Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Life – First 24 hours

by: Nirave GondhiaApril 12, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-26

One of the biggest concerns with Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge seems to be the battery life as the 2600 mAh battery is non removable unlike past Samsung flagship devices. There’s been reports that the battery life is one of the key downsides to Samsung’s new handsets – but are these accurate? In Lanh’s review of the Galaxy S6 Edge, he said the battery life was average but I want to see if this is still the case with my different usage habits.

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To try and find this out, I’m kicking off a new series today focusing on the Galaxy S6 Edge battery life – I received my S6 Edge on Friday and I’ll be publishing my experiences with the battery life after day 1 (this post), day 4 (in a few days), day 7 (next week) and then finally after two weeks where I’ll also publish my impressions of Samsung’s new flagship.

It’s worth noting that the screenshots below were captured a few hours before the battery drained fully but the battery stats are fully accurate.


Let’s take a look at the Galaxy S6 Edge battery after it’s first full charge:

  • Total battery life: 14 hours 11 minutes
  • Screen On Time: 3 hours 07 minutes
    • Full brightness: 1 hour 59 minutes
    • Screen battery used: 25 percent
  • Video streaming: 1 hour 11 minutes
  • Gaming: 36 minutes
  • Phone Calls: 28 minutes
  • Top 3 Battery App Usage:
    • Screen: 25 percent
    • Facebook: 15 percent
    • Twitter: 11 percent

Testing battery life can be subjective as each person’s usage will vary widely but to try and provide some context to these battery tests, I copied all my data and apps from my Galaxy Note 4 (running Lollipop). Whereas the Galaxy S6 Edge lasted just over 14 hours, my Galaxy Note 4 would usually last 18 to 22 hours with largely the same apps and services running.


The first thing you will notice about the Galaxy S6 Edge battery is that the first ten percent seems to drain very quickly. After this initial short burst, the battery begins to level off and settle down. It’s a strange occurrence that many people have reported but it’s possible this is due to the handset being new – after a few days usage, will it still drain the first ten percent?

What does 15 hour battery life really mean? Essentially it means that the Galaxy S6 Edge should last an entire working day (say 7am to 7pm) with moderate to heavy usage but this is based on the first day. It’s widely known that battery life does suffer over time so I’m interested to see how this changes over the next two weeks!

Do you have any questions on the S6 Edge battery life? Shout in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

  • canadaball

    sad. S5 lasted a full day with SoT averaging around 5-6 hours. I think the issue is that they made a smaller battery, not the fact that it’s not removable.

    • canadaball

      but then I never used facebook app either

    • MaxPower27

      There’s no way you averaged 5-6 hours of SOT with the S5 unless you had the brightness all the way down and/or had it modded somehow.

      • fer

        My s5 gives me 4 and a half hours SOT playing emulators and all, i don’t use the Facebook app either.

      • canadaball

        autobrightness slider a bit less than a half, no mods, stock kernel, boc1 firmware. still averages around 5 a year later.

      • john

        My S5 also average 4 to 5 hour sot

    • This is from my S6. Say that again…

      • canadaball

        i was referring to the info provided in the article, and if you want to refute that, you should direct it towards the author.

        • That guy used the phone at full brightness for 2 hours and had 16% battery left. The S6 gets insanely bright at full brightness and hence consumes more power. I use it at about 30% brightness and occasionally at 60-70% when the ambient light is high. That makes a world of difference.

          Also, the U.S. variants are strangely reporting bad battery life compared to international variants.

          I’ll just say this: the battery life is on-par or better than S5.

      • Magnus100

        That’s pretty good, but did you get that by leaving the screen on the lowest brightness possible?

        • I varied that. I set it to 100% outside, around 50% in daytime, and 0% for night reading.

          On average, I’d say that I put it on 25-30%. WiFi was on the whole time except when I was sleeping(notice the flat line there), auto-sync was on the whole time and power saving mode off.

  • Hitokage Tamashi

    I hope one of your tests shows how long it lasts using heavy LTE usage all day (not video streaming, just things like kik, web browsing). Would be useful info, either way these extended battery tests are pretty helpful lel

    • Thanks for the feedback. It’s certainly something I’ll test!

  • Jermaine Smit

    Myself I get around 26 hours. (on the edge)

    • Interesting – which apps do you use and what’s your SOT?

    • Magnus100

      You must have your phone on standby throughout then.

  • So basically, it’s par with the Nexus 5, which is rated low on battery? This is where Samsung loses.

    • John Doe

      Its funny that everybody says that the N5 has such a bad battery life as mine has exceptional BL…
      Lasting 1.5 days on average daily use … actually the best phone that I have ever had.. and I have had way
      too many phones over the last 5ys .. Maybe I just got a great phone or maybe I do not use apps that drain
      the $h!t out of my phones battery ..?? lol
      What would be a great article would be one that looks at apps draining your battery life the most!!
      Ranks apps based on the battery draining issues … (and ways to optimize them to save battery life) (Top 10~20 worst apps)

    • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

      no it isnt.. they have heavy usage.. if u want to compare similar usage routines go to gsmarena… they gave the nexus 5 a rating of 38h and the 1440p galaxy s6 a 73h….

      • I too am a heavy user with similar use, and I hardly get 3H SOT with total backup of about a day.

