Galaxy Note 3 release date – are you ready?

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 18, 2013

Galaxy Note 3

Of all the amazing technological marvels to have generated excitement here at Android Authority over the past twelve months, few compare to that generated by the upcoming Galaxy Note 3. If you’re anything like me, then you know that big devices hit the sweet spot in terms of being an everything device. Great to browse on, consume media or to tap out a nice email, larger form devices have the potential to transform our mobile computing experience — and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is the gold standard of what a premium, first rate mobile device should be.

The Galaxy Note 3 represents a natural evolution of the Note series. As is tradition, the Note 3 features cutting edge specifications, with its extremely powerful Snapdragon 800, monstrous 3GB’s of RAM, and a brilliant 5.68 inch 1080p AMOLED display. It’s lighter, thinner, and considerably more powerful than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2. And it features a larger (removable) battery, and even thinner bezels — something sure to delight those that crave the very best. And finally, the Galaxy Note 3 features what many consider to be the most sophisticated and robust mobile GPU in the world, the Adreno 330.

But enough of all that. You’ve likely studied the Galaxy Note 3 like a pre-med student would study for finals. What you’ve come here for today is to learn how to get it, when, and how much its going to cost you, right? Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

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For lovers of mobile technology and aficionados of the large display domain, the Galaxy Note 3 represents the pinnacle of raw mobile power, with its large, brilliant 5.68 inch display. Owners of the Note 2 know how much battery life the behemoth brought to the table from day one. The clumsy among us will testify to its resilience to handle drop after drop. The list goes on and on. And my, what a big phone you have.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – How to get it? 

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you’ll be able to get the LTE specific version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Snapdragon 800) on the following carriers down below. Remember, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, and, as such, has considerable clout over the carriersMeaning to say that the Galaxy Note 3 will be coming to your carrier if you’re in the US, Canada, or even the EU/UK.


samsung galaxy note 3 back plate aa 2

Canadians will be able to get the Galaxy Note 3 in a variety of ways. Look for deals at Best Buy and Future Shop to compete against the major carriers as we get closer to October. It’s likely that they will be bundling in gift cards or other promotional items in a bid to lure eager mobile fanatics just like you. 

Here’s the official word from Samsung PR regarding the Canadian carriers it will be available on, and the places to get it.

“At this time, we would like to confirm that the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 will be available in Canada later this year, coming to Bell, Best Buy, Future Shop, Mobilicity, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, Target Mobile™, Tbooth wireless, TELUS, The Mobile Shop, The Source, Videotron, WIND Mobile, WIRELESSWAVE and WIRELESS etc.”


Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 2.39.11 AM

Telus will be the first to launch the Galaxy Note 3, and Rogers will follow suit shortly thereafter. Rogers has been fortunate to secure their own set of exclusives, like the Moto X, and as such, have to prioritize it over newer devices for obvious reasons. If you’re committed to Rogers, and want to get the Note 3 on their network, then check out the official preorder page here.


Telus will be opening up pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 3 very soon. Expect it to be delivered to eager Canucks as early as October 2nd, 2013, for $299.99 on a two year term.  There’s no official preorder page, so be sure to call and get yours.


Bell will follow Telus’ lead, and will be making the Galaxy Note 3 available after Telus, sometime in October. Our sources have told us it will be made available towards the mid / latter part of October.


Looks like Verizon is singing a different song this time around.

Looks like Verizon is singing a different song this time around.

If you want to skip ahead and pre-order now, check out Samsung’s official page


T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 Release Dte

For savvy consumers, T-Mobile still offers the best deals for mobile data and voice in the USA. Thankfully, T-Mobile will be offering the Galaxy Note 3 on its network, too. You can find their official page to sign up for preorders, here.


Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Release Date

Verizon, traditionally the slowest carrier to launch new devices, appears to be taking the Galaxy Note 3 more seriously, and has opened an official preorder page here. All signs point towards a release of October 12, 2013. Anyone getting a Note 3 on Big Red’s network?


ATT Galaxy Note 3 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 now available for pre-order on AT&T, expected to ship ‘around’ October 1st for $299.99. While that’s not definitive by any means, it’s extremely likely that if you preorder now, that you’ll be receiving your brand new Note 3 on October 2nd-4th.

For more info on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from AT&T, click here


Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date Preorder Page


Sprint will be receiving the Galaxy Note 3, though the date as to when it will be making it available remains unknown. If you’re on Sprint, and are thinking about getting the Galaxy Note 3, then check out their official preorder page here. If you’re looking ot get it on your own, make sure to look for the correct model number: SM-N900P.

