Apple Watch details: what you need to know about Android Wear’s biggest competitor

by: Andrew GrushMarch 9, 2015
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Apple revealed its first smartwatch back in September, but the Apple Watch models shown to the world back then were nowhere near final products. Six months later, Tim Cook’s company is finally revealing more concrete details on its wearables. Here’s what an Android fan should know about today’s Apple Watch announcement.

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A little background

Google had a six months head start in the smartwatch race, having announced Android Wear in the spring of 2014. The first Android Wear devices were basic “reference” models from Samsung and LG, that haven’t really made a lasting impression through their hardware or features. Motorola’s Moto 360 sparked more excitement thanks to its sleek design, while more recent models from LG, Asus, Sony, and Huawei have added refinement, style, and new features to the basic Android Wear recipe.

While the Android Wear ecosystem is developing steadily, there’s still something missing. Just over 700,000 Android Wear smartwatches shipped last year, according to market research, and it’s increasingly clear that people aren’t yet convinced they want a smartwatch, let alone need one.

Will Apple, with its unparalleled marketing acumen, be able to kick-start the smartwatch category in a way Google and its partners haven’t?

Here comes the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch will be available in three variants, and a variety of band configurations. Furthermore, all three models will be available in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, in an apparent effort to appeal to women (and/or just those with smaller wrists) and to offer more customization options. That’s something we wish we would see from Android Wear manufacturers as well, as their current smartwatches are largely geared towards men.

At the bottom of the price range is the Watch Sport, made of aluminum and covered with ion-strengthened glass, which is identical to the iPhone cover glass. This model will be available from $349 for the 38mm version or $399 for 42mm, meaning it will compete directly with current Android Wear and smartwatches running other OS, like the Pebble Time and LG’s experimental webOS-powered Urbane LTE. 

The Apple Watch Regular Edition is next up, swapping aluminum for stainless steel, and glass for sapphire. As you can imagine, pricing only gets higher from here, with the 38mm variant ranging from $549 to $1,049 and the 42mm variant from $599 to $1,099 — depending on your choice of bands.

With Watch Edition, Apple is really shooting for the luxury segment, offering 18K gold models. True to Apple’s premium demanding nature, the Watch Edition will be priced from $10,000. Yes, that’s the starting price. This particular model will only be available in limited quantities and from select retailers. We have to imagine “select retailers” could mean less of your Best Buy type stores and more of the type of establishments you’d buy high-end watches and jewelry from.


As far as functionality is concerned? The Apple Watch doesn’t feature just the interaction model based on swipes and taps that we all know from mobile operating systems and Android Wear. The mechanical crown on the side of the phone can be rotated to navigate through the installed apps, while the watch is able to differentiate between a simple tap and a hard press. There’s also some voice command integration, obviously thanks to Siri, which can be accessed by simply pressing on the crown.

In many ways, the Apple Watch experience remains largely the same as Android Wear, in that the device is meant to augment the smartphone experience, not replace it. You get all the messages you’d get on an iPhone with the Apple Watch and you get voice assistance, just like with Android Wear. However, one of the big differences in functionality is that you can receive calls on the Apple Watch, thanks to the built-in mic and speaker. For those keeping score, yes, that’s very similar to what we’ve seen with devices like Samsung’s Gear series and really nothing new.


During their initial announcement of the Apple Watch last year, battery life was an area where Apple remained rather quiet, leading folks to believe that this wasn’t going to be a strength for the Watch. As it turns out, Apple’s Watch is pretty average, coming in at about 18 hours based on “typical use”. That’s certainly nowhere as good as the Pebble or Pebble 2, and even many Android Wear watches can easily get up to two days on a single charge. Still, Apple’s Watch doesn’t appear to be much worse in this area than most of the competition.



Since it has been on market for a while, Android Wear is at an advantage when it comes to app support, but that doesn’t mean Apple doesn’t have a number of useful apps packed in and supported from day one. As you’d expect, several Apple staples will be coming to the watch including Siri, which can be accessed by pressing the crown, and even Apple Pay and Passbook. There’s also the ability to draw an animation on your screen and send it to other Apple Watch users, and plenty of other fun software tricks.