        • 3H is too low. Which device do you have?

          • [S]unjay

            S6, did you see the screenshots posted above?

          • I have a Nexus 5, D820.

          • Expected that. Nexus 5 gives horrible battery life.

          • True that.

        • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

          how do u measure heavy usage? they said the phone was at full brightness for 2 complete hours.. and the maximum brightness on galaxy s6 is around 600 nits which is extremely high for a phone and if u use auto brightness u wont need that much brightness most of the time

          • I usually keep the brightness low, with WiFi on almost all the time, occasionally checking Facebook and Twitter with like 20 Minutes of gaming. 3H on this usage is pretty low, IMO.

            And by “heavy usage”, I really meant to compare with what the article mentions as “heavy”.

  • Mike Bastable


  • Bradley Karas

    I’m not noticing much difference in life with heavy usage and I had the Note 4. The octa core seems to run more efficient in my eyes and I’ve had this phone over a week

  • daggettbeaver

    Maybe they wrote the software to drain the battery in the first 10 minutes in order to reduce the overall battery longevity. You know, in order to fully emulate the iPhone experience.

    • Guest

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    • Mantas


  • Kevin Mortenson

    That battery life is embarrassing for a flagship. My Oneplus gets an average of 5 – 7 hours of actual screen on time during a full 16 hour day.

    • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

      this is a subjective test.. ur usage might be different… i like to refer to sites ratings and benchmark in battery… actually gsmarena gives the 1440p galaxy s6 an endurance rating of 73h beating the 1080p oneplus one that got 66h and the 750p iphone that got 65h…

      • Kevin Mortenson

        That is also comparing lollipop to KitKat and everyone knows that lollipop has better battery life so we can’t make a direct comparison. Even if we did go by that sites numbers, they are nearly the same so your new flagship phone is similar to a year old OnePlus that cost half the price.

        • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

          My new phone has a higher resolution and lower battery capacity.. Slimmer.. And smaller in size

          • Kevin Mortenson

            You are truly a Samsung fanboy. You have spent the last day or two replying to every post here with the same battery info from a different site. You can’t just discard the bad battery life from this author and accept good ratings from another as proof of superiority. Yes, your phone has a great looking screen with a high resolution, big deal, literally no one cares about that. Nobody can see an actual difference in pixels and it only serves to lower the graphics ability. Is it thinner than most, yes, is or noticeably thinner, no. Again, nobody cares about that. Virtually every top end phone is thin these days. I’ve even been recommending the s6 to many people since it’s a very good phone but the battery life being reported by many sources is starting to make me question it. Battery life is the number once most important feature of a phone right now since they can all do everything else well.

          • Rob Pratt

            You can’t say “no one cares about that”. Everyone will prioritize phone features differently. You may not care about screen resolution wheras I think it’s one of the most important features. I may not care about battery life wheras YOU think it’s the most important. Everyone is going to have a different opinion on what is important or not. My last 4 phones have been samsung and I love them. You may not notice the screen difference when you go and play with one and then the other, but I tell you what, put them side by side with the same exact video or picture on the screen and you’ll see why Samsung’s super amoled has been called the best screen.

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            No i just wanted to report sth cuz battery life is very subjective and ppl here fall in this mistake very often

    • pseudo

      Yeah, even my Vodafone smart 4 turbo gets more screen time than this. I can get at least 9 hours on low brightness, and maybe 4-5 on high with lots of stuff running.

      Standby life is also great :)

    • seattle tech

      The one plus is a great huge 5.5″ phone. I have one and its not even in my top 5. Let alone touch the s6

    • It’s highly subjective. Individual endurance may vary greatly upon usage.

      Besides, I can get easily above 7-8 hour on-screen of my S6 if I underclock my processor to Snapdragon 801 level and tread lightly on it.

      • M3D1T8R

        LOL. Reduce it to Moto E performance, and you might get closer to matching Moto E’s fantastic battery life. Of course the you might as well save ~$700 and just buy a Moto E for $150.

        • I already match the Moto E’s battery life. If you didn’t see the screenshot posted above, go and see it again. I’m getting about 6.5 hours on-screen time, without any power saving mode. That’s excellent. And a phone is much more than battery life. There’s the screen, features, camera, design and so on…..

          I’m not denying moto E is a terrific smartphone. It is the best phone in that price. But comparing it to S6 is just plain stupid.

          • M3D1T8R

            Agree a smartphone is much more than any one thing. But the S6, so called flagship, can’t even beat the entry level Moto E in that crucial area. They should get the basics down (battery life, signal strength, call quality) before anything else.

          • Oh god. It has excellent battery life. Just see this:


            Now as we are over this, let me state this clearly. The huawei mate 4G gets over 10 hour on-screen time. That beats all phones by a large margin. That doesn’t make it the best phone though. You have to balance features. A big battery requires big and thick chassis. I’d say the balance on S6 is quite nice.

            The signal strength and call quality are top notch IMO.

            The moto E may have higher battery life, the Nokia 808 may have better camera, M9 may have better body and speakers. You have to understand that it’s the overall balance that counts.

          • ace196783

            I dont think you know what your talking about…these stats are horrible. 14 h total with 3h screen on is bottom of the barrel. I used to be obsessed with battery life on my rooted HTC M7 and saw hundreds of battery stat screen shots on the XDA forums. Believe me, these stats are bad. Hope it improves.

