Exclusive: Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge dimensions confirmed in new leak

by: Nirave GondhiaDecember 28, 2015

Exclusive: Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Diagram leak Shai Mizrachi

With CES and MWC coming up in the next few months, we’re starting to hear more about the new flagships for the early part of the year. Recent leaks suggest the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will have different sized displays and now – thanks to Shai Mizrachi, who accurately leaked the diagram for the S6 Edge Plus last year – we can confirm some of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge specs.

Galaxy S6 / Edge in video:

First, we can confirm that Samsung has decided the Galaxy S7 Edge should have a larger 5.5 inch screen, compared with the Galaxy S7, which will sport a 5.2-inch screen. This is in stark contrast to last year where both phones had 5.1-inch displays and makes sense as the S6 Edge Plus – and even more so, the BlackBerry Priv – show a larger screen works better for the Edge screen.

Second, we can also reveal that the back of each handset should also be similar to the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus, where the former features a flat display and curved rear and the latter has the opposite. It’s likely that Samsung will keep to the metal and glass build used in this year’s handsets and this should mean the curved rear on the Galaxy S7 will make it easier to hold.

The bottom half of the images also throws up something pretty interesting; Samsung looks set to drop the IR blaster from – at least – the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It’s not overly surprising given that other OEMs have also dropped IR blasters this year and it seems that the days of the IR blaster are numbered, yet again.

What about the rest of the specs? Through the few leaks and reports we’ve had so far, these are the possible specs for Samsung’s next flagships. It’s worth remembering that these are unconfirmed.

Galaxy S7 Specs
  • 5.2-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display
  • Snapdragon 820 CPU (USA, China) / Exynos 8890 (Europe, Asia)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB / 64GB, expandable storage on Galaxy S7 only.
  • 20MP Sony IMX300 camera with OIS, phase detection auto focus, 1µm pixel size
  • LTE Cat 12 (600Mbps downlink)
Galaxy S7 Edge Specs
  • 5.5-inch dual-curved Quad HD Super AMOLED display
  • Snapdragon 820 CPU (USA, China) / Exynos 8890 (Europe, Asia)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB / 64GB, no expandable storage.
  • 20MP Sony IMX300 camera with OIS, phase detection auto focus, 1µm pixel size
  • LTE Cat 12 (600Mbps downlink)

Both handsets are expected to make an appearance at MWC – which begins on February 22 in Barcelona – with a release expected shortly after. This would be the same as this year’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and it’s likely both should be available in a lot of markets pretty quickly.

samsung galaxy s7 first look aa-16Recommended: Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor roundup30

The decision to go with a larger display in the S7 Edge makes sense as the recent Marshmallow leak – along with the BlackBerry Priv – shows that a larger curved display can actually be useful. Bringing back the microSD card slot in the Galaxy S7 should appease quite a few people but it remains to be seen whether the lack of this in the S7 Edge impacts on sales.

Want more info? Head over to our Galaxy S7 rumor roundup and let us know what you think of the two rumoured handsets – along with anything you’d like Samsung to add in the phones – in the comments below!

  • Duder12

    Too bad that 4gb RAM won’t get used

    • Its more for background software work. Not multitasking. Like my Note5 has 4GB RAM but 432MB of it is reserved for other processes so you could say that the phone only has 3.5GB of RAM.

      • Even 3.5GB is more than enough.

  • Uriah Counelis

    The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both have 5.1 inch screens.

    • Updated, Thanks for pointing out the typo.

  • JohnOne

    My only problem is I just hope the s7 edge as SD card support

    • I honestly don’t think it will. The latest I’ve heard on it is the design constraints of a curved design won’t let it support an SD card slot.

  • Cole Cawtuh

    How are these proven to be accurate facts and not just rumours?

    • These aren’t proven. Updated to make this clearer.

  • Those dimensions don’t make sense. How is the S7 and S6 the same height if the S6 has a much bigger top and buttom bezel? The S7 should be shorter but the height is the same. 0.1 inches plus in screen size can’t make the phone that height. It should still be shorter.

