up to three people to join you for up to four players in real-time multiplayer action. You can choose between three multiplayer game modes: Capture the Flag, Death Match, and Recover the Charge.

From our limited time playing the game, the 3D graphics seem great and the control is quite intuitive, thanks to the advanced physics engine utilized.

Indestructible costs next to nothing to download from Google Play. Being that it’s free, players can make some in-app purchasing, should they wish to. Think of it as a last resort if you keep getting your behind kicked and having trouble collecting coins, which you can use to upgrade your car, as well as getting a custom paint job.

Don’t forget to leave some comments below once you’ve downloaded and tried the game.

  • JPilgram

    ok, I just have to say it, PLEASE stop recommending anything by Glu Mobile

    yes, the game ideas and designs look fantastic in still frames
    yes, the gameplay is fun

    what Glu Mobile sucks balls at however is functionality. All across the board with every device (all major manufacturers commenting, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc.) reporting lag, freezes, bugs, and these persist forever because of no support, it makes everything they do unplayable. Not to mention Glu likes to load so many damn ads and offer no way to purchase a game to remove ads, only if you purchase their renewing subscription crap, which spams you with their ads.

    Glu Mobile is the EA of Android market, please stop recommending them

    • dan

      they make freemium games, how else are they going to make money without ads and in-game purchases? Be smart and think about how things work before you open your mouth and sound like a whining idiot who can’t appreciate free games.

      • David

        Too bad there games aren’t really free to play. In order to actually make some decent progress in the games, you’ll need In-App purchases to buy those big guns or that huge-ass care. That’s why people hack it. The good about Glu Games is that they’re some of the best games out there to hack because the gear in their games that require in-app money and shit, they’re the best.

        • David Dang

          Their* sorry.