It has been a good year for apps. We didn’t see as many game changing releases as we have in prior years. However, we have seen plenty of app genres expand and grow to give people more options than ever before. We also saw a lot of apps that takes new concepts and makes them easier for other people. It’s been a lot of fun for app devs this year so let’s take a look at the best Android apps released in 2016.

adobe photoshop fix best new android appsAdobe Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Sketch, and Comp CC

[Price: Free (may require Adobe CC subscription)]
Adobe released a handful of Android apps this year. Instead of putting them individually on the list, we’re going to group them all together. The biggest releases included Adobe Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Sketch, and Adobe Comp CC. The first is a photo editing app that gives you some pretty decent tools and controls to fix your photos. Photoshop Sketch is a drawing app with a few pro-level features. Finally, Comp CC allows you to create designs that can then be ported to other Adobe apps. They all work pretty well, although you may need a Creative Cloud subscription to utilize their full features.
Download Adobe Comp CC here!
And download Adobe Photoshop Sketch here!

brave browser best new android appsBrave Browser

[Price: Free]
Brave Browser has an interesting history. Late last year, the popular Link Bubble browser was rebranded as Brave Browser. In late 2016, the app was re-rebranded as Link Bubble and Brave Browser saw a fresh release. This browser is based off of Chromium so the interface should be familiar for most people. It also comes with built-in ad block along with additional security and privacy features. It’s a solid browser overall and probably the best one that comes with built-in ad block.

brave browser best new android apps

chromer best new android appsChromer

[Price: Free / $4.54]
One of the big announcements at Google I/O was Chrome Custom Tabs. It’s essentially an instance of Google Chrome that opens as an in-app browser. Chromer is an app that essentially gives every app a Chrome Custom Tab. It works by intercepting links and then opening it up in its own Chrome Custom Tab instance. It’s a relatively simple app. Once you fire it up, you can forget it and it’ll just open web pages for you as you go. It also has a “webheads” feature that allows you to load websites in the background and open them later.

evie launcher best android appsEvie Launcher

[Price: Free]
Evie Launcher flew under the radar for much of 2016. For those who don’t know, it’s a minimal launcher that uses a no-app-drawer premise. You are instead given a slide-out, alphabetical list of your apps or you can search for them. It also comes with customization features to help make you feel right at home. It’s not as feature heavy as something like Nova Launcher, but it does have more options available than something like the Google Now Launcher. It’s pretty good and it’s also free.

evie launcher best android apps

flamingo for twitter best android appsFlamingo for Twitter

[Price: $2.49]
We don’t usually do social media apps for best of the year candidates. However, Flamingo for Twitter is just that good. It features comprehensive multi-account support that includes per-account theming options and settings. On top of that, the interface and layouts are customizable. There is also a good set of Twitter-specific features and the app just works really well. It’s a pay-once app like most Twitter apps, but it’s definitely worth it. Even in beta, it was one of the best Twitter apps out there.

flamingo beta best new android apps

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May 1, 2017

giphy best new android appsGiphy

[Price: Free]
After a long time of being simply integrated into a ton of other products, Giphy went ahead and released their official app. With it, you’ll have one of the most solid and reliable sources of GIFs on the entire Internet. The app is simply designed and takes a lot of design cues from the actual website. Thus, using both interchangeably provides a level of familiarity. You’ll be able to search for keywords or browse GIFs based on the pre-made categories by the site. If you use or enjoy GIFs whatsoever, you’ll want to give this one a chance.

giphy best new android apps

google allo best android appsGoogle Allo/Duo

[Price: Free]
Google Allo and Duo caused quite a stir when they were released. After all, we had been waiting for them for months and what we got wasn’t quite what we expected. Even so, over the course of the last few months, both have become pretty decent chat platforms. Duo’s primary strength is its ease of use and cross-platform support. Allo boasts the only non-Pixel way to access Google Assistant. We expect them to get a lot better as time goes on so even if you’re not interested now, keep them on your radar.

isotope best new android appsIsotope

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Isotope is an education app. Its purpose is to show you facts and data about the periodic table of elements. It does so quite well. It features information on 118 elements, theming, high quality images, no advertising, a search feature, and a temperature unit chooser. The free version comes with some basic info while the pro version offers an additional theme and more detailed info on every element. It’s a bit niche, but the design of this app is impeccable and it’s definitely the best at what it does.

