BlackBerry has come up with a great solution to keep the people around you from seeing your smartphone screen while you’re texting, surfing the web, or doing something similar. The company has released a new Android app called BlackBerry Privacy Shade.

The app darkens the entire screen, with the exception of a small view area that you can move around or resize. You have the option of changing the transparency of the shade as well as changing the view area from a circle to a rectangle. BlackBerry Privacy Shade is quite simple but very useful, as it will make sure that others can’t see exactly what you are looking at on your device.

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March 9, 2017

It is especially useful for those who spend a lot of time around family members or complete strangers, whether it’s just sitting on the couch at home or taking the bus to get to work. It is also worth mentioning that the app is more than just a privacy tool, as it also comes in handy when using your smartphone at night.

Before you get too excited, I must mention that the app is unfortunately only compatible with BlackBerry devices. The good news is, there are ways you can work around this restriction, using a tool like Cobalt232’s BlackBerry Manager.

BlackBerry Privacy Shade is free of charge and already available on the Google Play Store. To get it, simply click on the button below.

  • EKMA

    So, all this app does is make the viewable area smaller?! How bout I just punch somebody in the face if I catch them looking at my phone? Then I don’t have to worry about downloading another worthless app…

  • Matt

    Cobalt232’s still going? He did more to make Android apps usable on BBOS than BlackBerry did.

  • AleksoBre

    Wow, what a revolutionary idea…

  • Edie_T

    App looks cool

  • Concerned Citizen

    Blackberry News Flash! Blackberry is finished as a company! Or most definitely should be…. I bought another brand new Blackberry Classic back in November 2016, about a week after they stopped selling that model on their website. Not being able to back up my 2 year old Classic I thought it had a problem. Then recently, a couple weeks ago, realized something was going on. So I tried to load my still brand new unused Classic with my prior saved data and phone back on file, it didnt work either… With the current updated Blackberry OS version you can not do as advertised, You can’t send any contact or phone info through a data cable, bluetooth or Wifi, they now all of a sudden expect me to use an SD card for one time use (like before they even started type equipment lol) to transfer data to and from my phone, So Blend does not work! Link does not work! Neither does their hardware properly! They are committing wire fraud, fraud, and conspiring to defraud their customers in the future. It is time to file a class action lawsuit and take them down. Also ask FBI and RCMP to investigate these fake, fraud artists. They can’t do or supply what they are selling basically, so they are finished as a company or definitely should be.

  • Marian Zamfir

    So this app blacks out the area you are not focusing on. It’s just me or that only makes it easier to spot what you are reading/writing ?