            Total battery life: 14 hours 11 minutes
            Screen On Time: 3 hours 07 minutes
            Full brightness: 1 hour 59 minutes
            Screen battery used: 25 percent
            Video streaming: 1 hour 11 minutes
            Gaming: 36 minutes
            Phone Calls: 28 minutes
            Top 3 Battery App Usage:
            Screen: 25 percent
            Facebook: 15 percent
            Twitter: 11 percent

          • Norris

            One person is getting a poor battery life doesn’t means everyone else also does.Many are also getting 7-8 hours SOT.You love Moto E that much?Go and buy it.Don’t come up in a samsung article screaming MOTO E is the best.I own 1 and its best among the entry level smartphones not best among every smartphone.

          • [S]unjay

            Then what’s the point of getting a high-end phone if you’re going to reduce it’s performance…

      • Kash Gummaraju

        I’m assuming you rooted to underclock?

        • I didn’t underclock yet. But Samsung power saving mode allows me to do that without root.

  • Anas Nazeer

    Once I win the galaxy phone from you. I’ll update you with my stats :’)

  • Rahul Srivastava

    Note 4’s battery life > S6’s battery life

  • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

    i wanna point out sth,,, battery tests depends very differently on the usage… so i like to refer to benchmarks… gsmarena gave the 1440p galaxy s6 73h endurance rating beating the 64h of the 750p iphone and the 62h of the 1080p htc m9… come on who can beat samsung?

    • Veteater

      Just picked up a GS6E on Verizon, about 5.5h sot and I typically make it to bed after a day of average use with around 15-30% of juice, which lasts me about 1/4 to 1/5 of the second day. Overall it has good battery life especially considering the small battery and 3.6 million pixel QHD display. Good optimization, but sometimes a big battery wins out, like the droid turbo with a 90h endurance rating. This phone is outclassed in battery life by the smaller, more power efficiency focused and cheaper phones with large batteries and big phablets with gigantic batteries or phones that are absurdly thick. And honestly, it is better to be neutral amongst ecosystems like me because if they have a slip up someone ends up looking like a dumbass, like Samsung and their band aid piece of $h!+. Really the only thing that had going for it WAS its battery life, which was great, very comparable to note 4. GS6E has about 93% as good of battery life. As a whole it is an excellent and balanced device, seemingly performing solidly in all regards and not having any ONE thing it excels at. This is what I consider a “jack of all trades, solid at all” phones. BTW poor battery life on these devices is because of a wifi calling issue needing to be eliminated at the next software update (issue is killing battery life at an abnormally fast rate).

  • My S6 gives brilliant battery life. I average around 6-6.5 hours screen-on time.

    Note: I have the Indian variant(SM-G920I). Your mileage may vary.

    • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

      no one can beat samsung :)

      • eyebeam

        No one?


      • Robocopter

        Z3! FTW!

        • Norris

          Stop posting these again and again,we know sony does better in battery life.

          • Robocopter

            NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Robocopter

        Z3! FTW!

        • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

          The z3 has 1080p screen and massive bezels.. and sony displays rnt comparable to super amoled.. What r u talking abt??

          • True about the resolution but Bezels don’t affect battery life.

      • [S]unjay

        Except Sony.

        • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

          The z3 has 1080p screen and massive bezels.. and sony displays rnt comparable to suler amoled.. What r u talking abt??

          • T4rd

            Wh d u kp drppng vwls nd pstng th sm thng? Wht r u tlkng abt??

          • [S]unjay

            You can’t tell the difference between the 1080p screen and the 2K screen but you do notice that the S6 has terrible battery life.

            Yes, Sony’s displays are comparable to AMOLEDs. They use Quantum Dot screens with many software tweaks to widen the RGB triangle.


            Also, the S6 has bigger bezels than the Z3.

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            Display mate chose the super amoled display of s6 as the best display ever.. Highest contrast ratios.. Most accurate colors.. Brightest and dimmest.. Widest viewing angles.. The xperia z3 endurance rating is 85h with 3000 mah and a 1080p display.. I am mentioning this cuz 2k is the future and in less than a year most of games and youtube content will be upgraded to 2k and 4k and the difference in sharpness between z3 and s6 will be noticable.. Galaxy s6 gets 73h with 15% percent smaller battery and 1.5 million more pixels.. Details of the endurance rating shows that xperia gets an edge cuz of 23 hr of talk time and 12 hr of web browsing while the s6 gets 20 hr of talk time and 11 hr of web browsing.. Thinner phone with a smaller battery and sharper display and more powerful processor and despite all that gets a very comparable battery life.. It is technology moving forward.. And samsung moving the fastest

          • [S]unjay

            The S6’s display is better than the Z3 but that was not your claim. You claimed that Sony’s displays isn’t comparable which is false. Sony has some of the best LCD displays and beats the S6 in maximum brightness. Sony’s color gamut is almost as good as Samsung.

            Haha, you’re basically admitting that your 2K display is useless. The battery life is inferior and you call that that moving forward. Let me fix that for you. It’s called technological regression.