  • “thanks to Shai Mizrachi, who accurately leaked the diagram for the S6 Edge Plus last year”
    Never heard about that guy and his S6 Edge leak. Any link to provide?

    • Ajit Singh

      Well said @OnLeaks:disqus, I personally think it is just a click-bait article with the specs that can be guessed easily.

      • Sorry you feel that way. I will say that this confirms previous rumours about the two different screen sizes and we’ve verified the leak before publishing so more than just click bait :)

        • Ajit Singh

          Well since you decided to change the title from “specs” to “dimensions”, so I have got my answer :D and as for confirmation, whom did you ask? Samsung CEO? And most importantly, you are yet to reply to the comment of OnLeaks. Where is the link to the previous leak by that guy Shai Mizrachi? I’m waiting for it, take your time :)

          • I have my sources and I’ve already replied.

          • Ajit Singh

            Yeah I saw that but it is just a baseless one. Even if I go by your words that story didn’t have credit, it still has to be somewhere on the Internet. Where is the story? What publication? Man, you are the writer. Take proper responsibility for what you write.

          • ContrastMaster OfThe BluePeopl

            If you need to find out who this person or story is so bad maybe you should Google it genius.

          • Ajit Singh

            That is where you got it wrong, Geniuses don’t Google ;)

          • See the first paragraph in the article, it’s been updated with a link to Shai’s story from last year.

          • Ajit Singh

            If you had done that at the time of writing the article, we could have avoided that long chain of replies.

    • I’ve seen the proof. It was provided to another publication and run as a story without credit. I’ve seen the communications and have verified it was his scoop.

    • Natalie

      Samsung Phones are now available for a huge discount online only on

    • ContrastMaster OfThe BluePeopl

      Many things and people YOU have never heard of DO in fact exist. You’ve never heard of me before now but I’m real unlike Santa Claus

  • D13H4RD2L1V3

    That 1-micron pixel size on the camera worries me somewhat, but everything else looks good.

    • This is a single rumour we’ve heard so it may pan out to nothing but thought we should mention this.

  • Maor Hadi

    pfft.. any rumors on note 10.1?

  • Huton Gergö

    hmm front hw button still present = crap

    • Yosef Elgart

      i hate software buttons on lg g4 when need go to recovery or download mode home button help also need for fingerprint

  • Aaryan Bhardwaj

    WTF..!! No IR Blaster…??

    • My Galaxy Prime

      I actually like the IR blaster on the S6. It’s great when you don’t wanna bother with looking for the remote

      • I agree. I use it a fair amount, especially when the remote seems to always disappear down the back of the sofa!

        • My Galaxy Prime

          Exactly. Granted, Peel isn’t the best remote app but when it works, it’s great. Maybe they’re moving away from it as devices get “smarter” by becoming WiFi enabled but we aren’t at that point yet. I also read a report a few months back that Samsung was going to attempt to reduce the price of the S7 by 10%, this could be them trying to execute it. Still though, I will miss it.

          • I mean it’s not the end of the world but I agree, it’s a great feature to have. It can also be fun if you’re feeling mischievous! Let’s see what comes about in the next few months.

    • HeatFan786

      You can get the S6 cheaper once the S7 is announced. Good idea if you don’t want to drop flagship money on a not so “flagship feature” if it’s subjective to you.

      • ChadKnight

        it was on a fire sale cyber monday @ $400 on amazon. the s6 had to take price cuts since it was overstocked and people were only buying the edge version

        • HeatFan786

          I wouldn’t even buy a S6 unless it was $300 or less. The headaches it brings isn’t worth the cheaper price.

    • Daggett Beaver

      I hate Samsung because their phones are bloated with so many features that not everyone uses.

      WTF SAMSUNG U REMOVED DA IR BLASTER???? Stupid Samsuck, you keep removing features and you’ll never sell any phones!!!

    • Rob

      Agreed. I use mine often.

  • Bob F

    Battery capacity?

    • Unclear at the moment but we’ll let you know if we have more info.

