Fitbit appears to be on a shopping spree. After acquiring Pebble last month, the company has now also bought the UK-based smartwatch maker Vector Watch, which was founded in 2015.

Vector Watch is best known for making great looking smartwatches like the Vector Luna and Vector Meridian, which feature a monochrome screen display, a fully stainless steel case, an impressive 30-day battery life, and are compatible with all the major mobile operating systems including Android. The smartwatches also come in a variety of colors and are water resistant up to 50 meters.

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January 7, 2017

In a blog post, the company announced that its smartwatches will continue to function, but won’t receive any new software updates from now on. Developers are not able to develop new streams for the devices, however, they can still edit the ones they have already published.

The company’s support team will continue to respond to questions customers might have, and the warranty for the smartwatches is obviously still valid. Financial details of the deal were not announced.

We won’t see any more Vector-branded smartwatches on the market, but the team behind the company will join Fitbit and start creating new products that will hopefully hit the market soon. These will most likely be sold under the Fitbit brand, which is already well known in the wearables market.

  • Victor macharia

    Fitbit is the new facebook

  • Boolean Corporation

    I hope all these predatory practices end up in a competitive product. We had HP with Palm/WebOS, we had Microsoft with Nokia and we don’t want Fitbit to actually help the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices further.

    • Matt

      That’s going to mean making a decent product, though. I’ve owned a couple of FitBits and bought a couple for the family and they all turned out to be utter crap. Two fell apart with the adhesive on the band coming apart. The software is at best unintuitive and often just refuses to pair. If FitBit leaves Vector alone they might have a chance. If not, they don’t.

  • A VP

    What does UK-based mean? Vector Watch is made in Romania not UK.

    • Their head office is in UK. Btw, I guess it would have been better if the article said ‘including Windows Phone’ instead of ‘including Android’ as the latter one is the major mobile operating system. :D

    • Their head office is in UK. Btw, I guess it would have been better if the article said ‘including Windows Phone’ instead of ‘including Android’ as the latter one is a major mobile operating system. :D

    • Andrew bruce

      So Apple is China bassed by that reasoning?

  • Gotta catch ’em all.

  • Mark Snider

    If you can’t beat them, just buy them

  • Vinicius Morais

    This means that great “times” are coming… Got it?? LOL

  • throtol

    I own a vector watch and enjoy the functionality and long battery life. There are parallels to Pebble, but it has a more refined feel and ecosystem.

    My hope is that they do not retire it. Fitbit is a great product, but I have no interest in a fitness band.

  • Jason Harris

    Fitbit better be releasing watches as good as the Pebble Time and these Vector watches soon. I’m liking my Charge 2, but not as much as I enjoyed my Pebble Time (which is sadly broken now)

  • Michael

    I had a Basis Peak, then they had the safety recall that ultimately killed that watch. So I turned to the pebble time 2, but of course fitbit bought them and cancelled that watch. Then I discovered Vector and bought the Meridian which I was very happy with and I could see the potential for it to grow even better, and now they too went to fitbit stopping any advancement for their current watches!! All I want is a good smart watch/ fitness tracker that has at least a 3atm (preferably 5atm) water resistance rating with good build quality and good software, I truly hope that is what fitbit is gearing up for with their newly acquired assets.