For those that need a nudge every now and then, the Apple Watch will also tell you when you’ve been sitting around too long

For exercise buffs, or those hoping to get a bit more active, the Apple Watch monitors your activity, measuring your pulse as you exercise. We imagine there are also a number of health-related apps and services on their way. For those that need a nudge every now and then, the Apple Watch will also tell you when you’ve been sitting around too long, and will remind you to get up and start moving. (My wife already nags me about that, so I don’t see this as a feature).

As for 3rd party apps, on stage Apple announced several including Twitter, MLB at Bat, American Airlines, Salesforce Wave, WeChat, Instragram, Uber and Bottom-line, pretty much all the biggest hitters should be here pretty close to launch day.

Wrap up

The Apple Watch will begin pre-orders on April 10th, with the watch set to arrive in 9 countries on April 24th, the United States included. While Apple doesn’t say specifically, this availability should apply to all three models. Of course, you’ll need an iPhone in order to use the watch, as Android compatibility isn’t offered.

As you can see, the Apple Watch doesn’t exactly break the mold, but it does offer a few changes like a digital crown, Apple services integration and plenty of premium options for those that want a smartwatch but still want to brag about how they paid nearly the price of an economy car for it. Is there anything for Android fans to really be jealous of here? The only thing I personally see is the addition of two watch sizes, for those hoping for a larger watch. Otherwise, same basic concept, higher price tag.

What do you think, impressed by the Apple Watch? Do you think it will take off?

Bodgan Petrovan contributed to the creation of this post.

  • Anonymousfella

    Here’s what you need to know: Its not impressive at all. So much hype for this by the mainstream tech media and it’s really nothing special. But since it has the apple logo, it’ll end up selling more than all of the Android Wear smartwatches combined.

    • You’re anonymous because you’re scared that your govt-issued opinion will be hated by people who can really see. Reveal yourself before posting next time.

      • RockMarz

        Shut the f up you trolling cock in mouth idiot

        • Wow, you hate gays? Stupid samsung fans.

          • ddd

            Samsung has better innovation and creative for products. What apple can do? NOTHING

          • sir the 2th

            Did you just use the words “samsung” and “innovation” in the same sentence? What planet do you live on good sir?
            Not that apple has anything to do with innovation since sony released its first smartwatch like 5-6 years ago.

          • ddd

            It means apple can’t do nothing.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Double negative.
            What you have said Is:. Apple can do everything.
            Glad to see how much you admire Apple.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Name these innovations that are not copied from Apple or an independent Apple developer?

            Name one creative thing they have done?

            I believe it cost Sammy $1bn to innovate the iPhone after the iphones release.

            They also lost in South Korea where they share ownership of the country with LG.

            This is a moot argument, the law has already dealt with this and we all know who lost that….

      • John Garlits

        Somebody needs a life.

        • Nice profile picture. You have no creative room to find out which devices are actually good, don’t you? You have one brand allegiance given to you by The Man. Try and break free from the system and stop being so blind. No offense, but my IQ is probably double yours.

          • John Garlits

            You are hilarious, at least to yourself.

      • Anonymousfella

        You’re a charming person.

    • [A]dri[A]n

      So true. Just slap that Apple logo on any piece of crap and it’ll sell.

      • MattEgansHairLine

        As opposed to slapping AndiWear on kinder egg prizes and not selling it?

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Here’s what you need to know:

      The comment from MorRoids and Search-Engine Fanbois are pure hyperbole.

      They know no one is buying Andiwear because of the cheap looks and feel.

      Everyone knows Andiwear only happened because of the rumour of an Apple Watch.

      And everyone with more than one brain cell worked out that AndiWear, just like AndiPhones, would have to change their clunky UI and try to imitate whatever Apple had coming; ie a mechanical additional UI.

      And Similarsung has just announced the next wearable they make will mimic Apples UI…
      …fake shocked expression!

      Just look at AndiPhones when they copied Blackberry, then Nokia, no one wanted them so them jumped in bed with similarsung and copied Apple (even after their own lawyers told Similarsung not to blantly copy Apple, Google just followed suit).