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            U dont get me.. Youtube and netflex allow 4k streaming and uploading.. And more youtubers r upgrading to 4k resolution..and game developers will have to move to 2k anyway in the coming couple of month as the world top android smartphones uses 2k..motorola droid turbo. Galaxy note 4. Galaxy s6. Lg g3 and upcoming le g4.. The point is.. 1080p is 2m pixels.. 2k is 3.5m pixels.. Actually mkbhd video abt the lg g3 2k display shows the difference in sharpness between 1080p and 2k… And xperia z3 has 25 % more battery.. And for that bigger battery and less sharpness.. It gets 12 hrs of web browsing vs 11 hrs.. This shows a huge step forward.. Meaning that samsung phones with same battery capacity as the xperia z3 and 2k displays will get way more battery life than the z3..

          • [S]unjay

            You won’t be watching much YouTube on a smartphone.

            GPU tech hasn’t improved much so your performance will decrease when games begin to use 2K.

            You can’t see the difference between sharpness on such PPIs, it’s not about resolution, it’s about PPI.

            Haha, keep telling yourself that. I fail to see how shorter battery life is advancement.

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            1. Gaming performance on galaxy s6 is excellent.. And it wont affected by games move to 2k..the gpu itself renders 2k all the time anyway
            2. Difference between 400-450 ppi and 550-600 ppi is very noticable when viewing sharp enough content.. And as i said..most content will be sharp enough in the coming months.
            3. Battery life is slightly shorter not cuz 2k display uses too much power.. In fact it uses less power than 1080p sony displays.. It is because the s6 battery is smaller in capacity.. And thats what i mean by technology advance.. 2k display uses less power than 1080p displays.. If the xperia z3 has the same battery capacity the s6 would have defeated it despite the a sharper display..

          • [S]unjay

            1. Actually, the graphical performance is worse.

            2. So clearly it is not sharp enough and it’s a waste of battery life. The G3, Droid Turbo, Note 4 and Nexus 6 has been out. Why two months?

            3. It was quite a dumb idea to use a smaller battery in a 2K screen.

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            Ok that u finally get my point.. Samsung weak point was using a smaller battery just to be thinner than the iphone.. But it is not the 2k display fault.. It is so advanced that it uses less battery and will give the s6 a pass in battery life even though it has the smallest battery in any android flagship..

          • [S]unjay

            I agree. I bigger battery would be perfect.

          • Prasad Velkuri

            the moment the content is 2K or more the graphic performance of S6/Edge suffers…please check benchmark tests…S6 cant even beat iPhone because of huge pixels.

          • Rob Pratt

            Actually, you should watch the you tube video that was posted that compares the S6 speed with the iPhone 6 speed. They go through step by step opening the same apps, pushing the same in-app buttons, closing, opening the next app, etc. The S6 beats the iPhone 6 by quite a bit. Interesting vid to watch….

          • Prasad Velkuri

            Obviously you didnt get the point.

          • Rob Pratt

            No I got your point. You clearly said when the graphics get above 2k. However, the video I mentioned wasn’t comparing 2k. It was just comparing every day things you would do and use, which is what most ppl would use the phone for. A majority of ppl won’t use the phone for a lot of 2k display. Not being argumentative, just stating what I’ve seen.

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            Of course it wont beat a 750p phone.. But it is very comparable

          • Karly Johnston

            If i have the time to kill, i can drain my phone watching YT.

          • bojan radovanovic

            so, you are one of them, who was just up to few day ago writing how no-replaceable battery and lack of SD card suport was biggest issue for many other phones (let’s say iPhone)!?

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            Iphone base storage is 16 gb comon.. They rnt a deal breakers anyway.. What i dont like abt the iphone is their odd outdated screen resolution and ios

      • Awayze

        Are you serious? The Z3 thumps it out of the park. Can do 2 days with medium usage and no power saving stuff.

        • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

          The z3 has 1080p screen and massive bezels.. and sony displays rnt comparable to suler amoled.. What r u talking abt?

          • Awayze

            I can sacrifice the AMOLED screen for a cheaper and non iPhone copy smartphone. I have a micro SD port, magnetic charging , proper camera buttton, dual front facing speakers. Sony don’t copy Apple. Tbh you can’t really notice the pixels, the screen is crisp enough and did I mention the Z3 Copper is a beautiful device?

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            I dunno.. But i wont sacrifice superior display technology and future proof resolution and optical image stabilization and larger apreture with better low light performance with a quick launch gesture and multi window and a working fingerprint sensor and charging time from 0 to 100 % in 83 mins for 10 % more battery life.. I know u cant notice the pixels even in the 326 ppi iphone.. But the 440 ppi sony is noticably sharper.. And the 577 ppi samsung is noticably sharper too.. It is just a matter of time before apps and youtubers upgrade to 2k and 4k and the sharpness difference will be obvious.. Comparing the last year flagship is wrong.. Especially that sony release a flagship every 4 months.. But once u go amoled u cant go back.. Everything else will look dead..

          • bojan radovanovic

            matter of time!?

            dude, company that pays you to write this will be producing SGS 13 when 4K comes to youtube as regular.
            there are no content in 4K eevn for TV and PC,and you need it on 5′????


