First trailer for Gameloft’s Real Football 2013 is now out, but is it really a trailer?

by: AdrianAugust 17, 2012

Gameloft has really become one of the most active developing studios for Android during the last year or so, but unfortunately not many of the company’s titles have really caught on. If you had to choose only a couple of Gameloft games to take with you on a deserted island though, I’m pretty sure one of your top choices would be a little freemium title called Real Football 2012.

While EA Sports’ efforts to make Android users/football fanatics happy have only led to miserable failure until now, the latest Real Football title has become a phenomenon, being already downloaded more than 5 million times. Doesn’t sound like a lot? How about if you compare it with the 50,000 purchases made by Fifa 12 gamers?

As expected, Gameloft will follow up on Real Football 2012’s extreme success with a new installment in the franchise called, unsurprisingly, Real Football 2013. The first trailer for the game expected to see the light of day sometime in January or February of next year is already out on YouTube, but unfortunately this actually makes us less excited.

Running for around 50 seconds, the so-called “trailer” shows off diddly-squat of what gamers would have expected and craved for, and that was in-game footage. I mean, we know that probably Gameloft is still a long way from having Real Football 2013 ready to go, but if you’ve decided it’s time to get people excited, throw us a bone, folks!

Show us some new movements, some refined player faces, a custom jersey, a stadium, something, anything! Instead, Gameloft decided to “wow” us with the name of the game’s new ambassador – Radamel Falcao – and with a sample of the drawing artists’ talent. The thing is not even that great, with the Colombian’s features looking a tad more realistic than what we currently see in RF 2012, but still not that hot. Don’t even get me started on Falcao himself, a pretty decent striker who’s had a couple of great seasons lately, but that doesn’t live up to David Villa’s heritage (Villa being the former Real Football ambassador).

Okay, maybe I’m overreacting a bit here, seeing as we are many months away until Real Football 2013’s actual release, and that’s clearly enough time to make the in-game changes and improvements everybody is waiting for. But, so help me God, if the next trailer won’t blow me away with some hot new controls, visuals or gameplay modes, Gameloft will be getting a piece of my mind. Are you guys with me?

  • MasterMuffin

    The name is “speed drawing” not “teaser” or “trailer”. Reading would help :)

  • enning

  • Rodrigues

    I’m rooting for that very GAMELOFT make a decent RS 2013, for the 2012 version for iOS and Android was a real GARBAGE. The jogabilidadae is terrible. Game download simply because so many had been FREMIUM.
    In terms of football games, GAMELOFT has a lot to learn from the EA and KONAMI.

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