  • I strongly believe that the apple watch is literally the best thing in the world. It is the epitomy of all invention and our world is nothing without it. If Steve Jobs was alive, I would kidnap him and turn him into a demonic shrine that I could pray to until my demise. Hail APPLE. All who disagree will die in time.

    Upvote if you think Steve Jobs was a great man.
    Downvote if you think cancer is good.

    • Geko

      Dude, go troll somewhere else, your drivel is so shallow it’s not even annoying…

      • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, unless its for apple, where it’s always beautiful.

        • Shadow

          iPhone and the iWatch will never beat an Android. They run too slow and have little to no customization to use. Android FTW. Plus my G3 is 3x faster than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Also, this is mostly Android. So leave Apple Fanboy.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about, no one wants AndiWear, about 300,000 more wanted the Apple Watch in one day than Andi managed in a year.

  • dejf

    And Ive would tell you “you don’t need the extra battery juice in your watch, just wear it and show people that you have it.” and how stupid you are that you pay super extra for less :)

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Yes, and users are finding that the battery last on average 50% longer than jony stated.

      They also are finding that jony said it was not waterproof, but has no issue being submerged and used while swimming.

      Every review has stated that the watch is the only wearable that has the build quality and design that is makes it a piece of jewellery.

      So every review, fact, test and sales figure show how little MorRoids really know about anything!

  • Look at all these people who are “not at all impressed”. Probably because they are poor scrubs that can’t afford a high quality Apple watch. Android is the reason you’re poor, it has no capabilities to do ANYTHING. Apple is vastly superior.

    Downvote if you think cancer is good.

    • turdbogls

      uh, its not impressive for one reason alone….Price.

      for the watch I would want to wear on a daily basis (42mm, with a decent band) I am looking at $600 minimum. that costs nearly doube what my current phone (oneplus One) costs and would still be equal to my phone and a moto 360. that is absolutely rediculous.

      an accessory for a gadget should not cost close to what your phone costs.

      outside of that, its an interesting product for sure….but the prices are just crazy high. people that buy this seriously have too much money on their hands….

      • Haha, he’s poor.

        • turdbogls

          that may be so, but I’m also smart enough to not waste my hard earned money on this

          • Good point I guess. Try the sex industry, it pays good money.

      • MattEgansHairLine

        Could be worse, you could have been stupid enough to fall for some of the biggest marketing budgets and bought an S6 with a higher price than the iPhone but with only two years of software support instead of Apples four.

        50% of the life for more money.

        • diverdent

          IPhone 6 has 2012 specs so it’s gone

          • MattEgansHairLine

            2012 specs, so are you saying that Android is now five years behind, I would have said roid is only two years behind, using off-the shelf parts supplier by ARM.

            And who had to get roid 64-bit compliment? Google? No Intel.

            So Googles mobile business model is more like last century deals. If it weren’t for ARM and Intel, you’d still be 32-bit.

            Well I guess someone has to fall for the biggest marketing budgets of tech and not far off the beauty industry.

            They are treating you like self-conscious Cosmo readers!

          • MattEgansHairLine

            …that professional analysts have clocked around 200m units sold and they will probably sell about another 50m by the time the 6s comes out.

            How’s the S6 selling?

            How’s AndiWear doing? Any closer to matching in one year what Apple did in one day?

        • theemptyhead

          Actually apples support is for 2 years. 3rd and 4th years software update is to make your phone slow and laggy to force you to upgrade your device.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Really, because I went from a release date iphone 4 to a 6, as the majority of others did, the rest were people returning after being trapped on a contract with the SIII who, after being tricked into buying roid, came back by the millions.

            And with the iPhone 4 after four years, I had less lag than a new roid!

            How much is the S6? How long is the built in obsolesoce?

          • theemptyhead

            My 3gs started lagging when i updated to the latest version at that current time when 4s was released. And my 4s started lagging at the time when 5s was released. Forgot which ios version it was. So, you saying your iphone 4 is not lagging even now??? Stop lying dude…

          • MattEgansHairLine

            It performed like each years Samsung top of the range Galaxy phone with eight cores and 2gb of ram, running the latest version of android.