International device availability

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be hitting the shelves of a variety of priority markets like Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan on September 27th. For the Galaxy note 3 India release date see our article which will be updated often. It won’t come cheap, and will come on sale with a price tag of close to $700USD+.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 videos

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs

Chances are quite high that you’ll be getting an LTE capable Snapdragon 8oo variant of the Galaxy Note 3. Here’s the specs below

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
  • CPU: Quad-core Krait 400, running at 2.26 GHz
  • GPU: Adreno 330
  • RAM: 3GB
  • OS: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • Cameras: 13MP rear, 2MP front – no OIS
  • Display: 5.68-inch 1920×1080 AMOLED
  • Storage: 32GB/64GB iterations (up to 23 GB user-accessible memory on 32GB version), microSD expandability up to 64GB SDXC
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Networks: UMTS HSPA+ 900 (Band VIII), 2100 (Band I) MHz, 850 (Band V), 1900 (Band II), 1700 (Band IV), GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz, 4G LTE
  • Battery: removable 3200mAh

Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5, HTC One Max, LG G2, Moto X, the list goes on, and on. What’s on your mind, and why? Which device shall reign supreme as the most loved 12 months from now? Stay tuned as we work hard to bring you the best in Android coverage. Check out our YouTube for the best Android videos, and the best reviews and comparisons. We’ve got tons of great content always in the works. Let us know what you think of the Galaxy Note 3, and if you’ll be getting one!

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  • Ian

    I am eagerly awaiting the drop in NYC for the Note 3. Early October most likely for AT&T.

  • Ryan Castle

    HTC One Mini and Sony Xperia Z > iPhone 5 in terms of ppi.
    How did they now make it in the list?

    • Joseph Norcott

      No one cares about those phones, especially with the HTC One Max and the Xperia Z1 looming.

  • do we really need 3GB of RAM yet, seems kind of soon. Maybe next year would be a better time to introduce that.

    • John

      3GB RAM is not too soon, besides, an early release of technology is always good for consumers. It causes corporations to innovate at a faster rate in order to keep up with competition. Price is favorably affected towards consumers as well. Major technological producers such as Samsung hold technology around 3-5 years past our current time that is unreleased to the public and kept undisclosed to serve as a ‘place as a competitor’ insurance.

      • what?

        3 GB and innovation…

    • Mystic Merlin

      Firstly, nice answer John.
      Now when I built my first computer back in 1999, the consensus then & the years leading up to it was to have the largest monitor screen you can afford, to have the largest hard drive you can afford, to have the largest & fastest RAM you can afford, to have the fastest CPU you can afford, to have the fastest & with the highest amount of Video RAM Graphics Card you can afford etc, etc. I think you can get my drift here.
      Part of the idea for the above was to make your machine as future proof as possible. So with technology progressing at a phenomenal pace especially the software running on the machines with the ever increasing requirement of speed & storage, you can then see why the above was to be taken seriously. But even doing the above you found out not long after that the equipment soon became out-of-date.
      So I would say, why didn’t Samsung go for a minimum of 4GB of RAM? It’s probably to do with cost but at the moment RAM is at a low cost & so it should not make the phone cost that much more & the benefits of more RAM really outweighs whatever the extra costs would be if at all.

      • omg

        Are you crazy or what? What about this 2 GB in SGN II? It was simply necessary to put that big amount of memory to make Android, along with the applications, run smoothly. Nothing more, nothing less. Looks like upcoming KLP is going to be less resource demanding… So, perhaps 3 GB is mandatory for TouchWiz.

        • Skander

          No, the Note 2 has 2GB of RAM to accommodate the needs of the multi screen multi tasking while still allowing other apps to stay in the memory in the background – this feature is adopted in the S4 and new firmwares of the S3, and you can clearly see it slower in the S3 because it eats most of that 1GB.

          • D’Ander McSullivan

            It’s incredible the amount of times I’ve had to explain this.

        • Jay

          You mean upcoming Kit-Kat.

      • jpswain

        4 Gigs of ram is coming, but not this year, the reason has to do with the 32 bit operating system of the current chipsets. A 64 bit OS is possible with the release of the ARM 50 that can access ram beyond 3 gigs is probable in late 2014 and hopefully Note 4 will have that chipset. Phablets will be more like a computer in a pocket with near desktop equivalency.