  • The specs should include the Samsung isocell with the Sony sensor since they’ll do the bait and switch later in the manufacturing line

    • They probably will but given these are unconfirmed specs at the moment, we’re going to wait for official confirmation of the camera module.

      • Sony would be unconfirmed but isocell is a given looking back all the Galaxy phones in the past

  • I wonder what the front of the phone bump is. The home key will protrude?

    • I wondered this myself, that seems to be the most logical thing. It looks similar to how the S6 bump is.

  • Galaxy S6 has a 5.1 inch display, not 5.2.

  • Dis

    I think 32GB is sufficient but really there’s no point not going 64GB with a 128GB option for those who believe they need more now that other companies (especially Chinese) have started using 64GB on base models.

    • ChadKnight

      You probably use your phone for candy crush and calls and let its camera go to waste. Image files are not getting smaller and 4K recording can fill ur phone in 20 mins. I have a G4 and expandable storage is very useful for people that actually utilize their phones. I run out of space even though my photos and music are stored on the cloud. Also with higher res screens apps are getting larger. Many games will take almost 500mb.

      • Dis

        So because you’re a 12 year old girl that takes selfies all day everyone needs 64GB plus? Ok.

    • Michael Parker

      Just because you might do little more than play Angry Birds doesn’t mean we all buy expensive phones to do nothing on, because some of us do actually use the features of these phones and need a lot of memory for those features.
      And it seems obvious that anyone who only needs 32gb like you shouldn’t be wasting your money on a phone like this that obviously has far more features than you need.

      • Dis

        Go ahead, feel free to try and justify the need for 64GB.

        • nerys

          I have a 200gb sd card in my note 4. 42gb free. Nough said.

          • Dis

            That does nothing to address the need for 64GB of storage. Is there any logical need for all of the games, photos, videos and music you have on there to be constantly on there? Obviously not. The uneducated dipshit above still needs to use logic and reason to answer how filling your storage capacity with shit you don’t need on your phone makes someone a power user.

        • Michael Parker

          Well on my S5 I have 128gb SD card with less than 12gb to spare because I have a lot of apps, games(Some close to 2gb), emulators for most systems including Playstation 1 & Dreamcast, and I live in a hilly area where I regularly lose my 4G signal.
          And to store my data on the cloud would not be cheap, and more importantly I don’t want all my data floating around on some cloud service just waiting to be hacked when I could have it safely in my pocket.

          • Dis

            Yeah that all sounds extremely subjective to me. “I have terrible internet and masses of things on my phone I barely so everyone needs excessive storage or they only play Angry Birds” ok…

          • Michael Parker

            Wow you really are clueless aren’t you…
            My guess is you bought the 32gb S6 because they’re selling very cheap now and you’re just desperately trying to defend your purchase by lashing out and projecting against others.

          • Dis

            Your baseless assumptions are entirely wrong. The desperation to push one’s bigoted subjective experience is coming entirely from your side, as is the lashing out. Calm down child. Clearly you are trying to justify wasting money on unnecessary storage because you live in a bad area, cannot afford the internet and have no other devices which are far more optimal for things you are using a phone for.

          • Michael Parker

            Oh you are a sad little troll and I’m not interested in feeding you.
            But if you actually believe no one needs more than 32gb then I genuinely feel sorry for how out of touch with reality you are. Bye.

          • Dis

            Clearly never said that and I was clearly talking about internal storage. I am sorry your lack of intellect disables you from understanding this and that you insist on pushing your bigoted opinion on people because you think your subjective experience as a pauper is everyone’s’.

  • Dave

    WOW, no SD card on the better display and only 64GB internal storage? They want to fail YET again after 2 consecutive phone failures?

    • saksham

      s6 was very popular especially the edge variant .. they have sold around 60 million units

      • Michael Parker

        The edge display might just have been a fad that people bought because it’s something different and the majority might go back to standard screens.

        • Agreed! The s7 edge will be the real test of whether curved screens will ever become the norm!

    • bradavon

      Where do you propose they put an SD slot on a phone with a screen going down both sides?