            The only time I’ve had performance issues with a iPhone is when the free storage gets below 20%.

            The performance drops are not as your making out, why don’t you stop lying. The majority of iPhone users I know update every four years when software support falls off.

            The kids who update every year or two are just as the HaemorRoids call em, sheep. You’d have to be pretty stupid to fall for a marketing campaign that told you you need a new phone every year or two.

          • theemptyhead

            My brother installed custom rom on my mom’s galaxy s2 and it’s still running pretty decently. Apps like viber still loads instantly on her s2 but it takes almost 4 seconds just to launch the app on 3gs. Nobody in my house wanted to use that which is why I gave it the less fortunate guy on my neighborhood.
            Apple should not force us to update to their software that their hardware cannot handle it smoothly. Just take your time and think. If samsung allowed galaxy s2 to intall the latest android version lollipop then it’ll probably take more than 5 seconds just to launch an app.
            I haven’t seen anyone using 3gs anymore because it’s last update makes it so slow that it becomes almost unusable. Whereas there are still lot of people using galaxy s2 because it is still usable (crashes a lot on heavy apps but still usable).

        • turdbogls

          either way, I ( and I assume most others that would be interested in this product) would be upgrading every 2 years anyway, so this holds no value…at least to me. also, look at the nexus 4….its been upgraded about 2.5 years so far…it runs lollipop wonderfully. I have no doubts it will get the next bump as well…and if not, there is always the community to back it up….hell, the Galaxy nexus runs 5.1 just fine.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Really, because that means it has had updates faster and newer than all the newest Nixus products!

            Seems like bullshit doesn’t match your shoes.

    • Udayan Banerji

      “Downvote if you think cancer is good.”

      Do Apple a favor, don’t buy it’s products. If a company can be judged by its followers, you certainly will put them to shame.

      • My IQ is probably triple yours. I bet you can’t pronounce “Extravagent” you imbecile. This is why people think Samsung is bad. In fact, I can tell you’re dumb because you can’t use apostrophes.

        • flamencoguy

          You can’t spell. “Extravagant”. get a new spell checker on your iOSh’t.
          Jony Hives (intended) is your master.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            By using your parameters, he is also the master of Google, every Andi OEM, Andy rubins, Chris desalvo, Microsoft, sergy Brinn, Larry page and Eric Schit, ad infinitum…

        • ddd

          Samsung isn’t bad company because products has fastest processor and camera, better os. Apple has 1.2ghz or 1.3ghz or 1.4 ghz with dual and 1 ram like ipad has. This is why apple is extremely bad. Apple Sucks no matter what.

    • Freddy Born

      cancer is fucking awesome you miserabel piece of shit!

    • Cancer for you is an attractive prospect. Look everyone on this site chose android over apple( and they made the right decision).
      No matter what you do, you can’t change anything. I suggest you go back to your Macrumors cave and resume praying Jobs and Ive.

    • theemptyhead

      I guess you were in that situation once when you couldn’t afford an iphone. After a lot of struggle you finally was able to buy one. And now you think you’re in level with all the rich people. And looking at your own past you think only poor people cannot buy apple product.

  • turdbogls

    so, as an average male, looking to buy a smartwatch (lets just pretend I have an iPhone 6 that I just bought for $700) I would be looking at…..$600 MINIMUM for the watch I want (dont want the sport watch, looks tacky) so my combo is $1300. Wow.

    I can get a high end android phone, and a high end wear watch for half of that.

    I’m glad I’m an android Fan.

    • More like android slave.

      • turdbogls

        I wuold have no problem buying an iPhone if it were cheaper, didn’t require iTunes, and was more customizable. I’m an android fan because I like change…the most change I can do on an iPhone is change the wallpaper and icon layouts without jailbreaking it.

    • ddd

      I am a biggest android fan like samsung phones because they have better os and faster processor, and camera. Galaxy s6 and s6 edge will crush iphone 6(garbage phone).

      • cozybop

        How can you make such a statement when you even held the S6, for all you know, the S6 has shitty battery life.

        • theemptyhead

          And how do you know s6 has shitty battery life when you haven’t even held one?

