Galaxy Note 3 release dates, prices and deals – all you need to know about the U.S. launch

by: Chris SmithSeptember 30, 2013

Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 will soon be available from various U.S. carriers and electronics retailers, so in what follows you’ll be able to compare existing launch offers for Samsung’s newest flagship handset in the region.

In the U.S., the Galaxy Note 3 has already been available for pre-order from various carriers including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, so in case you have already purchased the handset, you should receive it in the following days.


If you’re waiting to test it out in a store near you, here’s what you need to know about the handset – we have also included Galaxy Gear information, considering that the Galaxy Note 3 will be the first smartphone to support Samsung’s first smartwatch, and in some cases the two devices are bundled:


  • Version: 32GB model
  • Price: $299.99 with two-year contracts; $699.99 full price
  • Launch date: not available, pre-orders shipping by October 10
  • Colors: Jet Black and Classic White
  • Galaxy Gear availability: available with Galaxy Note 3: $599.98 with new two-year contracts; $999.98 full price
  • Pre-order: available
  • More info


  • Version: 32GB model
  • Price: $299.99 with two-year contracts; $549.99 with one-year contracts; $35 per month for 20 months with AT&T Next; $724.99 full price
  • Launch date: October 1 for pre-orders; October 4 in-store
  • Colors: Jet Black and Classic White
  • Galaxy Gear availability: sold separately for $299.00
  • Pre-order: available
  • More info


  • Version: 32GB model
  • Price: $349.99 with two-year contracts
  • Launch date: October 4
  • Colors: N/A
  • Galaxy Gear availability: sold separately for $299.00
  • Pre-order: pre-registration page is currently up
  • More info


  • Version: 32GB model
  • Price: $199.99 up front + 24 $21 montly payments; $703.99 full price
  • Launch date: October 2
  • Colors: Jet Black and Classic White
  • Galaxy Gear availability: sold separately for $299.00
  • Pre-order: available
  • More info

U.S. Cellular

  • Version: N/A
  • Price: N/A
  • Launch date: announced for October
  • Colors: N/A
  • Galaxy Gear availability: not announced
  • Pre-order: N/A
  • More info

Other retailers

In addition to carriers, the Galaxy Note 3 can be purchased in the USA from a variety of electronics retailers including Amazon, Best Buy and RadioShack.

On Amazon (store link), you’re going to find unlocked Galaxy Note 3 with prices well above $750. Chances are the retailer will offer special deals on the handset in the near future. The Galaxy Gear can be pre-ordered as well, and while it’s available in six colors it costs $453; the device has an October 4 launch date.

Galaxy Note 3

Best Buy (store link) already has for pre-order the Verizon, AT&T and Sprint Galaxy Note 3 models for $299.99 with new two-year contracts, in both black and white. The AT&T and Sprint versions will ship on October 4, while the Verizon model doesn’t have a release date at this time. The Galaxy Gear is also available for pre-order at $299.99, although it doesn’t have a launch date of its own.

Finally, RadioShack (store link) appears to already be ready to offer better Galaxy Note 3 deals than everyone else. The company is willing to offer current owners of Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 models the option to trade-in their devices. In case they’ll pick a Sprint or AT&T Galaxy Note 3 model, they will receive $175 for the Galaxy Note 2 or $100 for the Galaxy Note. However, the retailer is not listing prices for the Galaxy Note 3 at this time.

64GB Galaxy Note 3

As you can see, no U.S. carrier or retailer is selling the 64GB model of the handset, so you should either purchase additional microSD storage or wait a while for the bigger capacity version to hit stores in case 32GB of base memory is not enough for you.

Since we’re talking about memory options, we’ll remind you that there is no 16GB Galaxy Note 3 model, as Samsung has finally decided to equip the base model of one of its flagships with 32GB of on-board storage.

Galaxy Note 3

SIM card region locking

Finally, in case you want to purchase an unlocked Galaxy Note 3 model from the U.S. to use it in another region of the world, make sure you activate it with a local SIM card (either from AT&T or T-Mobile), in order to be able to use it with other SIM cards from GSM carriers in other regions of the world – this post here explains everything there is to know about this particular Samsung policy for you.

Wrap up

While launching a few days later than its international siblings – many countries have received the Galaxy Note 3 on September 25 – the U.S. Galaxy Note 3 versions are almost here, and unlike last year when Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2 model was released a lot later than everyone else’s, this time around we’re looking at an almost simultaneous launch.

In case you want to know more details about the device, check out our extensive Galaxy Note 3 video coverage include our Galaxy Note 3 review, and let us know whether you’re buying the handset or not in this poll here!

We will update this post with more information as it becomes available.

  • sfasljkas

    Where to buy the pink one? Lol

  • Donald W. Hart

    Waiting for the 64 GB version to come to Verizon.

    • Lin

      I would be surprised if a 64 GB version even existed to begin with.

    • Oli72

      Not happening. Sorry for the good news.

  • faileSPRINT

    sprint $350 with single band lte lol… someone needs to be fired

    • Oli72

      Totally agree. That’s one reason I left to T-Mobile.

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      WOW Holly on-contract price! That won’t last long. Single band lte plays into both Apple (dual) and LG G2 (tri-band). Yup, someone aught to be sent packing for that one…

    • Lin

      That’s like buying a Lamborghini that can only drive in first gear!

  • Scott Niemczyk

    Can’t wait for this phone. I have the note 2 and really don’t know why I’m so excited for this phone but I can’t help myself. I really wish there were more details on oppo n1 or the one max cause I’d like the premium feel of those. But expandable memory is really important for me so I’m going with the note 3.

  • Cess

    I definitely want to buy one. -I’m due for an upgrade. so Im so excited about it. I can’twait!

  • V-Phuc

    Sorry for the my question, and I may have missed it in some earlier posts. What’s the remaining available memory on the Note3 after the bloatware (by Samsung and carrier) out of 32GB? Thanks for the info.

    • Justin W

      It’s around 26GB.

  • dareo

    The T Mobile version is awesome! 32 gb only, i would have paid more for a 64. I can’t believe how much faster and better it is than the Note 2. The 2 is still a great phone but this is so good. T Mobile got it first and has the best price on the phone and the plan. Goodbye congested verizon network and your HUGE bills!

  • Abdul

    This is hilariously over priced, buy a device for $800 but don’t tell Africans and Yemenis and especially the Chinese kids who assembled it.

  • simpleas


  • jeffrey

    Whats gonna be the price for the Samsung Galaxy note 3 16GB ????

    • masterofenergy

      It does not come in 16GB.

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