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On January 8, BlackBerry updated the Priv’s camera app in the Google Play Store. But what exactly is in this update? Let’s take a look!

The What’s New notes proudly announce that the Priv’s camera now has widescreen (16:9) capabilities, and that performance has been made significantly faster. There are now indicators for when HDR is active and when the app detects that you’re shooting in low light. Improvements have been made to Peek Preview, and auto-focus has been made a little bit more discerning. So that’s pretty cool, right?

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Marshmallow coming to the BlackBerry Priv sometime in Q1 2016

January 6, 2016

Some BlackBerry Priv owners might be scratching their heads at this point, because widescreen shots have been available since mid-December. In fact, none of these features are new at all! A closer looks reveals that this changelog is identical to the one accompanying the December 14, 2015 update. So what’s new about the camera? Well, your guess is as good as ours! It might be worth pulling up your camera and seeing if you can spot what’s new. If you discover anything, let us know in the comments!

The rationale behind making system apps available in the Play Store is that it lets manufacturers get firmware updates to users much faster than over-the-air updates, which all have to go through an approval process with carriers. To upgrade your BlackBerry Priv’s camera and receive all the mysterious, undocumented improvements this update offers, click the button below to download the latest version.

So yeah, if anybody is in the mood for a scavenger hunt, please feel free to report on any differences you can find between this version and the last!

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  • John Doe

    My thinking is that not everybody does the upgrades presented to them, I know I have seen several
    co-works that have several OS updates waiting to get installed but never done for one or the other
    reason. This way the camera app update will most likely get upgraded (still not guaranteed) to the latest
    build. Kind’a like to old adage that there are several ways to skin a cat .. lol

  • James Ickes

    This site is almost to the point of unbearable. Can’t look at a single story without getting plastered with ads

    • Mohamed Salim

      use the app there are no ads and also the website is not covered by ads if you hate ads like me use adblock on chrome or facebook

    • Nookiezilla

      AdGuard Masterrace.
      It works perfect without root.

  • James Ickes

    the App would be ok but if I click on an article within Facebook it doesn’t give me the option to open with the app like some others do. and ad blockers seem to slow everything down on my phone,Haven’t used one in awhile so maybe I’ll check it out. I understand the need for ads but when they affect the experience that’s not good.

    • derk p


  • raven myers

    Probably a bug fix

  • Bruce Banner

    It’s BlackBerry’s first android camera app. Users should expect updates and constant improvement.

    Their apps will only get better with time.

    Here’s hoping they make a BlackBerry android browser and file manager also.

    Chrome, firefox and opera simply just doesn’t cut it.