          • Cody Leslie

            He didn’t claim to know that. He said “for all you know” referring to ddd. He made no claims directly.

          • theemptyhead

            ddd didn’t mentioned about s6’s battery. So, how can you claim to know what he know what ddd know?

          • Cody Leslie

            I know because I understand the American expression “for all you know”. I’m unsure if there is a language barrier between us or maybe just a difference of region but that expression is used to imply that the person doesn’t know what they are taking about.

          • cozybop

            Oops I forgot to add may in that sentence, but I’ll stil bet on the battery life being shitty on the S6.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Well done!

            Reports are now surfacing that the S6 has about half the life under stress than an iPhone 6, and about the same left on a table.

          • cozybop

            Well there ya go. Battery life should be more in focus when building a smartphone. A lot of these manufactures forget about such things, they’re all more about CPU, RAM and such and not give a care about optimizations to get battery life past 24 hours. Look how good the Droid MAXX does? When are they going to release another one though?

          • theemptyhead

            English is not my native language so, i won’t try be a smart ass about english idioms. But if he would have used ” for all i know” or “for all we know” then that would have meant that he was not sure. He used “for all you know” which means he’s trying to tell ddd doesn’t know about the battery.

    • Curious George

      I have 2 Questions:

      1) Why is Andrew writing about Apple stuff here. Hmm.
      2) Why the heck do I “need” to know about an expensive Apple watch that I don’t really need in the first place.

      • thartist

        Know your enemy.

      • MattEgansHairLine

        For the same reason you compare every Roid phone to the benchmark: the iPhone.

        For the same reason you compare every roid tablet to the benchmark: the iPad.

        For the same reason you compare every laptop to the benchmark: the MacBook Pro.

        For the same reason you compare every netbook to the benchmark: the MacBook Air.

        For the same reason you compare every set-top box to the benchmark: AppleTV

        And now the same reason you compare every roid/Tizen wear to the benchmark: the Apple Watch.

        • Getagrip

          I think Samsung is the benchmark now. :)

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Really, android authority seems to think all Apple products are the benchmark.

            MorRoids only compare roid to iOS.

            Off the shelf parts that MicroMax use are the same as Samsung parts. Same off the shelf CPUs.

            And the s6 is a bad copy of iPhone 4

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Lets do the maths based on your numbers on say four years of ownership, okay?

      Galaxy S6 (high end andy reported on AA as $50 more than an iPhone) = $750 x2 (Google and Sammy terms & conditions state andy only maintain certain devices for a maximum of two years).

      Lenovo 360 ( I’m guessing the cheapest one!) $250 x2 (I’m being fair as andy only support for a max 2yrs, but seeing as the cpu is 4-5years old and hasn’t been supported by TI for two years, it will likely be a year).

      My calculator makes that $2,000 compared to your figure for Apples hardware; $1,300, thanks for making Apple look cheap, about a third cheaper than Andy ownership.

      Glad I know basic maths. (And Googles built in short term obsolesoce policy, those green announcements by Google look more like lipstick on a pig now really with the junk-churn.)

      • AvalancheRyder

        Why is he replacing the Android devices after 2 years but not the Apple devices?

        • turdbogls

          because android devices are only updated for about 2 years and apple devices are updated for about 4…and after that 2 years is up, the phone becomes worthless….duh.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            18 months!

          • turdbogls

            the galaxy S4, LG G2, and nexus 4 would beg to differ…but what do I know.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            The s4 got its update to 5.0.0 this week, so looks like the calendar app is another issue for roid, again the S4 is less than 18 months old, can’t be bothered to correct you on the others, and several ‘I’m an expert’s’ have already tried and failed to prove those 18 month old phones are get updates.

            Also ever thought of readings he T&Cs from Google? Didn’t think so!

          • turdbogls

            yeah, i have read the T&C from google…so what…..again, WTF does this have to do with anything?

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Googles policy of dropping hardware as soon as possible has nothing to do with it’s true cost vs RRP? Which is the false premise of your argument.

            Also an average user, either male or female have proven that you just state rubbish and do not understand what consumers want.