          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            So u can stop tech from moving toward 4k? Dude we have fiber cables for internet now.. 4k displays prices r droping significantly and even most highend phones shoot 4k.. 4k will the be the norm.. And it is moving fast

          • quoderit

            “Future proof” resolution, hahaha this made me laugh. It’s like our eyes will get a software update in the future that allows us to see 800ppi. Seriously though at around 5 inches, iphone at 720p, sony at 1080p and samsung at 1440p, with all of them apparently beyond what the human eye can see and with a serious issue with the battery life on modern day smartphones, which do you think hits the sweet spot?
            Japan display is about to start manufacturing a RGBW AMOLED 1080p 5.2″ display (Guess which Japanese smartphone maker will use it in their next flagship), the extra white pixel will mean better-than-ips brightness and white reproduction and best in class battery efficiency since AMOLED is traditionally bad with white content and good with black content. I’d much rather have this fourth pixel as a white pixel and have a 1080p panel with 4 sub pixels, than have a 1440p panel with only 3 sub pixels. Samsung has gone too far on the specs war and will copy this display once it’s seen on flagship phones

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            The eye fovea can detect 7 megapixels of details and average of 180 framerates per second…. These r our biological limitations.. while the 2k is 3.5 megapixels and as the smartphone is right in front of ur face in focus of the fovea so it is still early to say that our eyes cant detect difference in sharpness anymore.. For super amoled displaying whites bad or even the color accuracy and over saturation.. This ended on 3rd generation superamoled displays.. The the current 5th generation super amoled introduced in the note 4.. This isnt right anymore.. Amoled is the most color accurate and the brightest and dimmest displays beating lcd… Super amoled is unbeatable at the moment.. Samsung started even making amoled displays for apple.. Maybe the next iphone..

          • quoderit

            megapixels has NOTHING to do with ppi. You can have a 4K (8 megapixel) tablet and not see a single pixel. You can have a 4k (8 megapixel) cinema screen and see improvements from a 6k or 8k projector.
            Also by what your saying, if my eye can only see 7 megapixels of detail, a 3.5 megapixel screen would have to take up HALF MY VISION before I could start resolving the details. You realise how close that is? Try blocking half your vision with your hand and see how close that is.

            As for the AMOLED. Yes it’s bright and dim and accurate but if you’re saying that in the next decade nothing with beat current AMOLED technology then you’re just wrong. Just because it’s the most colour accurate doesn’t mean that Samsung isn’t investing in a next generation of AMOLED technology, I bet they are. I mentioned the 3th sub pixel being white because this would make it BRIGHTER and MORE EFFICIENT. Just because Samsung don’t currently do it doesn’t mean it’s not better. AMOLED panels still take way too much battery displaying white screens bright enough to be seen outside, they are way behind on LED at doing this. Yes their white representation is accurate now but you misunderstand AMOLED technology if you think they can get around it being inefficient at displaying white without massive technological improvements or a structure change like the 4th white pixel I mentioned.

            Samsung supplying displays for Apple? Well Samsung being a supplier for Apple is hardly new. Apple aren’t exactly renowned for having the best displays (they’re 720p on the 6!) so Samsung supplying them, regardless of display tech, is irrelevant to your point. Besides Apple usually source screens from multiple providers including JDI and LG, they won’t want different quality displays on different iphone 7’s so supplying Apple only suggests a change in Apple’s preferences and they will only supply what LG and others can match anyway, which isn’t this or last generation technology.

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            I get ur point abt the ppi.. But u didnt get mine.. smartphone is used 2 inches away from ur face likely directly in the focus of the fovea.. This makes all the 7 megapixels of focus condensed on ur smartphone display.. So u wont see pixels on 300 ppi iphone for sure.. But ur eyes will appreciate difference in sharpness between a 300 ppi and 500 ppi display.. Specially when it takes that big part of ur focused field of view.. It almost takes all the 7 mp while using a smartphone.. Tv and tablets take less field of ur focus cuz they r further.. Abt the white subpixel.. I will wait to see.. Although i dont notice that amoled display displays white worse or uses more battery when web browsing white pages than iphone or htc or sony in my friends hands.. But any improvement is appreciated.. It is just that samsung has the most advanced displays today.. 2k isnt neccessary of course.. Apple fears that they wont be able to keep balance between sharpness and battery consumption and performance.. But s6 is sharper.. And its display uses less battery than current 1080p displays…

          • quoderit

            Samsung is getting better with their whites but before you think they are as good as IPS, compare the Xperia Z3 on full brightness vs the S6. It makes the S6 look dim. There haven’t been any new generation 1080p screens to compare it to yet though. The only other phone that has come out is the HTC One M9 and that dropped the Display RAM to save money so it’s screen is less efficient than last years, so lets exclude that. Check out the Huawei P8’s 1080p IPS Neo display. Also depending on the quantum dot technology used in the G4 this could be a big leap in LED efficiency like LG claim it will be. Just because Samsung was first off the line doesn’t mean they are better, give the other juggernauts like LG a chance to show their tech.

            I would be really interested on what ppi you score on this test that tells you what yours eyes can view. click on the correct image for your screen resolution, then move away from the display until you can’t see the difference between the solid half of the line and the pixelated half of the lines. Put the info in to the calculator like average smartphone viewing distance like 24 inches or two feet or whatever and see what your eyes are actually capable of seeing at that distance


            Don’t lie about the result and let me know the measurements you put in please.

        • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

          No.. Xperia z3 has 25% percent more battery and 33% less sharpness than the s6 and for that it gets 12h of web browsing and the s6 gets 11..