Quik best android appsQuik

[Price: Free]
Quik is a simple video editing application that was was released by GoPro. It takes a simpler approach to video editing. You’ll take a bunch of clips and the app will try to thread them together into a fun little highlight reel of sorts. This can, of course, be shared on social media when you’re done. It comes with some editing options and you can do some of the cutting yourself. It’s not a full featured video editing tool, but it’s definitely good enough for mobile use most of the time.

parceltrack best android appsParcelTrack

[Price: Free / $2.99]
ParcelTrack is a fun little app that helps you track your packages. It works by taking tracking numbers and then keeping a detailed list for you to check back on when you want to. It supports most carriers around the world and it’s a good place to put all of your shipments into a single spot. You get a decent amount of features in the free version while premium users also get push notifications, a barcode scanner, syncing between Android devices, and more. It’s a must have if you ship or receive shipments regularly.

parceltrack best android appsSKR

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January 10, 2017

prisma best new android appsPrisma

[Price: Free]
Prisma was one of this year’s most viral apps. It hit the scene and was so popular that the app’s servers crashed. For those who don’t know, Prisma is a photo filter app that uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to rebuild your photos from the ground up with these new filters. Admittedly, the results aren’t as awesome as the tech behind it sounds, but you do get a selection of some pretty unique filters that people seem to really enjoy.

skrwt best new android apps january 2016SKRWT

[Price: Free / $0.99]
SKRWT bills itself as an advanced photo editing and camera app. It’s big draw is its in-app extensions that allow for even more advanced editing tools. They are called MRRW and 4PNTS which allow for things like perspective correction, mirror effects, image manipulation, and more. It’s not as loaded with tools as some photo editing apps, but it does have some fairly unique tools that nobody else really has. You can get the app for free and the various plugins will require in-app purchases in order to get.

skwrt best new android apps january 2016

swipe for facebook best android appsSwipe for Facebook

[Price: Free / $2.99]
Swipe for Facebook is probably the best Facebook alternative out there. Its claim to fame is its customization. On top of having theming support, you can also change the layout of the app to make it work how you want. You can make it it look more Google+, for instance. As a whole, it works pretty well or at least as well as can be expected as a third party app to a site that hates third party apps. You can pick it up for free and check out and there is a separate app for those who want widgets.

Swipe for Facebook best new android apps

trusted contacts Android Apps WeeklyTrusted Contacts

[Price: Free]
Trusted Contacts is a pretty awesome little app from Google. The basic premise is that you use it to assign yourself trusted contacts. Those contacts can then ping the app as to your whereabouts if they think you’re in trouble. You can block the request simply by responding to the app in a reasonable amount of time. It likely isn’t great for everybody, but there are some situations where it can be great. For instance, having an older relatively who is ill or having a kid who is out trick-or-treating on Halloween. In any case, it’s completely free.

trusted contacts Android Apps Weekly

chrooma keyboard best android appsEditor’s Pick: Chrooma Keyboard

[Price: Free / $2.49]
Chrooma Keyboard is the biggest keyboard release in 2016. Its original claim to fame is its adaptive theming that changes the keyboard theme based on what app you’re using. Updates over the course of the year have added additional features to round out an already pleasant experience. The keyboard also does the basics, like gesture controls, auto-correct, and more. There is even a Night Mode along with a neural network-powered prediction engine. Its original release wasn’t all that impressive, but a steady stream of big updates over the course of the year kept making it better and better. Overall, we’re choosing it as the best Android app released in all of 2016.

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Joe Hindy
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  • Bombaglad

    allo and duo among the best apps released? you’ve got to be kidding…..

    • JosephHindy

      Why? They both work well and do the things they say they do. Duo is probably the best “video chat app” ever released.

      Just because you and others don’t like the features or the apps doesn’t mean that they suck. It just means you don’t like them. That’s fine. People don’t like the New England Patriots, but they certainly don’t suck.