            If you were right, andiwear would have sold more in a year than Apple Watch sold in a day, but that is not what has happened, the opposite is true. Apple sold over 900,000 units in one day vs AndiWear selling just 720,000 in the previous year.

            Shit, even Tizen did better and has a higher regard amoung users than roid.

            This shows again that you present falsehoods and random opinion as fact when really you use fantasy as fact and drive more roiders to iOs with every lie you propose.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            What do you know? jack shit.

            The s5 got 5.0.0 two weeks ago (November 2014 update), I would bother to look the others up, but you claim three phones (and one of those I know you got it wrong).

            How’s the Nixus 6 that’s been dropping wifi for the last six months


            Another MorRoid showing the world how little he knows, again!

          • turdbogls

            Galaxy S4 release date: April 29, 2013

            the G2 I’ll give you, thought it was released earlier, August 2013…21 months though.

            and WTF does the Nexus 6 have to do with anything? the 2 people i know that have one have zero issues with it. Want me to start picking out random iPhone issues?

            the name calling really shows the maturity here.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            You started the name calling.

            And no, you have been posting like a 13 year old for months now, ranting incoherently and making shit up.

            And checking facts before making false claims is mature, what you do is immature.

            Maybe you should put into the search field on AAs homepage ‘nexus 6 bending issue’, then read all the roiders comments left about self-bending devices and no customer service and Google refusing to issue return codes and refusing to replace self-bending devices.

            Nexus should be called Nixus.

      • turdbogls

        like I said to your other post. most people interested in a product like this are going to upgrade every 2 years. there are plenty of good $350 phones out there as well, which, even by your calculations still puts it at $100 cheaper over 4 years. and this way you are getting the latest tech every 2 years instead of dealing (yeah, dealing, because even though its updated for 4 years, doesn’t mean the experience is great) with old hardware for half of that time.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Lmfao, you HAVE to upgrade every two years, you have no idea choice.

          • turdbogls

            where did I say they HAVE to upgrade? not many people hold onto a phone for over 2 years these days. and the ones that do, aren’t into tech, and probably wouldn’t be buying this watch anyway.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            I have been ‘into tech’ as a job since 1989, only a beginner buys everytime the carrier wants them too.

            What century do you think you live in? Everyone is ‘into tech’ and no one wants AndiWear. If you’re referring to IT Departments, they are Luddites who still extol XP.

            Sales are better of Tizen than Andi.

            Both combined can’t match Apples one day of Apple Watch.

            The people you refer to were the ones who claimed the iPad would fail because of no flash/keyboard/price, that no one would buy an iPhone because it was too expensive/no keyboard/no flash and that Apple will collapse in [insert year between 1976 to today].

          • turdbogls

            Everyone is ‘into tech’ no, no they arent. my mom, my dad, my brother, my wife, 90% of my friends…they are not into tech. all they really care about is calling/texting/social apps. very few poeple know what version of android or iOS they are running and how it differs from the previous version.

            the apple watch has actually surprised me with sales. its done a lot better than I expected. I can’t figure out why…but i have a feeling its because its the new apple gadget.

            the reviews haven’t been great on it…yet here we are….

          • MattEgansHairLine

            What do you think they are using for that.

            Love you littlesoftie, we’d all be using typewriters if people like you ever got to run anything.

            You need to catch up with this century.

          • turdbogls

            again, WTF are you talking about? I love tech, I love smart watches. my original post was about how I’m not willing to spend $500 on a watch when my phone (which is infinitly more capable) costs $200 over that.

            10 posts later you still have your head up your ass. i have no problem with the apple watch and people that buy it…i just think that people are buying it for a reason outside of its initial intentions as a tech product. is that so hard to understand?

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      im an apple fan (not a fanboy), but still i’d never go for such garbage! Hoping for androidware to be compatible with ios soon.

    • Darktanone

      A high end Adroid phone and a high end Android wear device is the equivalent of buying a premium Hyundai car and taking a date to MacDonald’s for dinner. It’s cheap, practical and you’ll have fun and enjoy yourself.… And I’m sure, in your own way, you’re making a statement. However, it’s not aspirational for those outside of the Android sphere. We want more and are willing to pay for it! There’s a place for the get-it-for-half-price mentally, just not in all cases.

