35 percent of streamers sold in 2015 were Chromecast devices

by: John DyeMarch 8, 2016

chromecast 2015 review aa (10 of 26)

Nobody needs to be convinced that streaming is the way of the future. It’s likely you’ve used a streaming service already today, and the demand for dedicated streaming devices is on the rise. It’s a fairly competitive emerging market, but recent data from Strategy Analytics reveals that Chromecast is hitting it pretty hard. Although Apple TV is still the big dog on campus, Google’s portable little TV augmenter is closing ranks fast, securing 35 percent of the dedicated streaming market in 2015.

This means that Chromecast has finally cracked the top five players in Connected TV Devices, standing its ground against such competitors as Apple TV, Roku, and the Amazon Fire TV. Many attribute the success of the Chromecast to its temptingly low price tag. Running for only $35, the HDMI dongle sits comfortably in Impulse Buy territory. As arguably the most YouTube binge-friendly device on the market right now, it’s certainly an alluring purchase.

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What’s more is that this price range means that multiple Chromecast devices often occupy single households, which isn’t a claim the competition can so swiftly make. It should be noted that this whole market is a difficult one to meaningfully guage. Many media hounds, for instance, use PC’s, tablets, or video game consoles as their primary source of streaming, and while these aren’t formally considered competitors in this market, it’s clear that they’re offering access to the same or similar services in a way that is competitive for these dedicated devices. What’s more is that Google is looking to partner with a variety of Smart TV manufacturers to pre-package Chromecast functionality into the devices prior to shipping. Since Smart TV’s accounted for nearly 54% of all Connected TV Device sales in 2015, it’s possible that Chromecast could have a shot at the top of the market.

What are your thoughts regarding Chromecast’s rise in popularity? Are you an owner of the device? If so, let us know what your experience has been like so far.

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Chromecast takes 35% of the 42 million unit Global Digital Media Streamer Market in 2015, says Strategy Analytics
Demand for dedicated streaming media boxes and dongles grows 32% to a record level in 2015 but control rests with four major brands

Boston, MA – March 8th, 2016. Amazon, Apple, Google and Roku accounted for more than 8 out of every 10 Digital Media Streamer shipments worldwide in 2015, strengthening their combined grip on the fast growing category. Google’s low-cost HDMI dongle continues to lead the standalone streamer market and it has now cemented itself as a top 5 player in the overall Connected TV Device rankings according to the new Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices (CHD) report “Global Connected TV Device Vendor Market Share: Q4 2015.”

David Watkins, Service Director, Connected Home Devices service said, “Google’s puck sized Chromecast dongle continues to have broad appeal with consumers who favor its mobile-centric approach to content access and control. The device’s portability and low price at just $35 has made it an impulse purchase for many and household ownership of multiple Chromecasts is not uncommon. However, the mobile device is not necessarily the center of the universe for everyone and devices such as Apple TV, Roku and the Amazon Fire TV continue to prove popular with those looking for a more traditional remote-based and UI driven TV experience.”

Based on cumulative shipments of digital media streamers, Apple still leads the way having shipped close to 37 million Apple TV units since its launch in 2007. However, Google’s Chromecast is catching up fast with 27 million units shipped in just two and a half years followed by Roku’s Box and Streaming Stick (20 million) and Amazon Fire TV (less than 10 million).
Global shipments of all Connected TV Devices (including Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Game Consoles and Digital Media Streamers) totaled 220 million units in 2015 following record shipments of 84 million in Q4.
Smart TVs accounted for 54% of all Connected TV Device shipments in 2015 reaching 120 million units. Samsung, LG and Sony have a combined 50% share of the Smart TV market although Chinese brands TCL and Hisense enjoyed the strongest annual shipment growth as they continue to expand beyond their domestic market.

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  • Eitan Kosman

    Since I got mine, I never took a step for looking where my TV remote is, I just don’t use it anymore. Watching series and movies on Netflix, Youtube and others is a better choice for me now.

    • Angel

      PSA: You can use your remote to pause and play your cast on apps where developer has enabled this option. YouTube and Netflix are amount those.

      • Eitan Kosman

        Can I do it using the TV remote? It uses infra-red which I don’t think Chromecast supports.

