Clash of Clans creators release Clash Royale (Update: coming in March)

by: John DyeFebruary 8, 2016

Update (2/8): Last month we told you that Supercell launched Clash Royale to the iOS App Store, with an Android launch likely coming down the pipeline sometime very soon. Thankfully we won’t have to wait much longer, as the developers have just announced that Clash Royale will make its way to Android and iOS devices around the world in March! We still aren’t sure of an exact release date, though we do know it’s coming soon.

Original post (1/4): Clash of Clans has been one of the largest mobile games to date, but it wasn’t enough for the crack development team Supercell to rest on the laurels of their previous success. Today, Supercell launched a soft release of their new card-based, direct competition game Clash Royale.

Clash of Clans allured players with a number of effective gameplay components. First, there’s a sense of creativity that goes into designing a base. Strategy also plays a role, as it’s important to be able to assess and attack bases intelligently. Group dynamics got into the mix with the titular clans pitting themselves against each other, and the set-it-and-forget-it nature of much of the gameplay let even players with a busy schedule get in on the action.

Clash Royale splash

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However, as games like Hearthstone have demonstrated, there’s clearly a market for one-on-one, live multiplayer with card-based mechanics. Clash Royale seeks to bring users the same feel of creativity by letting players assemble their own deck filled with Clash of Clans characters and elements, but with all the immediacy and engagement of a card dueling game.

Now, this isn’t so much a sequel to Clash of Clans as it is a completely different game of its own. Clash Royale looks like it might even have a radically different demographic than its forerunner, and Supercell reports that the team working on the project is totally different than the one that is still actively developing Clash of Clans. So far, Clash Royale has only been released on iOS, but there is no doubt that we’ll see it hitting the Android operating system some time in the near future.

What are your thoughts on Clash Royale? The primary complaint leveled at Clash of Clans is that some claim it falls in the “pay to win” camp of mobile gaming. Will the same criticisms be leveled at Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Cassador

    Another attempt from $upercell to be like Blizzard, never playing another $upercell game again for their mentality is “Pay to play” which is ok if their games were worth paying for. Clash of clan has gone down the hill with the latest update and their “new” content is weak at best. To be like Blizzard you must hire proficient developers in order to design a game that is worth paying to play.

    • Filly Jnr

      I play clash oc clans and feel no need to pay, I have fun and hold my own against players, sure I will take years to get to th 11 but I dont care, I’ll either stop having fun and quit or keep having fun for years, for free! A company needs money to function so dont be mad at them for trying to make a profit

    • Matt Marcellus

      No one will ever touch Blizzard. And I don’t mean the watered-down Blizzard of today that was bought out by Activision. I’m talking the glory days of d3, SC, and WC3.

    • Ydydhd

      I don’t pay to pay boom beach or clash of clans and I do great. Maybe you’re just not good at the game because you don’t need to spend money to be good at it.

    • Sapiderman

      still can play for free and have fun tough..
      but its obviously pay to win.. free player will enjoy endless grinding and waiting time, lol

    • T4rd

      I never got that stance for CoC. I’m a completely maxed (including most walls) TH9 with 25/25 heros, never spent a cent on the game and still enjoy it even after the update. The game pairs you up with others at your TH level for the most part too, so it’s not like you have a huge advantage being TH10/11 now, because it takes a lot more skill to hit those bases (and 3 star them). Paying for gems does nothing to benefit you other than increasing the skill level required to 3 star your equivalent base. The only time I’ve ever been compelled to spend gems is to wake heros early while upgrading for war, which saving the free gems the game gives you through gem boxes and achievements have been more than enough for; I have 4.5k gems saved up and have never bought any.

    • You know, CoC was never p2w. in fact, i played perfectly without buying anything. This, though will be like spend $10-100 to not get obliterated

  • Radiohawk

    Link please? Can’t find it in the play store

    • Anup Singh

      its released for iOS as of now.

    • you can pre-register on android now

  • Hernawan Id

    waiting for the android version

  • Waiting for the Superbowl ad for this. /s

  • Falenone

    Do we really need another money grab “game”?

  • JetFire

    Clash of Clans isn’t pay to win——–but this Clash Royale seems like it

  • Shirish Maheshwari

    how can i quit between the match ?

    • General_Franky

      You just can’t

  • toni

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