Draw Assistant: for people who need to cheat at Draw Something

by: Matthew SabatiniMay 5, 2012

OMGPOP recently took over Google Play and the App Store with its smash hit “Draw Something”. The social drawing game received over 10 million downloads on Google Play alone in just a few weeks.

However, the game has one drawback – it requires you to actually draw! Those of us who are not artists (meaning, we couldn’t draw a stickman to save our life) or don’t have a Galaxy Note stylus, are left “drawing” “pictures” that are nearly impossible for our friends to understand.

But worry not! Draw Something Assistant by Scoompa will fix all your drawing problems. More specifically, after you chose your word in Draw Something, simply switch over to Draw Something Assistant by pushing the home button and finding the app or using your app switcher. Once you are in the Assistant app, type what image you are looking for into the search bar. After you find a good image, you can crop, rotate and zoom in on the image as you please. Finally, hit the “Launch Draw Something” button and shake your phone to get your image to show up under the blank canvas in Draw Something.


Now that you have a semi-transparent look at what you want to draw, you’ll be able to finally send your friends some good-looking drawings for them to guess.

The assistant is free on Google Play and should help rekindle your addiction to OMGPOP’s #1 hit, Draw Something.¬†Download “Draw Something Assistant” for free from Google Play here.

  • Jaranjames

    Damm if you need to cheat at drawing it means you cant draw and should not be playing this game LMFAO……..

  • harleym50

    Every time I go back to the game it gives me new words. Therefore this app does not work.

  • Firstly , you imply that having a stylus will give you drawing skills. A stylus is not a magic wand. If someone can’t draw it doesn’t matter whether they are finger painting or using a paintbrush. A stylus is just a tool. – they either have the skill or they don’t. Secondly, if you can’t draw why would you want to play DRAW Something? What fun is there in it?

  • russdroppings

    This app does not exist in the Google Play store, you sure you folks aren’t making this up?