        • Morne4444

          Anynet+(CEC) just needs to be enabled on your TV. I use my infrared remote with Chromecast

  • i_say_uuhhh

    I love my chromecast. Bought one a couple of months ago and my wife and I use it all the time, netflix, pandora, hulu, and others we rarely watch tv anymore. I recently bought my for my parents to use and they love it too.

  • John Doe

    Use it all the time!!

  • Cecil Smyre

    Ain’t nuttin better. I have one on every TV in the house + about to get another for our newly acquired projector. There is no better deal out there. It just works and your phone is your remote. I love mine.

  • TheOracle

    The best by far and turns any older tv with an hdmi port into a smart tv. I keep one in my travel bag and use it in hotels too.

    • melci

      Forgotten in this discussion is that for any long duration usage, you have to flatten the battery of your mobile device just to use the Chromecast.

      Might as well plug your device into a dock to charge the device AND mirror onto the screen of your TV.

    • melci

      But then of course, once you dock your Android device to charge, you lose your wireless remote functionality with the Chromecast.

      In contrast, the accelerometer, touchpad and Siri-equipped Apple TV remote lasts for months..

      No, the wireless dongle Chromecast and the stand-alone Apple TV are two very different devices that make a direct comparison quite silly.

      • TheOracle

        To answer your asinine question. NO. Once the link is established that’s it.

        Wtf are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be on Apple Authority or “My buttholeistightapplebuttfuck”?

        Hey, if you can afford a midrange phone for $700,splurge for a $100 one that does the same thing and maybe you’ll understand what a $300 Android can do

        • melci

          Ah, the usual recourse of an Android fan when they are unable to field a mature, logical and thoughtful counter argument – resort to insult and invective. Unfortunate.

          • TheOracle

            Nope. I’ve tried my best to explain and offered an offline medium to interact. Your trolling is clear and I hope you find someone else to play with when you’re not f@/+ng your mother at the Trump rally.

            I hope your inbred children don’t lick windows (the glass ones) whilst drinking the brainwashed Kool-aid their parents gave them.

          • melci

            Actually, I am Australian and shake my head sadly at the insanity all too prevalent in the poor old US of A. I also shake my head sadly at your slow but steady descent into profanity in lieu of mature discourse. Oh well, have a nice day (as Americans say!) ;-)

          • TheOracle

            Good to hear. I’m a big Cricket fan waiting for the T20 to start. I’m also a big, big fan of Adam Gilchrist and met Rickey Ponting at the 2003 World Cup. Just to show you what I’m talking about, I was also around during the days of Dennis Lillee, Rod Marsh and the Chappell brothers. But that’s like Apple and Android. Those guys (Apple) were great but the West Indies (Android) were better and defied all logic. Greenidge, Richards, Lloyd, Holding, Roberts.

            How’s that for an analogy?

            Maybe your too young. But Geoff Boycott suggested the whole England team started smoking dope if that’s what it does to improve Cricket. Lol

          • melci

            Not a cricket fan myself, but the cricketers I most remember are Lillee, Marsh and the Windies. :-)

  • melci

    This is a pretty silly comparison as the Chromecast is little more than a wireless video dongle that requires other computers or mobile devices connect to it in order to stream content to the TV.

    The Chromecast isn’t a stand-alone device like the AppleTV which has it’s own on-screen interface and native apps and App and Content store all on the big screen.

    The proof is in the pudding – Usage.

    Apple absolutely dominates, not just the Chromecast, but Android as a whole and even Windows PCs and SmartTVs in terms of actual streaming TV usage.

    “the Q2 2015 Adobe Digital Index report reveals that Apple’s devices captured a huge 61.2% share of the TV Everywhere (paid streaming TV) market. Of this, 22.3% came from the iPad, 18.2% were iPhones and 12.8% were from the AppleTV.

    The Windows PC only managed 18% and all of the Android platform (tablets and mobile) only managed a tiny 9% market share. Roku captured 7%, gaming consoles 2%, Amazon Fire 1% and SmartTVs 0.7% of paid streaming TV revenue.”

    • TheOracle

      Silly comparison? A $35 piece of equipment that can do the exact same thing as an Apple TV through your phone or tablet is silly? How about an $80 Android TV box with 16GB of on board storage and 128gb of expandable storage (which Apple doesn’t have) that allows you to watch all the content from Kodi you pay for on the $199 64gb Apple TV? It’s got all the apps you could ever want from the Playstore too.