      • turdbogls

        WFT are you even talking about? a high end android phone is just as good a phone as an iPhone is. its all preference anyway. I like the iPhone aesthetically, but the OS is just not for me, so I will never buy one. the watch on the other hand….I’m surprised they actually made it…its literally the first apple product I DON’T like the look of….its a joke, and the price they are charging is a joke. when motorola, asus, and LG can all put out better looking watches, and still use metal, and undercut this…..thing… over $100….you know you are just paying for the name/logo.

        you may be OK with that, but I’m not.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          You have no taste if you truly believe that the Lenovo 360, the Asus bulldog licking piss off of nettles, and that LG urabane is a joke, looks like it came out of a cracker. just look at the random stitching on the strap of the urbane, and that is supposed to be luxury at $350. Research by these three companies into materials, zero. Research into hardware, Zero.

          Two of the newest ones use last years components and the Lenovo uses six year old CPU that hasn’t been supported for three years now.

          And you are not paying for the name, you are paying for lazy design and a wait to see what Apple does attitude to software, AGAIN

          • turdbogls

            taste is subjective man. I personally like the 360…all other ones….not so much…but I like them better than the apple watch.

            taste, its personal, some like flashy, some like minimalistic, some like rugged. everyone is different…sorry my personal opinions made you butt hurt.

            and here we are again…looking over all your past comments, I have no clue what you are saying. maybe there is a language barrier…i dunno…either way, I’m going to be the bigger man and just back down.

            you are right, I am wrong on everything, I really hope to not upset you in the future with one of my personal opinions. enjoy your watch, which ever one you end up spending YOUR hard earned money for. and have fun trying to change all the “roiders” minds.

          • Jarl

            everyone has taste. period.

  • Johnh24

    It looks a toy watch for your kids, they will like it.

    • You sound like a kid, so you should buy this watch, unless you’re poor.

      • LoveOranges

        I wish Steve Jobs was alive today to claim you as his sister from another mother

  • Thales

    I don’t care too much about the features of a smartwatch, but rather the looks. I don’t think this apple effort is beaultiful at all. And i’m a huge fan of apple designs. But this time..

    • ddd

      Apple is worst company in the market. They just suck.

      • cozybop

        $150 billion in cash reserves must be the new suck.

        • Freddy Born

          yeah, because most people are smart… :) (and no, i am not a apple or android fanboy)

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Well my friend, it turns out most people are stupid.

            In the UK The Sun newspaper is the Newspaper (i use the term loosely) that decides who will be the next prime-minister.

            And the fact that George W Bush managed to be elected twice shows it aint just Britain.

            Then take on board the young people joining ISIS.

            Add all that together and add the people who buy roid phones and then find out that they only get support for 18 months at the same RRP as an iPhone.

            Most people are very f******** stupid.

      • MattEgansHairLine

        Well that is hard to counter, except that Sergy Brinn is the kind of guy who managed to create the word glasshole just because he wanted to fuck Barros girlfriend.

        Or The Schit who claims that roid is the most secure OS while the world’s best security experts laugh in his face.

        Or page who has a bit of a stutter so everyone must hand over their medical records and DNA to a company whose only profit centre is your personal data.

        Yeah apples horrible and Google are saints.

        Search engine fanboys love to embarrass themselves.

  • ddd

    Blah! Blah! Blah! This article is too boring to me. Apple doesn’t have any technology and innovation. Apple’s products made from different companies such as display made from LG and camera made from Sony, and processors are made from other companies. Do you want to buy piece of garbage products? Apple made biggest mistakes to consumers like maps are blurry on iphone 4s and phone can bend all the time, and ios 8(copy from android os). WHAT ELSE APPLE CAN DO? NOTHING AT ALL.
    This watch looks like Dora explorer watch and this product is piece of garbage. I don’t care what apple is doing and apple is FAR FAR BEHIND FROM OTHER COMPANIES IN THE MARKET. For example, samsung made tons of watches and they have different design and features like gear s and gear 2. I am very happy samsung is doing right now, but apple SUCKS NO MATTER WHAT.

