(Update: now in the Play Store) Link Bubble renamed to Brave: the browser that pays you for the ads you see

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 25, 2016

Link Bubble Nexus 6P Android Authority

Update, February 25: Link Bubble is now officially Brave. The app has recently been updated with the new name and branding, meaning that Link Bubble users should find that the app on their devices is now called Brave. With the rebranding, several features have been turned on by default, including Tracking Protection and Ad Blocking.

Download Brave from the Play Store

Original post, January 21: I’ve been a fan of Link Bubble for a long time. So much so that I told Chris Lacy he was a genius at Google I/O last year (there may have been drinks involved). A few months later, Lacy sold Link Bubble and Tap Path to a mysterious, unnamed startup that would “reveal itself in time”. That time has come and that startup has been revealed as Brave Software. What we didn’t know last year was that Link Bubble was to be the DNA for a new browser project called Brave.

Brave Software is headed up by JavaScript creator and Mozilla co-founder and ex-CEO Brendan Eich. Brave Browser is the startup’s first product – a kind of lean, mean, ad-fighting machine. Rather than simply block all ads, which throws the revenue stream of many of your favorite websites into jeopardy, Brave Browser uses smart filters to make ads a less intrusive part of your browsing experience.

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Brave does this by blocking large, heavy ads and stripping out tracking and analytics scripts, serving up lighter (and faster loading) anonymous ads in a few standard-sized spaces. The whole thing is designed to maintain the user’s privacy while simultaneously making the browsing experience faster while still generating that essential ad revenue for the sites themselves.

Ad revenue will be split between publishers and users, so websites can continue to make a buck and so can you.

But there’s a twist. Brave Browser will also pay users. Ad revenue will be split between publishers and users, so websites can continue to make a buck and so can you. You can use your earnings to select those websites on which you’d like to go totally ad-free. That “payment” is then used to finance the website on which you will no longer see ads at all. They win, and you win.

As Eich comments on the Brave website: “We are a browser-based ad-tech platform, with high precision and privacy. Brave is the only approach to the Web that puts users first in ownership and control of their browsing data by blocking trackers by default, with no exceptions.” If it sounds like Brave is trying to save the web, it’s because they are.

If you want to sign up as a beta tester of Brave Browser v0.7, just head to the Brave website to sign up on Android, iOS, OSX, Windows and Linux. Everything is open-source and available on GitHub.

  • mayur gatare

    This one’s really good. I am signing up for beta tester.

  • deer

    God, I hope they won’t be killing Link Bubble though. They’re not actually renaming and replacing Link Bubble with this Brave thing, right?

  • Steve Brain

    Sounds excellent, it may actually make me WANT to view ads.

  • Armand Bernard

    A great and novel idea. I hope the interface is Material and there’s chrome bookmark support (like dolphin). Data compression would be nice too.
    I really like the idea of getting rid of the intrusive ads and rewarding the websites you like. This could be the future of ad blocking.

  • ADofCLE

    Signed up yesterday. I’m interested in seeing how this works.

  • ADofCLE

    Link bubble also can’t log into services such as disqus. Just about all of the sites I visit use that. So let’s hope brave does a much better job at this. Also, to the ones wondering if brave will actually replace link bubble, probably.

    Don’t worry though, I’m sure they can still implement it like Javalin browser did.

    • Chromer is your answer

      • ADofCLE

        Yeah, that’s what I’m using now. I’m still curious as to how the “get paid for the ads you see” is going to work.

  • #tihor

    Even they can’t stand the ads on their site too.hmm

  • We can only use the money to block ads on sites?

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      How about they pay it to me… That would be nice

  • I stopped using floating browsers in favor or Chromer, I noticed that I always open all these links but never read them then they end up force closing and I lose them

  • saksham

    im curious …. in the description of the app it says nothing about giving us credit

    • I noted that as well. It said “That “payment” is then used to finance the website on which you will no longer see ads at all.”

      Sooo, we don’t get to use it for play credit at least?

  • patt

    this site has so many ads I don’t think I can ever turn off adblock lol