      Better display is subjective, You’re paying a lot more for arguably not a lot of benefit.

      I’ve got the 128GB Nexus 6P (I won it) and believe me it’s damn hard to fill. 128GB in a phone for 99% of people is just not needed. 64GB is a perfectly valid top end. I bet Samsung found the 128GB models just weren’t that popular.

      • Jon

        They could always do what oneplus does. Put the SD card slot with the sim card slot.

      • Rae Williams

        Yeah I wouldn’t say they failed, since the edge is hard to keep in stock. With this design that won hands down. The SD card is almost useless if you an average user.Samsung and Android took the SD card support away aheile ago, meaning it’s only good for pictures, movies, and music. The small app data that you can transfer is very small and would take more apps than your phone itself could store.

        • Kenneth Ticich

          You’re saying Android took SD card support away while Google included in Marshmallow coding that makes the SD card support MUCH better than it was previously. Now it will treat it more like internal memory so that the performance restrictions of applications and data stored on the SD card are greatly reduced or eliminated. Now we just need great devices on Marshmallow to utilize this.

      • BongCastaneda

        Your not the kind of person that fills your phone with photos of their kids, friend, parties with 1080p videos are you? My sister managed to fill her 64gb iPhone to the max that she had to bring it to the service center. Just because it doesn’t apply to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to many people.

        • Vagrant Zero

          Hook up the phone to a computer and transfer off all the pics and videos. Smartphones shouldn’t cater to such callous laziness.

          • Mike

            Fully agree. How many people actually care about an SD card or would actually use one….Id be willing to bet its less than 20% of cell phone users…so thats why Samsung has probably gotten rid of it because the other options are JUST as easy.

        • John Galeazza

          Truthfully if 64 GB was the starting point for a mid range phone than the need for SD Cards would be reduced. However less than 2 years ago 16GB was the standard issue for an android phone (Samsung) and we all well know that a significant portion of that space was taken up by the Android OS (os was 7-8GB in size last time I checked.). That is part of what is driving people to SD Cards. Don’t give them a reason to have an SD card and many won’t bother with one.

      • Sufyan Hussain

        Agreed, I have a S6 edge at the moment and tbh when I get asked how useful is the curve, I tell them its a bit of a gimmick. I also have the 64gb and hard pushed to fill it. What people need to keep on their phone baffles me. Either way if sd support is that important, plump for the regular s7. I’m waiting for the news on the battery and project valley. The latter could be a game changer.

        • ecaps24

          Edge is a bit gimmicky but I still like it. Can’t go back to flat phone. Lol

    • ContrastMaster OfThe BluePeopl

      I have the 64GB S6 edge+, haven’t had any issues with storage yet and I’ve got a ton of pictures videos and apps stored on my device

      • ContrastMaster OfThe BluePeopl

        Not to mention sense I switched from iPhone and my son stayed with Apple choosing the iPhone 6s plus, we’ve had many impromptu challenges to see who’s phone performs better. Needless to say my S6 edge+ usually comes out on top and guess what else? Price wise I only paid about $20 more than I paid for his iphone. I think the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is worth every penny

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      *COUGH* Rumor.

    • Scr-U-gle

      Cough, that’s three years of falling sales

  • Jura

    I love that I can use my S5 as a remote for my TV and projectors. First we had loss of SD card support, non-removable battery and lack of IP67 certification. Now, talk of losing the IR blaster? Seriously, this has to be a joke. Samsung is taking away the best things of Android from some of the greatest phones available.

    Step 1: Bring back SD card support, removable battery and IP67 certification.

    Step 2: Continue IR blaster suport
    Step 3: Optimize TouchWiz to an “iOS-tier” grade level
    Step 4: hella profit

    I guarentee this would move units like crazy. Quite the shocker why. /s

    • bradavon

      I doubt many people even realise their phone has an IR blaster. I’ve tried it and found it to be to much of a faf and went back to my trusted remote.

      Agreed on the removable battery (grr!) and removal of waterproofing.

