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Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.

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Developer Interview: Dace Howell of Avatron Software

by: Matthew SabatiniJuly 12, 2012

A lot of work goes into making an app. First, you have to come up with an idea. And not just any idea, your idea should be unique and fun if you want to make it big. Then, you have to put days, weeks, and months of work into development. Unless, of course, you were thinking about paying someone else to do it. In this case, your wallet would be feeling the pain instead of your brain. Finally, after you have chosen a price and done some competition research, you still have to pick an app market.

To give us some background and experience on the topic, we have invited Dave Howell, Founder and CEO of Avatron Software, to an [...]

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Parrot Minikit Neo is your Bluetooth assistant and car finder

by: Matthew SabatiniJuly 12, 2012

Texting and driving has been successfully banned in 39 out of 50 states in America. Therefore, Bluetooth control and “hands free” systems are becoming the standard. For example, Ford Sync by Microsoft is being placed in many of their newer cars. The price recently dropped to $295 which makes SYNC “the most capable and most affordable system on the market”. However, if you are not going to be purchasing a new Ford anytime soon, or you are looking for a less expensive option, Parrot’s Minikit Neo might be the choice for you.

The device has a simplistic and sleek design that attaches to the [...]

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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Ice Cream Sandwich update released

by: Matthew SabatiniJuly 10, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket has been out for over nine months now (it was released back in November 2011). At the same time, Android 4 ICS has been available since about the same time, giving carriers plenty of time to take care of the nitty-gritty bits of rolling out an operating system update.

Now, there are reports that the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket is finally getting the long awaited 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update. The reports have come from the XDA Developers forums, stating that Skyrocket users can get the update through Samsung Kies PC companion software. Android Police states that “rooted users would be advised to wait for a pre-rooted build of the update. [...]

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Scientists develop spray-on Lithium-Ion battery that could turn any surface into a power source

by: Matthew SabatiniJuly 10, 2012

With all of our gaming, constant email checking, and Facebook abuse, it’s a wonder that smartphone batteries can do the job all day. Researchers at Rice University have created a battery that consists of 5 layers, which can be applied by spraying to just about any surface. This new version of the battery will pave the way for more flexible devices and possibly even new types of designs.

To demonstrate the new technology, researchers applied the spray-on battery on nine bathroom tiles, which managed to power a set of LEDs that spelled out “RICE” for a full six hours. The [...]

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8GB is too little? Four easy ways to free up space on your Nexus 7

by: Matthew SabatiniJune 30, 2012

Just as you’re about to pre-order that brand spankin’ new Nexus 7, you have to make the decision. Are you going to get the 8GB version for $199 or upgrade to 16GB for $249?

Coming from a guy that doesn’t carry a whole hard-drive of music around, the choice was easy. I went straight for the 8GB model and sprung for that sweet dark grey cover. But let’s say you’re a music junky and like to download all of the top new movies, apps, and games. The 8GB on the base Nexus 7 model can get crowded fast, and unfortunately, there’s no SD card slot to extend the storage.

There are a few steps you can take to [...]

post image Android apps: online flash cards learning, on the go

by: Matthew SabatiniJune 29, 2012 has become a savior for students and learners everywhere. It is a fun and interactive way to memorize vocabulary lists. You can make your own flash cards or search through Quizlet for sets that were made by other people. But, with almost everyone and their dog owning a smartphone now, being able to take the flash cards on the go is just what Quizlet needed.

Here are a few cool apps that you can use to train your memory on the go with your Android device.

QuizYourBrain (Free)

After logging into your account, the app lets you create, study, edit, and delete terms. With its attractive interface and cool gestures, QuizYourBrain might just be able to [...]

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Check out the Nexus Q accessories (and some cheap alternatives)

by: Matthew SabatiniJune 28, 2012

Now that “the first social streaming media player” has hit the market, you are going to need some accessories to go along with it. Surely, Google has already offered speakers and speaker cables as recommended accessories, but we found it necessary to get more details and outline some other options.

If you haven’t already read about the Nexus Q, take a look at our article here.

Triad Bookshelf Speakers ($399)

Never mind the steep price of almost $400, these USA-made speakers were created specifically for the Nexus Q. They will be the perfect match for your social streamer, at about 13 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 7.32 inches in [...]

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Top 5 best social media apps for your Android smartphone

by: Matthew SabatiniJune 14, 2012

Ever since the explosion of Facebook and Twitter, social apps have become one of the most hotly sought after and downloaded categories for apps. From helping you to find new places in town to just chatting, this group of apps has it all for you and your friends. Despite the recent purchases of startup app companies (Instagram, Beluga, Meebo) by Google, Facebook and more, there are still plenty of notable social apps left in the market.

For the sake of introducing new apps, we have decided to exclude the most popular social apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Spotify).


LinkedIn, the professional network, is home to over 160 million [...]

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A look inside Foxconn, a major industry manufacturer [Video]

by: Matthew SabatiniMay 31, 2012

In February, ABC’s Nightline news visited Foxconn’s Zhengshou plant to expose poor working conditions and low wages. In addition, a reporter from the Chinese website iFeng recently visited the same plant and went on a tour with the Foxconn CEO.

The video starts off with Foxconn CEO Terry Gou taking the reporter on a helicopter ride of the Foxconn land. In addition to factories, Foxconn’s 5.6 square kilometers of land are used for living space and “wastelands”. These wastelands are “being reserved for further expansion of the plant”.

Unlike ABC’s report found below, this reporter [...]

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Google Glass slated for next year! [Video]

by: Matthew SabatiniMay 30, 2012


Over the past few weeks, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and other Google employees have been wearing Google Glasses out in public. This does not take into account their myriad of talk show appearances.

When Brin recently appeared on The Gavin Newsom Show, he was controlling the glasses on Newsom from a track pad on the side. Wired reports:

In the video, Brin navigates the system via a touchpad on the right side of the headset behind the display. He slides his finger forward and back to locate a photo he took of Gavin Newsom with the contraption. He then places the headset on Newsom’s face, and continues to [...]

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