Are you not satisfied with the Facebook mobile app in your device? You are not alone because many users share the same sentiment.  The official Facebook app for Android does seem to be unreliable, but thanks to some third-party apps, you can now have a better Facebook experience on your mobile device.

One of the most downloaded and top-rated third-party apps for Facebook is the FriendCaster app, which already has over three million downloads because of its great features that continue to delight Facebook users.

FriendCaster  is currently the number one third party app that mobile users use to enjoy the number one social networking site in their mobile device. This app is developed by OneLouder, who also developed the popular app for Twitter users called TweetCaster. User reviews show that FriendCaster is the most preferred third-party app for mobile Facebook users because it sports a nice interface that gives you that Facebook-like feel and also because it’s loaded with lots of features that users can play with.

Features and Development

There sure is a lot of development going on for Android devices, as well as for Facebook itself, and FriendCaster doesn’t want to be left behind. It already released version 5.0, which is said to be specifically for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), sporting a beautiful interface and more features and promising fast Facebook experience on your ICS-powered device.

FriendCaster really gives you that Facebook feel through its interface that does look like the actual Facebook interface. The app gives you some of the most favorite Facebook features like posting a status update, uploading a photo, and checking in. It also gives you notifications which you receive in real-time and faster than any other Facebook app.

You also get to view full news feeds where you can quickly reply, like, or post your own status. You can also keep track of the location of your friends by using the check-in map of the app. The app also supports multiple accounts if you are using several Facebook accounts.

Aside from the resemblance of the app’s interface to Facebook’s interface you can also set custom options to make it a little bit more fit to your personality or gender. You can change the theme of the app to a color theme that you prefer.  There are six color themes that you can choose from, and the developers are looking to add more to the selection.

FriendCaster really is the app to go if you want a reliable Facebook mobile app that gives you quick access to your favorite Facebook features in an instant. What’s even better is that FriendCaster is free on the Google Play Store.

Ken East
Ken is an expert on management and is currently engrossed with his newly started adventure in logistics management. But, that's only his second love. His first love, of course, and without being mushy when this is said, is Android.
  • Erik Gaudin

    It make my Tablet “Crash” some time. I don’t like to see the notification in front of the lock screen. It also look like “Phone optimisated only”…
    I never see any “what’s new” in the update of this application since… So when they update it, i don’t know what they fix… if they fix something.
    When it will work, i will be interested in the “Pro” version. I always pay for application when they work fine (or a little bit).

  • eClipse


    Seriously, isn’t that 15 minutes over yet?

    • Think

      Almost. There are still almost a billion people on the bandwagon. #wakeup

      • eClipse

        Bandwagons are hardly the place to make good decisions, what’s the AOL keyword for “dead but not told yet”? Oh team “AOL”. There’s a whole lot of Facebook-type bandwagons over there gathering dust next to the MySpace wagon and a whole pile of Blackberries.

        The only thing more yesterday than Facebook is Twitter. #hinttheyaintreallyyourdriends

        • Is this guy serious?

          I’m guessing computers and the Internet are also just a fad? I know not everyone likes FB, but if you think it’s just going to disappear one day soon I have some bad news for you.

          As for Twitter, it’s is a highly effective tool for business, and will continue to be for a very long time.

          And lastly, did you just compare AOL to FB? HAHAHAHAHAHA. At this point I can only assume that you’re an uninformed 12 year old or a retarded monkey.

          • eClipse

            Markie just paid $1 Billion for a program that filters photos and make them look old, with a “community” that got upset when
            users with the majority mobile OS started being able to use it.

            He’s done and so is FB. In 5 years we will wonder why anyone cared, just like AOL and RIM.

          • Is this guy serious?

            AOL has been dead forever, and I’ve said that RIM was going to die if it didn’t adapt years ago, so no arguments there, but I’m sorry, you’re wrong about the other stuff.

          • eClipse

            >When< they died is irrelevant – FB is textbook dotbomb. A company based on essentially "nothing" which is accidently successful because they were lucky in a new space.

            FB is at the top of the hill – there's basically no more market share to own, users are getting tired of the constant mental drain, and they have started the train of bad decisions – Instagram is their Timewarner. $1B for 5 photo filters? The service isn't even "unique". The constant privacy issues, changes for change's sake, and the increasing knowledge of their users that they aren't the customer but the product.

            Bookmark this thread and come back in 5 years. Markie will be gone, the stock will be 1/3 or less of it's initial strike price, and no one will care anymore.

          • Is this guy serious?

            Obviously you just don’t get it, but that’s ok, not everyone can understand everything.

          • eClipse


  • Please give the WHOLE story

    You’ve neglected to point out the fact that due to FB 3rd party privacy settings, you’re only going to see 10-20% of the updates you’ll see on the official FB app. Nice app or not, no 3rd party app will ever compare to the official app content-wise.

  • AnnDroidGirl

    I love this app. I installed it this week and tested it out. I liked it enough to upgrade to the Pro version. It’s worth the money!