    • Guest

      You can never ever gave enough ram. You know this.

    • Troy Luchterhand

      You can never have enough ram

    • Skander

      RAM is NEVER a bad thing in quantity, it assures a long life update cycle (look at the S1 and why it got abandoned), it allows for huge multitasking and general improvement in performance and battery life by reducing the killing of apps and reopening and by keeping them in memory to load faster.

      It also allows for more intensive apps that can use huge amounts of RAM while still allowing multitasking and snappiness.

      Even a 16GB smartphone is not over the top really, it just has space for all the apps you opened, even allows for innovation like loading the whole operating system onto the RAM like some Linux distros.

  • Mark Washington

    Why isnt the Chromebook pixel display on there. .. You put the Mac retina

    • Hey Mark, it’s been updated. Thanks for the tip, you’re totally right. The Chromebook Pixel display was a bit deal, and Google one-upped Apple by having a better, higher PPI display than Apple had included in their latest Retina Macbook Pros.

      • Ivan Myring

        Why isn’t the new nexus 7. I’d have though highest PPI of any tablet would give it reason to be there

        • Mark Washington

          Because its not a high end device!

        • It’s not exactly a ‘high end’ device, but it’s certainly one of the best sub 10inch (if not the best) tablets on the market today. We’ll be seeing the G-Pad in the next 36 hours, so we’ll be sure to do tons of great hands on videos and comparisons. I’ll put both of them in there now. Thanks Ivan!

  • appleFTW

    In other more interesting news— the new iphone will be coming out and that will be a true gem. Looking at what samsung has and will put out—————— “it’s just more of the SAME”

    • Valtheus

      You are joking right?

    • Come at me bro

      @ appleFTW – you realize that the design for the apple iphone has been the same since before when it was a simple ipod touch. So before you come in here with your apple fanboy crap. Now don’t get me wrong i grew up with apple all of my life. So come at me bro. Come on are you really gonna compare the expandable memory of the Samsung devices to the none expandable memory of any Apple product, or the 2 gigs of ram on the note 2 and Apple has what? Exactly nothing. So before you fanboy all over any other device out there think before you speak.

  • Troy Luchterhand

    Im buying for damn sure.

  • Ben de Guzman

    Where’s the Optimus G Pro on this list? 1920×1080 5.5″ 401ppi

  • Amine Elouakil

    I’m sure that the software shown at IFA wasn’t final, but several videos showed lag, a lag the good part is that it is less severe than the GS4, but it’s there and the GS4 was released with lag and delays, if the Note 3 despite the specs comes with it fair share of lag I’m kind of worried about the quality and software optimization departements @ Samsung

  • RaptorOO7

    I have my pre-order with Verizon since the first day they offered it. Tried to change my delivery address today and the only way they can do it is to cancel my order which would drop me back to a 10-12 delivery, no thank you I will have Fed Ex hold it for me on 10/10. I just wish Verizon would actually, ya know ship a device early for once. They were first to announce and start pre-orders BUT they are still LAST to deliver. SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lord Pocho

    Any idea when it will be available in Mexico?

  • sfasljkas

    Yes ill be getting one but not right away will wait for the price to drop a little. I dont even know when it’ll be released here.

  • Mystery Man

    I want to see Darcy drop test it

  • Ivan Myring

    Fucking thanks for basically ignoring the rest of the world.
    In the UK it is £649 (rrp) but xpansys are selling it for £599
    Give it 3 months and it will still brilliant and will be £450

  • TheBrick™

    Sorry to say this, SGN3 is the true born King!!

  • A bear in a hut in the woods

    Yes I am, but my wallet isn’t.

  • linford marriott

    I was hoping to get a better deal on the Note 3 + Gear Bundle.
    I understand why it cost so much , but I thought considering Samsung’s long term vision they would of been prepared to take a smaller profit margin initially just to get the product out there , and the ‘wow’ factor to be seen.
    Want it but not prepared to spend £299 on a watch, I’ve seen places stating £100 off if you buy the bundle , but this is offline not through network operators.
    If it was £149 I would be tempted, as it is I will wait for gear watch prices to fall then add it to my Note 3 at a later date.
    I guarantee if the watch was £149 it would sell like hot cakes

  • I just asked a store in Hong Kong they said the Note 3 will be arriving on September 25th.

