Corning Gorilla Glass gets the Mythbusters treatment in Glass Age videos

by: Jonathan FeistNovember 20, 2014

Gorilla Glass Android phone simulated drop test

The folks at Corning have done some amazing things with glass, especially with the Gorilla Glass 3 that is standard on most smartphones today. Just why their glass is so great has now been explained, with some explosive examples, by everyone’s favorite testers of all things that break, Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters.

A series of lengthy videos put the boys to task explaining the history of glass through to some unique new flexible panes that really could change glass as we know it.

Corning Gorilla Glass Windshield Impact

As for that Gorilla Glass smartphone example, well, how about a key scratch and (simulated) drop test to prove the resilience of the glass. I know, they really don’t push it that far, but they do destroy an old clunker of a phone to prove their point, and indeed, as comparison, Gorilla Glass performs amazingly well.

Without further adieu, I give you Corning Glass as represented by the boys of Mythbusters.

But wait, there’s more! Actually, this is now part 1 of the full feature, and there is no smartphones to be seen, but hey, it’s ten more minutes of the boys blowing things up. Enjoy.

There you have it, a little more understanding as to what makes the Gorilla Glass screen on your favorite Android device worth all the trouble. Of course, we’ve seen other tactics and entities working toward the same end goals, especially when it comes to flexible technology for smartphone displays, but we can’t ignore that Corning is the clear leader in smartphone displays today.

Now, how many of you have managed to break a Gorilla Glass 3 equipped phone?

  • MasterMuffin

    Nothing was exploded with C4 :/

    • ch_anon

      Or Shot with a 50 cal. round…

    • Anonymousfella

      No flamethrower either…

    • dodz

      or dissolved with acid

    • Ivan Marincic

      Or burned with Thermite

  • Gramy

    I feel so weird watching this. I know its a promo deal, but… It’s like they are selling this so hard and don’t even have fun doing it ;p

  • Luc Schots

    Actually, the expression is ‘without further ado’…

    • Happy

      Wanted to make the same comment. Although using a completely valid word in the modified expression makes it entertaining :-)

  • Guest123

    Soda lime glass cool to become…..TADPOLE!

  • Badelhas

    This is pure advertising (although interesting)

  • Fraser Reid

    me – twice – both about 1.3m drops onto small gravel pavements
    1x Samsung S3
    1x Samsung S5

    • Happy

      Drops or throws? Seems like you planned it :-)

  • Judge Dredd

    The windshield breaking test comparison seems unfair with hammering the soda lime glass and shooting a ball through both soda lime and Gorilla glass versions. Why don’t they try hammering the Gorilla glass version?

    • Timbuctoo

      Dude, this is Corning sponsored? Could be biased more?

    • ch_anon

      They should have smashed the Corning/Soda lime version. I bet the gorilla glass would break just as easy. Then they hit soda lime glass with the ball bearing which takes the damage while the gorilla glass was on the other side joy-riding??

  • Jeff Penver

    I dropped my old Nexus 4 (Gorilla Glass 2) twice. The first time the back shattered. The second time, the front shattered.

    • Emmanuel

      Play the video… fast forward to 2:10 …. That’s the explanation

  • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

    yeah good, but instead of making glass why don’t you make flexible Sapphire sheets to make them most durable, cause sapphire doesn’t bend much.

  • Tjaldid

    is flexible glass more durable than normal glass??? ie would it make sense putting it in normal un-bendable phones

    • Hellz

      no because then it wouldnt protect the screen(digitizer) of your phone and that is really sensitive

  • Innovating.

  • DurteeDee

    Moto g moto X and s5..

  • Josette

    nice share thanks

  • Bob’s Bilderbergers

    Great videos!

  • Jan ยาน

    During the time with many gadgets from Rio PMP300 (1998) Compaq iPAQ 3630 (2000) to Nokia N95 (2007) until Note 4 (2014) I never let any of my devices drop. I simply don’t understandy why people keep leting expensive stuff drop. If I pay a lot of money for something, I pay a lot of attention. Still I use my devices like normal people, not caring for them and be overly careful like a weirdo… What’s wrong with all those people letting devices drop year after year? :D
    A benefit for not letting devices drop is: you don’t need ugly cases; slimmer, better looking!

    • Jerry Rich

      “What’s wrong with all those people letting devices drop year after year?”

      Answer: Apparently “all those people” are not perfect like you.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      I get what you are saying. I try to be super careful. But maybe at best you will still drop a phone once or twice in its lifetime. I have my Note 3 for 7 months now and unfortunately it has fallen once. Luckily it has a cover and didn’t break.

    • That’s like saying “I simply don’t understand why people let their cars crash. I never crash my car.” That’s great for you, but stuff happens. People aren’t “letting” their phones drop. It’s called an accident for a reason. People aren’t just tossing cell phones to the ground. Plus, it’s not just about breaking your screen. There’s also something called “scratches” which is what Gorilla Glass is intended to prevent.


    That looked like a Moto X or G they tested with…..I wonder if they could of used an iPhone……..LOL……..NOT!

  • Matthew Wypyszinski

    lol pretty cool

  • Adam Vitez

    That’s the same moto x I have in my pocket :D

  • Aneas Pierce

    dropped my moto g

  • Karly Johnston

    Yeah, phones are virtually scratch proof now but they crack too easy.

  • crutchcorn
  • The glass is just 0.4 millimeters thin, allowing for the
    premium, thin look Samsung went for with the Alpha smartphone..

  • Esat Davutoğlu

    I broke S4 of mine by hitting it to a sharp corner while riding my bike. Then it falling down to ground and breaking once more from another side. It was nice, now i expect to win a phone from you guys lol

  • eddie

    These guys are much better in their own environment with limited or loose scripting and acting.