    • Guest


      • seattle tech

        GALAXY S6 EDGE 8% battery life left.No power saving settings Brightness 80% On wifi mostly web browsing / emails

    • Karly Johnston

      That’s about what my Zenfone 2 gets on half brightness.

    • Martin

      Hi man, Could you please tell me what is your setup? Or how it is possible… Thanks a lot.

      • My setup is simple. I disabled the services that I don’t use like the Samsung bloat ware including but not limited to s voice, Samsung push service etc etc. Also turned off Google location reporting and WiFi calling.

        Set the brightness to what is suitable and not driving it to 100% which consumes power like crazy.

        Just take care of the phone. Battery life is great if you don’t abuse the phone.

  • Mohammed Taher

    The whole s6 and s6 edge I don’t have a problem but the biggest flaw in this is NOT removable batter or removable SD card (I prefer to have this as I flash a lot of roms they could have put it on the side) but the battery size (this should last me more than the galaxy s4 should push up to 24hrs )

    • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

      gsmarena endurance rating gives the s6 73h and the s4 65h

      • Mohammed Taher

        The s4 gets 5 hrs on screen ant that’s what they have to increase to 10 hours and gaming up to 4 to 5 hours

        • Rashawn31

          I got the s4 and i barely get 3 maybe 3.5 houts of on screen time.

      • Ismail Akram

        GSMArena rating for S6 doesn’t make sense to me, cuz they have endurance rating for both S6 and S6 edge. also They updated the endurance three times. and each time they have improved the endurance rating. but last time was suspicious, when they said that S6 edge and S6 have exact same talk time, browsing time, and videoplay back time.

        • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

          A phone is getting its final software updates before release.. It makes sense that they have to update there endurance ratings

          • Ismail Akram

            you wouldn’t understand my point, but I try once again. why s6 and s6 edge both have same endurance rating? why same number of talk time, browsing time, video timing and stand by?

          • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

            Whats the possibilities?
            Gsmarena battery testing routines r very uniform.. And they r exactly the same for all phones… Likely they had the same results.. Or maybe they tested one the assumed the other will get the same results but thats very unlikely as they put there results side by side and not as one test..

    • Norris

      S4’s battery life is completely shit.But we have removable battery, plus point for me.Yeah I too flash custom rom’s and removable battery would have made it easier for flashing and testing custom roms.

  • roberthenderson

    Since Samsung is too stupid to put the speaker in front to maximize battery life and provide a good user experience for videos, navigation and gaming, I’m not going to be stupid enough to buy any Samsung phone ever again.

    • seattle tech

      Your comment………

      1/4″ Surround sound speakers 4 inches apart on a phone isn’t a high priority to many people.

    • Daniel Shields

      Explain how speaker placement improves battery life.

  • seattle tech

    Around 5 1/2 SOT. Thats mostly wifi & brightness set from 75% to 100%

  • DDT

    Such irony considering it lasts less than an iPhone 6 according to many.

    • John Kar

      No, it doesn’t. When doing the same exact things, the S6 lasts longer. Stop being so asshurt Apple sucks at optimizing.
      iPhone 6 Plus with 2940 mAH battery and has worse battery life than a 2550 mAH phone.

      • DDT

        Lol I was comparing to a regular 6.

        iPhone 6 Plus is in another galaxy when it comes to battery life…

        • John Kar

          The iPhone 6 Plus is a little bit inferior to the S6 in battery life. Check GSMArena, phonearena, and tweakers. And this is with Apple shoving a 2940 mAH battery life. Such terrible optimization on Apple’s part.
          Just because you put your phone on standby and never use it doesn’t mean its battery life is better than a phone that’s used frequently.

  • People need to know that LOLLIPOP conserves battery when the phone is at idle but does drain the battery faster when in vigorous use. I received our first of two Galaxy S6 Edge devices and battery seems to be the same with my GS5. I am also running Lollipop 5.1 on my Nexus 7 Tablets. Battery life DOES IMPROVE with the new Lollipop updates. There are also methods users can implement such as enabling Developer Mode and reducing the scaling of the animation effects, also reduce brightness of the screen and reduce screen time-out durations.

  • M3D1T8R

    Fairly terrible numbers. Not even better than the 2013 Moto X (I get about 4 hrs SOT). And barely half as good as Samsung’s previous flagship (N4). This is regression, not innovation. But hey it’s shiny so people are in love with it.

    • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

      2 hrs at full brightness at 600 nits.. How does ur moto x do with full brightness?

    • Captain Obvious

      agree completely, we are many years away from not needing a swappable battery – and even then I would prefer to keep the option…. I am not always around electricity to be able to charge, so the fast charging is not a replacement for swappable battery.

      • 2Fast4U

        Not my experience , i never have run out.
        In really heavy use, I stick it into charger in car while driving. 20 min cranks up the needed juice.
        Right now I have 41% left, 19 h 41 min standby and 6 h 50 min usage
        I’d say that’s quite ok ?