      • KRS

        Agree, I will take my good old TV remote any day. I don’t miss IT blaster at all on the s5 I had. Just got the note 5 and loving it. Took me a long time to decide to make the change but glad I did.
        I will miss the waterproofing but nothing else.

    • ContrastMaster OfThe BluePeopl

      My S6 edge+ does so many things so well I don’t even miss the ir blaster from my S5. Also TouchWiz was GREATLY improved over last year’s version

    • Sufyan Hussain

      I like the IR blaster,not fussed about battery although a better optimised/bigger battery is always a plus maybe through optimising touchwiz/hardware. IP67 not a issue for me. Lets see how it pans out, as a owner of the edge, I’d go for the regular s7 given that I use my IR more than I do the edge functionality.

    • Khristian A. Willis

      I don’t think we really need removable batteries anymore. We have quick charging and quick wireless charging.

      • Jura

        That’s true, and I guess you’re right. Maybe removable batteries aren’t as much of a deciding factor as IP67 cert. and SD card support, but it certainly would be appreciated. I know I’d enjoy knowing if anything happened to my battery I could replace it, instead of living with a degraded battery.

        But you’re right, probably not the most important thing anymore.

    • L27

      Your points, minus the IP67 because I don’t need that, are why my next phone will be the G5. More specifically the IR blaster. It’s very nice not needing to have a remote and my phone is always with me. Screw the logitech harmony. When my last harmony bit the dust, which was my second one to die, I gave the remote on my M8 a try and never looked back. Screw spending a couple hundred on a remote when it’s built into my phone.

    • Armando Franco

      Completely agree. I was having a training session last week. Air conditioner was too cold. Remote control for the air conditioner was locked inside a plastic box. I just looked up the air conditioner brand and controlled it with my G5.

      Alone in a restaurant with a channel you don’t like on TV? Look up the brand and change channels. Or turn off TV.

      No remote at the hotel, or it has no batteries? Don’t call the front desk, just program your remote. And it only has your germs on it.

      I love the IR blaster in my G5.

  • Rob

    So basically not much different than my S6 Edge, but minus the IR blaster. ROFL. Nope, not buying it.

    • saksham

      what more do u expect ? smartphones have reached their peak there is not much that can be added though they forgot to mention that the s7 will have force touch tech

      • GrumpyTroll

        So once you reach your peak you’re bound to produce shittier devices year after year?
        Going from S4, the only choices I have today are S5 and Note 4.
        Note 5, S6 and even S7, how beautiful or fast they are, are a downgrade capability-wise.
        You can find phones at least half the price that can do the same shit than Samsung does nowadays.
        Google offers more up-to-date devices, Sony more battery, LG more features, Meizu is pretty much the same.
        Samsung is completely losing it. They need to put back in ip67, IR, removable battery, at least 128GB if they don’t want to bother with SD and even FM radio! (lacking on my very S4!).
        Or if they keep on stripping features, their choice, but don’t expect to sell as much at the same price, it won’t work.

        • saksham

          sd card and MAYBE removable battery will come back in the s7 … no report on IP 67

  • AlexFirth91

    So S7 it is. I don’t need an IR blaster.

  • Well this sucks! Anyone else noticed the S7 in those leaks has the same curved back as the Note 5. That was the only reason why I didn’t get the Note 5, looks ugly and feels crappy!

    • BlackBarHater

      The curved rear on the Note 5 makes it way easier to hold and feels a lot better in the hand compared to the S6/S6edge, I’m glad the S7 will have it as well.

      • Design comes first. If it looks ugly I won’t buy it, doesn’t matter how good of hardware it has.
        The Note 5 still has glass, still slippery to hold, I’ve held the S6 and the Note 5, the S6 is way easier to hold because it’s not curved.

        • SkyAttacksX

          “Design comes first. If it looks ugly I won’t buy it, doesn’t matter how good of hardware it has.”

          I really hope you have an iPhone because that just made me cringe.

          • Lol, been using Android for years, advanced user. Why would you buy a phone that feels and looks ugly? I have held the Note 5 and it feels and looks awful.