      I have two friends who are diehard iSheep with all the latest Apple products. When they came to my house and saw the Chromecast in action and my Android TV box working, they both went out and bought both. Once I pointed them in the direction of certain apps they could sideload, the Apple TV became a decoration. You can spew out all the stats you want but if people knew what a Chromecast and/or Android TV box can do they would dump the extortionate Apple TV in a heartbeat. The article is pointing out that this may be what’s happening.

      Personally, I don’t have cable tv any longer. All my movies, sports, shows etc are streamed through my Android TV boxes and/or Chromecast for free. As an aside I’ve also dumped my T-Mobile line and use my Google Voice number on Hangouts exclusively (with free worldwide roaming). How you may ask? I have a dual-sim phone with one sim strictly for data (hence hangouts works perfectly) and another for my international number. I know Apple make the greatest phones ever conceived but they don’t make dual-sim phones that allow you to do this kind of stuff. Capice?

      • melci

        Except the Chromecast can’t “do the exact same thing as an Apple TV” can it?

        The comparison is unbalanced because the ChromeCast requires another device like a multi-hundred dollar smartphone or tablet to work. It is just a simple wireless display dongle. A peripheral.

        If you’re going to insist on comparing the Chromecast to the Apple TV, at least have the decency to compare it to the $69 Apple TV 3 which is still available, which with Airplay, also allows streaming from your other devices if you so desire (and of course which Apple did first with the original AppleTV 5 years ago).

        However, in contrast to the Chromecast dongle, the AppleTV has always also been a stand-alone product – even the $69 AppleTV 3 runs by itself without requiring another device to drive it.

        Of course the Apple TV 4 is also a stand-alone app-enabled powerhouse which with it’s innovative accelerometer-equipped, touch-pad and Siri-enabled remote is a stand-alone TV games and entertainment console that already has a vast app catalog of games, entertainment and other apps all beautifully optimised for your 60″ TV and is a big reason why Wii sales are collapsing.

        You might as well compare the Chromecast to an HDMI cable that also allows your other devices to display on a big TV. Completely different and much more limited product to the AppleTV.

        • TheOracle

          Errrmm. NOT! I’m using my multi-dollar device with FREE external storage and functionality to replicate the same thing. I’m not comparing, I’m replicating without having to pay for everything I do or access. This debate has more to do with Android vs IOS. Open Source vs Prison. I can setup my Tablet or Phone to do anything the Apple TV can do if I wish, it’s my CHOICE. If someone has a great movie on their sd card and wants to watch it on my tv I can slot it into any other Android device and fire away.

          I gave the example of the Android TV box as a comparison. In a comment below I gave the example of the portability of the Chromecast when travelling (I use it in hotels with their free wifi). It’s a sweet “peripheral” that allows anyone to do as they wish. Apple and their ecosystem is the issue, not the hardware itself.

          • melci

            So you agree, the Chromecast is basically just a wireless HDMI cable requiring other multi-hundred dollar purchases to actually work? That’s what is glossed over in this comparison.

          • TheOracle

            No. The chromecast is a cheap, portable alternative that’s becoming more popular because it’s open source and flexible whilst accepting all interfaces. The Apple TV isn’t and neither are my Android TV boxes. It’s a viable portable alternative that you can plug into virtually anything including your car entertainment system.

          • melci

            Nice for those use cases, but simply a wireless HDMI cable nonetheless.

          • TheOracle

            Your replies are getting weaker and weaker. Just like Apple’s prices.

            Do a search on “free premium tv streaming” or “free hd movies”. I’m not going to give any apk names on here but you’re way behind the times.

          • melci

            Ah, so your argument is all about piracy is that it? Ease of stealing stuff is not what this comparison is about.

          • TheOracle

            Stealing? Here’s one for you that’s perfectly legal, Filmontv. Do a search and whilst you’re doing that do a bit more research.

          • melci

            Ahem, Filmontv is available on iOS… I think it’s revealing where the lack of research is most evident.

            You seem to be unfamiliar with the vast and growing AppleTV tvOS app catalog which includes hundreds of Free *and* paid premium HDTV apps and growing rapidly.

            And yes, you can view torrents on your AppleTV just fine thank you as well.