  • chief

    but theres a new iPhone out too.. lol

    • John

      I would not buy the iPhone 5S. Any extremely tech-savvy individual who can respectfully code would not seriously consider it. The specs may be considerable, honestly, to appraise it appropriately, but the fingerprint sensor is an enormous security threat. Albeit fingerprint signatures purportedly, as said by Apple, being recorded in an encryption of stored characters and not in actual images of the fingerprints, this claim does not eliminate all security risks. A recognized fingerprint is a recognized fingerprint whether it is encrypted or not, so one runs the great risk of having their location revealed through location services and their identity being immediately figured with one swipe on the home button. Apple does not need to allow government access to fingerprint or phone data as the NSA is already capable of hacking into such devices. I would not buy a phone where the use of a fingerprint sensor is involuntary.

      • Jack

        Actually, the fingerprint sensor is not involuntary. You can decide if you want to set it up or not.

        • John

          It can still scan unknowingly in the background. I’m not coming from a consumer perspective. Does a keylogger tell you, “Hey man! I’m logging all your inputs. Don’t delete me!”?

      • hong

        Once you decided to use any electronic device, you yourself decided to give up your privacy period. Plus, Android has way more loopholes than ios in terms of security.

        • John

          Not any electronic device, but I see your point. Yes your privacy is given up, but there are different levels of privacy given up. iOS has less loopholes, true, but Android is open-sourced, and that’s where coding comes into play. Again, I’m not coming solely from a consumer perspective.

          • hong

            I understand your point. What I’m saying is that security issues such as OS or the introduction of finger print reader is no more than a technological marketing trick that makes cunsumers feel secure. Trust me, Samsung will follow same suit soon. Except for smart phone, finger prints and medical records, and other type of info are already in the system when you issue passport and get a medical service. Last thing I want to say is that you don’t know exactly about Samsung and other Korean IT companies. In Korea they don’t care about “security for personal information” and they barely invest in security protection. China hacked easily their poor system many times and a lot of consumer’s private information were leaked. However, Korea government don’t have power to control and punish those big companies. What Korean government does is spreading a notion that if Samsung die, Korea will die, hiding those problem with other controversial issue, and manipulating exange rate in favor of those big shots. So my point is ,as I said before, that unless people live like the amish, there is no point in arguing about security based on products and software of those companies.

          • John

            Dude. If you code at the level that I can and if you code at the level my friend can, you need not worry about vulnerabilities like that. Android has more loopholes when speaking of user caused vulnerabilities but is in essence more secure than iOS. (
            Again, I’m not coming from solely a consumer perspective. The only consumer aspect I come from is buying the hardware and using a portion of Android’s code. The rest is my friend and I (he mostly) integrating our own code into the system. I haven’t found a vulnerability in our system yet, because there is only one which is extremely difficult to find. My friend is a software engineer and works in the security division of the gov’t to find and fix vulnerabilities. Trust me, the government can’t hack into our Birdy ( we named it ) at least yet, we’ve been monitoring breaches and there have been none since our OS went live last year.

    • iTSaLLlIES

      iPhone. Yeah…I’ve heard of those. LOL!! I’m on the Verizon notification list for the Note 3 + Gear. I’m not that much into these things, but I’m actually pretty excited about this! Can’t wait.

  • John

    You forgot to mention it will also come in an octo core version with a Mali T628 for the 3G version…. I want to know how this stacks up to the s800 version in terms of both performance and battery life …. Let the battle commence!

  • Hue

    Seems like yesterday when everyone was making fun of the Galaxy Note 1.

  • Dinah

    Im certainly getting this phone!! Is the N9005 unlocked version? Can we use GSM? Im in a country that uses GSM… :)

  • Marie E

    l got the Note 2 , but i’m getting the Note 3 as soon as it comes out next Month! The Note 2 is amazing. l hope the Note 3 is worth it . I had a choice between the Note 3 and the i phone 5c that just came out … I chose the Note 3 , mistake ?



  • mukul chhabra

    Galaxy Note 3 is an amazing phablet by Samsung and in few months time samsung might launch Note 4 with some amazing specs but it is difficult to believe that Samsung launched this phablet with aluminiium body as seen on

  • hitesh jaina

    Samsung is soon going to launch its new smart phone Note 4 later this year and it is expected to have various features like 3 sided display and 128 Gb internal storage as seen on

  • hitesh jaina

    There is rumor that note 4 might come with 3 sided display and 20 MP camera and lot more as mention in