      • GreaterLesser

        That patriots analogy – pure savagery. Allo and Duo are decent apps though.

        • JosephHindy

          The Patriots Analogy only works when the concept being talked about isn’t easily defined.

          Google Allo and Duo do what they’re supposed to do. So they very clearly don’t suck.

          • GreaterLesser

            I didn’t mean savage in a bad way just to clarify. I got quite a laugh out of that analogy actually. I also agree Allo and Duo do just what I need them to (thumbs up)

      • sanilaS siuL

        love the pats.

      • Bombaglad

        an app is only good if there is a use case for it. does anybody i know use either? no. the world doesn’t need another messaging app without sms fallback and a computer client. that’s why, although nicely made, allo amd duo are useless

        • JosephHindy

          So you’re saying an app is only good if it’s the only one that covers that use case? So everything released after AOL Instant Messenger is nonsense and terrible then right? Lol, come on man, that’s so arbitrary. Duo is Google’s FaceTime, except its cross platform and Allo is the only way for non-Pixel owners to use Google Assistant. There are your use cases.

          • Bombaglad

            you can’t read properly, can you? what i’m saying is, the market is full of messaging apps, and it is really tough to break into it with yet another app. a messaging app needs a user base, and it’s impossible to get one for allo, when there are better featured and better made alternatives.
            i can get over that “face time” thing, but assistant? have you tried it? it’s just a dumb bot that was taught how to google… you get bored after two minutes with it, that is surely not a use case for allo (and you can get assistand on nougat roms via a build.prop edit, and on marshmallow roms with the help of n-ify)

            which leaves us with a simole chat platform nobody uses… i mean, i can’t even transfer the conversations between devices, why the heck would i not stick with messenger or whatsapp or whatever all my friends use??

          • JosephHindy

            I have used it extensively and it’s actually a lot of fun. Perhaps you haven’t taken the time to actually use it and learn about all the stuff that it can do. Saying that Assistant can be used on a rooted phone using no less than 2 mods (Xposed and N-ify, which is shutting down by the way) is meaningless. Allo is free and Assistant inside of Allo is free. You’re talking about a workaround that voids a warranty, installs mods, and takes hours for amateurs to complete to get a feature that is available right now, for free, to everybody.

            You don’t like it, that’s fine, but saying that it sucks because you don’t like it isn’t a valid reason for me (or anyone else) to change their mind. They’re good apps, they work properly, Google Assistant is a unique feature that other chat apps don’t have, Duo is simpler than any other video chat app available, they’re cross platform, and Google is probably going to make them better. These are facts, facts you can’t refute no matter how much you don’t like them.

            If you just wanna hate on stuff, that’s fine, but don’t use your hate to try to change my mind about stuff. Also, the insults aren’t necessary. We’re not 10 year olds on Facebook comment sections, that kind of nonsense is silly.

  • noh1bvisas

    i haven’t downloaded any of these.

    • Pranav

      only tried prisma, duo and allo. Will try some of these soon

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    I didn’t think any keyboard could woo me away from the Samsung default (on the Note 4), but I’m really liking Chrooma. Unless it starts doing something funky, I think I’m going to stick with it.

    • Bombaglad

      sadly it sometimes manages to mismatch colors… i’d like to be able to set a color manually
      still, the pro version is very good

  • KRB

    Thanks for the heads up about Swipe for Facebook! I checked it out and have really enjoyed using it, very fluid and customize-able. I had heard that the Facebook app for Android is a bit over the top in all the permissions that it wants and it’s a battery hog, so I’ve been using Facebook through my browser which can be a chore at times. Swipe is a lot easier…

  • Debopriyo Basu

    Hey Joe! Chrooma is now on a 60% anniversary sale,but I’m having second thoughts buying it. Firstly,it consumes 247 mb RAM,it drains battery quickly and most importantly,I never managed to get better predictions than GBoard on glide typing. But,I love the color adaptive feature. I also feel the clipboard feature a little “unsafe” because I use SafeInCloud Pro for password management,which needs to copy passwords to clipboard. What should I do? Kindly reply before the sale goes off! :-)