          • TheOracle

            I’ll leave it at my last statement. I was just pointing you in a certain direction.

            PM me on Disqus and we can learn from one another maybe. It’ll be difficult to rid your mind as an iSheep though!

          • melci

            Anything you can download or stream to a Computer or iPhone or iPad can stream with Airplay to an Apple TV – just like a Chromecast requires another device to work.

            However, in addition, the AppleTV can work standalone to do so much more than a Chromecast is capable of as well. That is the difference.

          • TheOracle

            We’ve already agreed on what a chromecast can and cannot do. Your examples are meaningless in the context of what I can download and play with on my Android device. I’m sorry bro, you just don’t have the flexibility on ios that I do on Android. End of story. And I’m not going to tell you how I’m enjoying a fantastic multimedia experience for nothing whilst constantly learning new ways to exploit my equipment.

            Enjoy yourself and whatever rocks your boat. My insignificant Chromecast purchases didn’t get them to 35% but it’s clear there are quite a few people that like what they see.

          • melci

            No, you still haven’t demonstrated what the ChromeCast can do that the AppleTV can’t, whereas I have demonstrated innumerable things that the AppleTV can do that the ChromeCast is completely incapable of doing.

            So what exactly can you download and play on your Android devices that you can’t on an iOS device? mkvs and torrents play fine on iOS devices and AppleTV, and iOS has a far larger selection of top tier apps and services than Android that can Airplay mirror or do extended desktop onto the TV thanks to the fact that iOS is where the money is.

            Are you having fun flattening the battery on your Android device just trying to use your Chromecast for any length of time? Finding it a pain not being able to use your phone when someone else in the family has to use it to drive your Chromecast?

            Comprehensive TV and games console solution the ChromeCast definitely is not.

          • melci

            Of course, I will agree that if you’re on an Android device an AppleTV is far less useful for you as it is designed to work in the Apple ecosystem.

            But don’t pretend that the Chromecast by itself or even with an additional Android device is at all comparable to an Apple TV by itself and in concert with other iOS devices or computers.

          • TheOracle

            The so called Apple ecosystem is a commercial trap and the greatest marketing coup in history.

            How CAN Apple sustain a one product company? 60% of their revenue come from the iPhone and what else do they have to offer beyond that?

            I bled nokia and Symbian, I jerked off to BlackBerry and someone else will come along I’m sure. But right now, Android is my favorite and Google and most of the players here are far more diversified than Crapple.

          • melci

            How CAN Google sustain a one product company? Over 90% of their revenue comes from advertising with a massive 75% of their mobile search revenue coming thanks to being the default Search engine on Apple devices.

            With Apple marginalising Google more and more on iOS with Siri bypassing Google for search and Apple Maps bypassing Google Maps and the prospect of Apple kicking them from their default Safari search engine status, Google is in a FAR more vulnerable position than Apple.

            Google is just as worryingly vulnerable in Web page advertising as iOS users generate a mind-boggling 1,790% greater Advertising ROI than Android users according to Nanigans.

            However, it’s even worse than that. It’s not just that Android monetizes worse than iOS — it actually offers negative return on investment. In other words, while advertising on iOS brings retailers 162 percent more cash than they spend on the ads, Nanigans reports that advertising on Android returns 10 percent less than the cost of the ads.

            Basically, Android is a liability and Apple has Google by the crown jewels in mobile while every Android manufacturer haemorrhages cash every quarter. What a healthy platform – not.

          • TheOracle

            I don’t know how old you are and it doesn’t matter with unlimited research. My answer:

            VHS vs BETA

            You posted something else that I can’t be bothered to even look at. But hey, enjoy yourself with whatever you decide to use. It’s your money. I love exploring and that’s why I love Android. I couldn’t imagine a using a smartphone any other way. The boundaries are limitless and I can program anything I want into the chromecast because it designed as an open source platform. I like it that way and most of the rest of the world do too because we won’t pay premium prices for a House wife’s phone.

          • melci

            Heh, funny that “BETA” in this case has 60% the active installed base of Android’s “VHS”, but generates 80% greater revenue for the 3rd party developer platform, captures a mind-boggling 94% of the profits in the entire industry, 1,790% greater Advertiser ROI, 400% greater third party e-commerce revenue, 64-78% Business market share etc, while your “VHS” platform suffers 99% of the malware. “BETA” this time around also gets all the best “movies” (apps) first and often only.

