Beta Ice Cream Sandwich Released for Notion Ink Adam Tablet, How to Included

by 2 years ago

A few weeks back, Notion Ink launched the Ice Cream Sandwich alpha for users of their Adam tablet. Considering its early stage, there were a few issues its users complained of. Thankfully, Notion Ink has listened to the feedback of the public and has done its best to release the beta version as soon as possible. This wait is finally over as Founder/CEO Rohan Shravan shared links of the beta files through the company’s blog. With this version, users improve the HDMI output and Wi-Fi problems they had with the previous update. In addition, users have access to full HD…

Pichai: Chrome for Android Missing Features are Coming Soon

by 2 years ago

The initial release of Chrome for Android raised mixed emotions from the public. While there were many who were pleased with the release, there were also quite a large number who voiced their disappointment for the missing features—including the desktop mode and full screen browsing, and perhaps even Flash. Previously, Google Chrome’s Senior VP Sundar Pichai has gone public by saying that these features are coming soon. Pichai has also promised that they will continue to make substantial improvements throughout the year. Still though, this is all understandable, because Google Chrome is still in Beta. Stay tuned to Android Authority and we’ll…

Sony Coming Out with New Android Powered Walkman Line

by 2 years ago

“Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years” said Ice Cube. I bet Sony is thinking the same thing. The first thing that enters my mind when I think of the name Walkman are, well, Sony Walkman’s. I remember feeling so cool having one of Walkman phones back in the day. It was a blast using the Walkman phone, but then it got outdated, and if you still used it, you were considered obsolete and on the dull-edge. Thankfully, Sony has decided to bring back the line and are calling it the NWZ-Z1000 series. This time around, the…

Panasonic 102P Headed for Japanese Carrier, No Word on a US Release Yet

by 2 years ago

After announcing that the Eluga will be announced in Europe, Panasonic is on a roll. The next device they are putting on the spotlight is the Panasonic 102p; slated for release on a Japanese carrier named SoftBank Mobile. Just like the Eluga, the 102p is a waterproof and dustproof Android smartphone that’s likely to impress people. Having a thickness of only 7.8mm and weight of 103g, the device has a slim and stylish design to match its personality. Specs The 102p also features a 4.3-inch qHD 960×540 AMOLED display. For optics, we’re looking at a 8.2MP camera with a front…

Is Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Set to Receive Webtop Dock Functionality?

by 2 years ago

The last time we talked about the upcoming Android 5.0, we had received reports that speculated that Jelly Bean is supposed be released in the second quarter of the year, which is difficult to believe. As the days passed, we got to learn more information about this new iteration of Android. Rumors now suggest that Android 5.0 Jellybean is to gain a few elements of the Chrome OS so that it can be optimized for tablets. This, in turn, has led many to speculate that it will be dual-bootable with Windows 8. Today, we have learned something else about Android…

LG Coming Out With Optimus L Line; Three Devices Headed for the MWC

by 2 years ago

If you’re keeping tabs on what to expect at Mobile World Congress, we have new information for you! After announcing the Optimus Vu, LG has added three more devices to their lineup called the L-Style category. According to LG, this new category refers to a ‘new design identity’ which showcases a ‘timeless design with finer details.’ The devices under this category all hold the 5 aesthetic elements which LG has set as a standard: Modern Square Style for a comfortable grip Floating Mass Technology for a slimmer look Seamless Layout for a more intuitive arrangement of keys Harmonized Design Contrast utilizing…

Sony Xperia S Leaked Photos Circulate the Web

by 2 years ago

After last night’s post on SmarTags app for the Sony Xperia S, we have even more exciting news for those waiting for the device (myself included). A few leaked photos of the device have been found by an Italian blog called Android HD blog. Sitting beside it is its smaller sibling, the Xperia U; which was previously called the Sony Kumquat. Compared with the Xperia S, the Xperia U still bears the name ‘Sony Ericsson.’ By now, you probably know that Sony Ericsson is no longer a unified brand. These devices are only called Sony now. Perhaps, Sony still plans…

Leaked Screenshots of Motorola Droid Razr Shows ICS, Authenticity Still Unverified

by 2 years ago

As of the moment, there are only a small number of devices that are equipped with the official Ice Cream Sandwich build. But with several manufacturers starting to update their devices, this number will change by the second or third quarter of the year. One of the devices that’s getting the update is the Motorola Droid Razr. In fact, a DroidRzr forum user under the name of ‘dragon974’ has shared a series of screenshots with the public. Many believe that these screenshots are that of the final ICS build on the Droid Razr. The usual features found on the ICS…

Moneto Provides Answer for Non-NFC Capable Devices

by 2 years ago

One thing I really hate about signing up with a two-year contract is not being able to change my phone when a new one comes out; especially if it is a lot better than the phone I’m currently locked with. With all this talk about NFC capability, it is understandable why there are so many people who are getting interested in joining this bandwagon. But if you’re like me who has to wait for another couple of years before changing your phone, what do you do? Fortunately, Moneto has addressed an answer to us! Moneto has made near-field communication chips…

BrailleTouch: The Solution for Eyes-Free Texting

by 2 years ago

Our friends and family members who are visually impaired now have a way to text us! An app developer under the name of Georgia Tech is in the process of creating an open-source app meant for blind people to communicate through SMS. Called BrailleTouch, it sure is a helpful app that will make enable anyone to text. The main feature of BrailleTouch is a 6 button set-up which basically explains the concept of ‘eyes-free texting.’ While the user types on these buttons, BrailleTouch reads out each letter and symbol from the English alphabet. Research has shown that users of the…