Blackberry Venice shown off in quick look video

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 18, 2015

Earlier this week we brought you an exclusive look at some new pictures and features from the upcoming Blackberry Venice. At the time we didn’t reveal our source, but they have now decided to step forward with a new hands-on quick look video!

blackberry venice leak 5

In the video above, our friends at Baka Mobile gives us a rundown of the Venice. We highly recommend watching it for yourself, but let’s run through some of the biggest takeaways.

First, design. In terms of the design, the key layout is quite similar to what you’d find with other Blackberry devices, offering a physical camera button on the left and volume rockers and a smart action key on the right. Baka also confirms that the phone has a front facing speaker grille and a microSD slot.

blackberry venice leak 6

Of course, one of the biggest stories here is the keyboard. One thing we didn’t know about before this is just how well the keyboard would work, or how it would affect how the phone feels. According to the video, the keyboard is actually really well balanced. Unlike devices such as the Blackberry Torch, the Venice isn’t too bottom heavy and should be comfortable even when used open or closed.

blackberry venice leak 3

We have also learned that the keyboard offers biometric sense touch similar to the Passport. What this means is that you can swipe up or down on the keyboard to scroll, which could be handy when browsing or for reading.

Turning to the software experience, you’ll notice that the phone packs a near-stock build at first glance. Under the surface though, you’ll find some cool additions. For one thing, the phone has tap-to-wake functionality. For another, swiping up on the test software brings Blackberry Hub, Blackberry Device search, and Google Search. We imagine there are at least a few other enhancements to be found with more digging.

While we still don’t know much about when the Blackberry Venice is coming, the fact that Baka got its hands on a test unit indicates that an official release might not be terribly far off. Again, special thanks to Baka Mobile! You can learn more about the company by following their Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or heading to their website. With a history going back 30 years, Baka Mobile is a trusted mobile retailer based in Toronto, Canada. If you’re in Canada, and you’re looking for a new device or accessory, we recommend giving Baka a try!

What do you think, excited for the Blackberry Venice?

  • NamelessStar

    Can’t wait been wanting an android BlackBerry so I can keep the pkb and BlackBerry productivity suite. It’s annoying as hell to tech hack a bb10 to get apps I need.

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Looks awkwardly tall with the keyboard flipped out.

    • Joao Oliveira

      Does that bother you? size mattter when’s in your pocket, but since the keyboard is retractable, is no problem at all

    • ac

      On a touchscreen only phone, I’d see where that would be very awkward, but the fact that the keyboard also acts as a trackpad (of sorts) to allow you to scroll up and down…I think that makes it extremely compelling. Typically, when clicking on an area to type (for any touchscreen smartphone), you end up losing viewing area, but since there’s a physical qwerty on this, there will at least be more viewing area when viewing anything in portrait. What I’m most curious to see is use in landscape mode and whether the biometric touch function will auto-adjust based on screen orientation; In addition to that, I’m wondering if it will be much more awkward using in landscape with the keyboard still open.

  • Paul_Wb

    Cannot wait for the Blackberry android experience

    • I don’t want to see any of the Blackberry in it. I just want a ‘droid with an actual keyboard. This is the first time in years.

      • Joao Oliveira

        The keyboard is touch sensitive, wich is patented by blackberry. You’ll be also missing on the “Hub”, wich is basicly the single best experience for email and messaging you can have on a smartphone.

        • Does the Hub force you to use conversation view?

          I’m fine with BB stuff as optional android apps.

          • No, of course, it does not force you. It’s BlackBerry … they practically invented mobile email and are straight forward with it ;)

          • Preston Scheuneman

            The hub on BB10 has an option for conversation view or not, so it’s probably a safe bet to assume they’d do the same in their Android implementation.

          • As long as it is turned off by default, I’d try it. Gmail app has conversation view forced on, and is rendered useless as a result: conversation view means a random scrambled inbox and lost emails.

          • Preston Scheuneman

            The hub will reindex everything if you switch the option, so nothing will get scrambled.