            It is beyond obvious that iOS/Android completely turns the old VHS/BETA (and Wiindows/Mac) precedent on its head.

            Open Source is lovely and all, but the vast majority of the rest of the world are not geeks and hackers like you (or I for that matter) I’m afraid and prefer stuff that just works.

          • melci

            >”60% of their revenue come from the iPhone and what else do they have to offer beyond that?”

            Well considering that Apple’s non-iPhone revenue is DOUBLE that generated by the second largest company in the world by market cap (Google), I’d say Apple has quite a bit to offer beyond the iPhone.

            The Apple Watch for example has completely dominated Android Wear and all other smart watches capturing 74% market share according to Strategy Analytics.

            Apple reports that the Apple Watch is selling faster than both the iPod and the iPhone at launch. The iPod took 4 years to sell 10 million units and the iPhone took 7 quarters to sell 13 million units. In contrast, the 500 dollar ASP Apple Watch has sold around 12 million units in a mere 3 quarters.

            The Watch is also meaningfully moving the dial financially for Apple with Apple’s “Other Products” category which includes the Apple Watch and the AppleTV surged 62% YoY growing from 2.7 Billion dollars to 4.4 Billion this quarter.

            As a comparison, Other Products has increased from 2.7% of Apple’s iPhone revenue to 8.4% of this quarter’s enormous iPhone revenue. For perspective, that 4.4 Billion dollars for Other Products is equivalent to 21% of Google’s ENTIRE revenue in Q4 2015 and is growing a massive 62% YoY.

          • TheOracle

            I dunno. I have three phones. Two are dual-sim, one 5″ and one 5.5″ (oops that’s new to Apple!). My son has two phones, one 5.7″ and the other 5.5″. I have two 10 inch tablets. My son has a Nexus 7.

            You can’t win this argument because if that was Apple equipment I could have made a downpayment on a house.

          • melci

            And the funny thing is that most Android devices are thrown away after a fraction of the time of Apple devices which just keep on being useful.

            Apple recently reported there are 1 Billion active Apple devices around the world (and growing at 25% per year) of which around 900 million are iOS devices. This compares to only 1.4 Billion ACTIVE Android devices (that’s phones AND TABLETS!!) worldwide and only 1 Billion Google Play Store users worldwide. And no, Chinese phones don’t make up the difference – AOSP or Forked Android Phones only make up between 25-30% of worldwide Android sales according to ABI Research.

            That’s puts Apple’s expensive machined aluminium iOS devices at an impressive 60% the size of Google’s 1.4 Billion active Android devices, most of the latter of which are cheap and nasty plastic glorified featurephones.

            The old adage is alive and well that you get what you pay for.

          • melci

            My kids can play on the Apple TV all day, all by themselves without having to mortgage either my wife’s or my iPhone. We don’t have to go through connecting our mobile devices to the TV before we can do anything. Just turn on the TV grab the remote and bam, we’re using it and it’s far richer TV-optimised app catalog immediately.

            That’s what sets the AppleTV apart from the glorified wireless HDMI cable that is the ChromeCast.

          • TheOracle

            Answer: Android TV does the same for less with thousands more options and content.

          • melci

            And Android TV is an utter market failure. Go figure.

          • TheOracle

            And what market would that be? I can only assume you live in the States. Based on that logic so are Huawei, Xiaomi, LeTv (which crushes Netflix and any other content provider worldwide), Alibaba, Lenovo, Coolpad etc etc. Wake up bro.

            People understand that you don’t have to pay $700 for $280 devices. Stop drinking the Kool-aid. The largest growth market are midrange, affordable devices and the US market and other western markets are miniscule compared to China, India, Africa, South America and elsewhere. Apple need to bring something to the game and frankly they don’t have anything to offer anymore. At least not at their price point.

          • melci

            Looking at Strategy Analytics report (the subject of this article) which says that all Android TV device sales are lumped in along with all Other devices in that 13% sliver of the Media Streamer market – far less than the Apple TV – despite being available from all those manufacturers, I’d say they’re not doing very well.

            Add to that the usage problem where all Smart TVs combined only represent 0.7% of the streaming TV Everywhere market and I’m not sure how you could classify Android TV as anything other than a market failure.