        • John Kar

          It depends on what you’re doing on your phone, you tool.
          That’s why we have battery benchmarks, and the S6 is ahead of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Gabor Gulyas

    Switched to iPhone 6 plus last year after 7 years of using android (htc magic, hero, desire, sgs 2, sg note 1 – 2 – 3, nexus 5) battery was terrible on all of them. My iPhone lasted longest without charge 21 hours with usual moderate usage where non of those android phones lasted longer than 10-11 hours with same usage. So I always had an extra battery for all my phone. My iPhone right now is on 75% after 13 hours off charger. Today was a light usage mostly salary to check on my Amazon sales. Never touch android again. Sorry if it disappoint some hardcore android users.

    • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

      Comeon.. Everything is poor in comparison to iphone 6 plus.. Except note 4

      • Your Mother

        yeah, let’s compare a 1080p display with less than 400 PPI, no real multitasking, no widgets and a host of other things.

        if you’re phone doesn’t have much it doesn’t need much to power it.

    • Benedict

      No magic. Everything that size has an outstanding batterylife. A friend got a Huawei G750. It’s amazing – not only from the UI but the battery lasts for 2 days with intense use. And it’s big, thin, quality build and cheap: 240€

    • 2Fast4U

      I got a 6
      19 h 41 standby
      6 h 50 usage
      And 41% battery left

      But everybody (droid fans) tell me how bad my phone is in battery

      Seems they are projecting their problem onto others ?

      • DDT

        Yeah exactly my words…. iPhone has always got some great battery life but now the 6Plus just crushes it as it lasts significally longer than an iPhone 6.

        But you see Apple fans told that they think that android causes shorther batterry life and samsung is a copycat… So now Apple haters can’t even hear that battery life on iPhone is great or that they invented something ( because iPhones always have terrible battery life and Apple never invented anything ! They only copy from honest companies like samsung !)

    • Your Mother

      guess where you can put your iPhone.

    • theemptyhead

      I used for 4 years my iphone 3gs and then iphone 4s. And then i switched to note 3. The battery life was amazing on my note 3 compared to my old iphones. And you say note 3 battery life was terrible! Just can’t believe if you’re telling the truth.

  • Benedict

    The full capacity of the battery will only be reached after several charing cycles.

  • IncCo

    Not good enough

  • TheSony/AppleFanatic

    That’s God awful battery life! My One M8 on Sense 6 with 4.4.4 gets ~ 7.3 hours screen on time! I’m running CM12 5.0.2 right now and it gets ~ 6.1 hours screen on time… Kinda disappointing considering lollipop was supposed to have “project volta”. But, this is what you spec hungry fools get for wanting a useless 2K screen.

    • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

      This is very subjective.. The s6 was kept maximum brightness which is 600 nits for 2 complete hrs.. The htc one m8 cant get that bright anyway.. To make it less subjective.. Gsmarena gives htc one m8 77h.. Galaxy s6 with 75% sharper display and smaller battery gets 73h..

      • TheSony/AppleFanatic

        That doesn’t change the fact that most S6’s get 3 hours screen on time. Benchmarks my ass, it’s all about usage time, and the S6 sucks at that.

        • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

          No.. In real usage the screen would never get to full brightness or even 50 % at all.. U wont need that unless u r in direct sunlight.. Most screens work at 200 nits indoors.. This is 33% of the brightness in this test.. So u r saying there is no difference between full brightness and 33%? Dude u r weird..

  • 2Fast4U

    And here is my stat of today with a 6 and no S

    • Your Mother

      So it’s your intelligence. one persons “review” is not indicative of millions of other users.

      • DDT

        But still better and more plausible than mindless hate of thousands of iHatersheeps

      • 2Fast4U

        No, you confuse one users experience with intelligence ? maybe you should move on to less demanding tasks ?

    • John Kar

      The S6’s battery is better than the iPhone 6 when you’re doing the same exact things.
      Go look up gsmarena’s and phonearena’s tests.

      • DDt

        But how you want to install a battery hogging software on iPhone ?
        (So both phones will do the same thing ?)
        Look at anandtech tests.

        • John Kar

          Anandtech doesn’t have an S6 battery life review yet.

          Look at GSMArena, tweakers and phonearena. You need a standardized test. You can’t compare two different users and their battery lives to determine which phone has the better battery life. When doing the same exact things, the S6’s battery like outclasses both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Your Mother

    It’s a brand new phone and like ALL new gadgets (and your @#$&&) you can’t keep your hands off of it.

    you’re constantly playing with it so naturally the battery will die faster than normal.

    don’t play with it so much, use it normally, that goes for your phone too.

  • Simon Koenders

    I have an s4 and looking to upgrade to the s6 edge – how long does the battery last if you run a game or stream YouTube continuously as my kids often do – my s4 can go from full charge to flat in around an hour

    • It should be much more than an hour, I’d say at minimum a solid 3 hours of gaming, and even more of streaming. You’re S4’s battery is likely dying, or you just have a million things running in the background.

      • Norris

        I get max 4hrs with my s4.Before it was 5hrs 30m.I read many reports on the internet that S4 battery lifespan is atmost 2 years then it gives awful battery life and need to be replaced.

      • Simon Koenders

        I just replaced the battery – not too bothered on this phone – more interested how the new s6 compares

  • Ray

    S6, S6 Edge and more is now available for a huge discount only at

  • gkeli

    some one know when or were can i find the s6 edge 128 gb at Bestbuy? without contract and without carrier

  • boydp182

    People get too hung up on battery life. All phones these days are pretty close and you can always have a charger handy somewhere. My Note 3 gets awful battery life but it was better in the beginning. Just how it is.