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  • Daggett Beaver

    Fingerprint sensor?

  • Diamen91

    wow, it looks damn interesting! :) but why is the bottom left corner of the screen always covered, in every single leak image and video?

    • Daggett Beaver

      Evaluation units have a picture of Hillary Clinton there. I’m very thankful they cover it up.

      • Diamen91

        Are you serious? Why is that so?

        • Plazmic Flame

          LOL! It’s blocked out because there’s a sticker that has the IMEI which is an identification number for the device. This is blocked out so BlackBerry can’t “back-trace it” and find out who leaked the device.

          • Diamen91

            Oh, I see…thank you :)

      • That’s the new Blackberry Cankle.

        I think the BBBernie will outsell it, though.

  • canalac

    The most… The tactile keyboard… Swype left you delete… Scroll up and down… And if you rotate the phone with keyboard opened i hope you can have some extra function (video, games, etc)

  • idk

    No curved display?

    • Plazmic Flame

      Look harder Billy….

    • Joao Oliveira

      It’s curved. The orignal owner of this video already confirmed it on the comments of his video. The plastic film protecting just doesn’t make it easy to spot

      • idk

        Thanks man.

  • Tom Bennett

    I am really am interested in this device but also I am really worried about the pricing. come on guys I’m a big kid waiting for Santa, spill the beans

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      Ya – it’s a premium spec phone so don’t expect $200. I think it will be priced similar to a Galaxy 5.

      • Tom Bennett

        that is what i fear, looks like i will be priced out of the bidding. shame

        • Which means you will wait a little while, and look for a real good refurb/used one. Like I did for my S5 not too long after it came out, and paid far less than new.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Pretty sweet looking phone. Now that is something that stands out in the market. I know a lot of people that miss their old Blackberrys but would never buy a Blackberry again.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Looks like many will now, BlackBerry always made great and nice looking hardware but the software was always what was lacking. Now, they’ve combined the best of both worlds. I think we’ll see lots of people jump on this device when it comes out; old and new alike.

    • Eroda

      had a pearl and a curve but it just seems like BB lost their way over the years old man still only buys BB he got a Z30 the OS on that phone is un-usable for me i just want to smash it to pieces every time i have to do something with it

      • Preston Scheuneman

        Hmm, I’m the opposite. I love BB10 and I’m going to really miss it. I couldn’t stand using the Nexus 6, even though there were a lot of nice things about it.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Yeah….. I’m buying it!

  • Even a lousy hardware keyboard is better than the awful on-screen ones.

  • Bruce Banner

    Tutorial popups were BlackBerry 10 which looks promising. Don’t know about that popup to open the hub or device search, surely they’d give users instant access like on their original BlackBerry 10 o.s devices. Really hoping the active frames kick in when the user minimises an app. And I really hope swiping right still goes back to what the user was doing in the hub last. Still really want to be able to differentiate between whether or not I want to go back to what I was doing or instantly save a draft and start a fresh. Activating the virtual keyboard looks a bit more hidden than it should. Really hope I don’t need to keep a full blown assistant icon on the home screen.

    This video didn’t answer my questions. honestly, who cares about volume rockers and where the sd card goes?

  • Fufu

    Wow yeahh finally touch sensitive keyboard, a sexy phone. Can use both physical keyboard and virtual keyboard, hope so.

  • Litli-Jón Michelsson

    I’ve expected this smartphone when my BB Torch broke, when the first BB10 went out. But, I’ve switched to low-cost Androids that cured me of physic keyboard. I’m sure Barack Obama will love it.

  • ac

    Only details that I need to see are physical dimensions (e.g. size comparison to other 5.5-5.7 phones) and pricing. While it does look extremely sleek (probably sleekest smartphone I’ve seen w/ a physical qwerty), hard to tell where it compares in overall physical size to the G3, G4, Note 5, S6 Edge+, One Plus 2, Xperia Z5 Premium, etc. For those that have had experience with Blackberry in more recent times, what’s the typical pricing range for off contract purchase?