  • saksham

    thank god im getting the exynos 8890 processor in the s7 …. ive heard that the samsung processors are way faster than the SD

  • Michael Parker

    Well that slight curve at the back hopefully makes it easier to hold onto, but being made of glass again I’ll still be needing a good case.

    • BlackBarHater

      Slapping a skin on the back is a good alternative as well, no more fingerprints.

  • Rohit Raja

    More HOT CAKES from Samsung, they never f’ing run out. Hopefully we can see somthing super from ASUS next year

  • Jackson Holbrook

    So if I want the edge, I’m forced to use a screen that’s even more difficult to use with one hand ANS give up microSD support? Smh.

    • fappingsohard

      yeah…and pull your pants down to fap about it

      • mum

        lol…what the actual fuck?

    • ContrastMaster OfThe BluePeopl

      Get bigger hands??? Seriously though the S6 edge+ screen does have a one hand operation mode…oh, and you can use either hand as well smart guy

      • Jackson Holbrook

        I could carry around a tablet and use sidesync to make it a phone but I don’t want a phone the size of my face.

      • Jackson Holbrook

        And speaking as someone whose job is to sell these phones every day, my number one customer complaint about the bigger hansets is their size. People love the S6 edge, not so much the edge+.

  • charlie Jason

    I am curious. How good can Samsung’s amoled panels get? This year’s S6 and Note 5 are already breathtaking, miles ahead of anything the competitors have. I have the 6P which i already thought was amazing. But when i had a hands on with a Note 5 at an at&t, it blew the 6P out of the water.

  • john

    Curved screen is useless. 5.2″ screen is too small. GS7 failed again

  • SirMakoto

    Does this mark the end of the s6 edge+ successor? Or the rumored s7 edge+ with 6″ screen will be it?

  • Good job

  • Dimdansum

    For the average user 64gb would be more than enough. Why are the outlying people who use more than that trying to argue that fact? Yes you use a lot of space, but I’m also 100% sure half that space is wasted on apps that you hardly use and keep just because you want to. Additionally, if you really need space buy a usb type c flash drive then and stop complaining. Why the hell do you need so much on hand?? It’s a mobile phone not a computer. IR blaster is seldomly used by people since everyone gets a remote with their TVs anyways. I’d put money a majority of people don’t even known what it is and on the bright side this also means we won’t have Peel automatically installed on our phones which a lot of people would consider bloat since it is hardly used.

    The only viable complaint should be about the removable battery and waterproofing. Although quickcharging is great and pretty fast, being able to lengthen the life of my device by getting a new battery or just going from 0% to 100 in less than a minute change is awesome. However, i’d also like to note that a removable battery will also most likely affect how the device looks and the materials used. Most likely if it went back to removal batteries, you’d have those ugly plastic backs again which I know a lot of people weren’t fond of. I’m a bit excited for the s7 and the HTC m10 and hope both companies are able to produce premium phones with not so shitty software and minimal bloat(this is such a stretch LOL).

  • Cyberstriker

    Come on Samsung add a laser auto focus for the camera and I want my IR blaster back SAMSUNG.

  • gubagub

    I wish something could be done about the Edge screen glare.

  • Cyberstriker

    I want my IR blaster back and a Laser autofocus camera for the Samsung Galaxy S7 / Note 6.

  • agam akbar

    No Expandable SD for S7 Edge? This is so sad

    • Why would you expect it? Samsung said they are following Google and moving away from it.

  • Curved rear = deal breaker

    Feels and looks like shit on the Note 5.

  • Daniel Vigil

    Please no snapdragon, I wanted exynos chip to appear on the S7 for the USA as well. Exynos is Samsung’s fastest option for a phone CPU…..

  • ecaps24

    I have an s6 edge and what I like the most is the camera. I will buy a new phone preferably samsung if the Aperture is improved to 1.4 from 1.9. That would be a perfect camera phone for me.

  • Khristian A. Willis

    If these leaks are true, I want the S7.

    • Kourtney Muennink

      Have you had any luck?