  • I have seen very mixed results so far. I think it widely depends on your network and connection to wifi etc. Will be interesting to see the continued testing.

    • Johan Fourie

      Yep, depends heavily on network. Got a clonky network, well then that 3G radio will go bonkers and drain the battery. Also, Facebook. One of the worst offenders when it comes to battery life. So many complaints on their playstore page but they don’t seem to give a rats ass about their shitty app.

      • That’s how it is on my S3. Most of the times the battery on wifi is awesome, but if I go all around the city with bad signal and using GPS, etc the battery will literally die in half the time

  • VerlandersPhone
    • neo905

      This is why I can’t stand benchmarks. Zero chance the S6 and S6 edge outlast a Note 4 in battery life.

  • Leandro Brandão

    i have a htc m8, in a full day of use i can get 4 hours screen on time and some battery left, and i use high brightness and everything enabled. so if s6 edge have the same battery, a soc and a screen that uses less power and only one speaker to drive, in my usage it should have better battery right?

  • RF

    I just switched to the s6 from iPhone 4s dissatisfied so far with the battery charge life. I turned it on at 8am had 2 phone calls no music, Bluetooth running and it was drained by 3. iPhone lasted a full day plus under the same conditions. I hope it gets better.

    • neo905

      You are flat out lying if you are saying you are saying you are getting longer battery life out of a 4S right now. Even when it was new the battery life wasn’t great. I know. I had one.

  • Saher Hosam

    I switched from a galaxy s3 and battery life is good on the galaxy s6 I have been playing dungeon Hunter 5 and played for 3 hours and 30 min straight untill phone reaced 15 % playing the game on 75% brightness

  • James

    I have the regular S6 and came over from a Note 2. The battery life is my only complaint about the S6 as I barely make a day with moderate usage and the first 10% seems to be gone in 10 minutes. Really nice phone though.

  • Benni Bennetsen

    Got the S6, batterylife is horrible, after 2 hours its at 80% ..always in charger :S

  • Trent Lok

    i switched from Touch Viz to Action launcher 3 and there is a huge improvement in battery life! so i think there is much room for software optimization…

  • fcknDan

    Why not talk about the charging of the battery? Had my S6 Edge for the past five days and I can say the charge time with quick charge 2.0 blew me away! 24% to 77% in a mere 22 minutes. It works really well at low battery.

  • Johan

    T-mobile and at&t all have a battery drain issue.. I have the 920F and I have between 5-6h OST with 4G and wifi always on.. foto,filming,surfing and lot of texting with 50% brightness.. this is not accuret

  • Thomas Gaine

    Have you got location services running all the time or any of the other background apps like screen rotation, reading mode, wifi etc etc

  • Ricardo Ortiz

    Hey guys well my question is if a leave on the gps on my galaxy s6 edge its supposed to drain a lot more than off…?

  • Ismet

    First 10% of battery probably drain faster than the rest because when your device hits 100% while charging it will actually refuse to accept any more power from the charger and let itself discharge itself internally (as it will still show “100%” when still plugged in) to, let’s say, 98% and then charge until it hits “real 100%” again. Say Samsung has set a lower discharge limit like 95% and if you happen to unplug the device at the moment it internally was actually discharging, yet still showing 100% as it was still plugged in, this would mean that your s6 has 95% of juice really in it but it will show you 100% (because how dumb would it look if your charged phone hasn’t got 100%, right) and it will then try to compensate for this by seemingly “burning through battery faster the first 10%”. This is common practice and needs to be done in order to avoid damaging the battery. Sorry for the long post^^

  • Sysshad

    Well Litium technology is the same for all devices using it. The voltage goes down fast at the first discharge, then stays relative horisontal during a long time, until it goes on a very fast slope down again at the end. This requires a very good ADC to read, and a good temperature compensation aswell, + column counting, so battery % means nothing, total use time means everything!

  • robertkoa

    Indoors you can get by with 30% brightness ..
    What would be the SOT at 30% versus %100 brightness ?
    3 hours SOT is low but appreciate the info.

    Seems like the S6 is not a Workhorse Pocket Laptop Device- it has the muscle but not the Stamina.
    Like a great Boxer who can only go 6 rounds.

  • Guest

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  • Scott Wittig

    Mine dies in about 2 goes of browsing and closing apps and tans behind me. Bummed, they also took away the, okay Google from any screen, and the car mode. My s4 was better except the camera ; (

  • Castech

    I just want to know how important is the first charge. Lets say i open the box of my new Galaxy S6 and it usually come with a battery with around 35-45% charge so … should i charge it right away to a full charge or wait till it drains and then charge it to full?

  • Mayra

    I bought the S6 Edge at the end of Sept. — The battery will last 20 minutes, if I use the phone to review email or view pic. ! The battery keeps draining itself if the phone is not in use! — what could be wrong?!

  • alex

    I unboxed the S6 edge and used the phone without charging it before. So, the phone shut off, and it doesnt charge at all now. No red light, no chance to turn it on. What can i do?

  • Émile Constantin

    The day I got my s6 I drained the battery before a full charge. Should I have don’t the reverse? Would that affect the battery life of my phone?