    • Freddy Born

      relax and have a drink or 10

    • cozybop

      Apple is about doing it right with technology, not doing it first. They’re about making technology not intimidating for the whole customer base. This is why Android wear is a nerd/geek product because regular Joes and Janes don’t want to touch it.

      • ddd

        Do you want to buy piece of garbage apple products which different companies made display and camera, battery and processor? Apple ios 8 copy from android os because apple can’t catch up. Apple doesn’t have innovation at all.

        • cozybop

          Car manufacturers do the same thing you moron. Ever heard of quality control. Name one other company that has been using finger print scanners for example on cell phones since they released their first model with one, and still uses them, none, because the first model didn’t work right and quit making another model with one.

        • Darktanone

          After what you just wrote, I am glad you prefer Android! Whew! Ghat die-yum, you is stupid!

      • Darktanone

        Preach, my brotha, preach! Amen

    • Darktanone

      Right now Samsung is suffering from their inability to innovate. Their me too Apple products knock-offs aren’t selling and they’re desparate to reverse their fortunes. They hope to do this by following Apple’s lead, again. You may not think Apple can innovate, but Samsung certainly does. You are the real example of a SHEEP!

  • Darktanone

    This watch is not for the Android crowd because, for one, it’s an Apple product. Further more it’s not cheap, doesn’t come stuffed with feature after feature after feature and doesn’t have specs to match a main frame. No, it’s none of that! So, off the bat, we know most of you will hate. As in the past, it will become the standard and the market for smart watches will suddenly take off. We all know this because it’s happened before! In my opinion, the design, OS, features and appeal are far above anything before it. Pebble got things going after being influenced by the iPod Nano watch faces and third party watch bands, and Android wear can boast being ahead of Apple or whatever, but it will never approach the sheer premium of the Apple Watch. Apple pay alone is a game changer on a watch. To be honest, no Android device maker could command a $10K price for a watch and be taken seriously. It just wouldn’t happen. This watch will sell because people love and want Apple products. That simple.

    • ddd

      Apple didn’t have game chager, but they are going to wrong direction.

      • Darktanone

        Redefining or disrupting a segment often means doing just that!

      • MattEgansHairLine

        So wrong that they sold over 200,000 more watches in a day than Andiwear managed in a year.

        Wish I had you next to me each time I make a bunch of money from my Apple shares.

        Maybe there are more issue to solve with your Andi calculator app?

    • Jarl

      no Android manufacturer would, in their right mind, charge 10k for a gold plated toy like this, not even the gold Huawei Watch will cost that much, looks like an actual watch and has a better UI

      people buy this crap because they fall for marketing tricks, don’t think for themselves and believe “apple is the best”

      apple isn’t innovating anymore, they’re the copycats now, overcharging clueless people

      • Darktanone

        And that’s the problem with these Android wear watches. They look like traditional watches. Some of them are beautiful replicas of what’s come before and that’s just plain boring to me. When you’re redefining or disrupting an entire industry, you have to take risks in hardware and software design. That’s the way forward. Google and it’s partners are playing it too safe and 700,000 sold in 2014, bears that out. In 2014 the entire smartwatch market saw sales of just under 5 million. Pathetic. So far none of these attempts have convinced potential consumers they need a smart watch. Their designs, software and marketing have collectively FAILED! Failed to define the market! Failed to win over consumers! Failed to spark interest, sales, etc! Failures left and right! Apple smart watch design will be the first to successfully define the market, spark interest and convince consumers they need a smart watch and see sales take off. Your comments about looks is just as short sighted as Google’s attempts in the smart watch segment and mobile pay.

        • Jarl

          my transformation is already complete, who are you trying to convince :)

      • MattEgansHairLine

        Are you being ironic?

        Andiwear has a better UI! Rotfl

        The Apple edition is solid 18k gold, not like your plated watch that uses secondhand kinder egg prize watch moulds! Lmaof

        Falling for marketing, now we all know your joking:
        Apple spent $1.4bn on marketing its whole product range, software, hardware, digital content , etc.

        As opposed to one Android partner spending $14.5bn on marketing phones, and Google refuse to publish their marketing budgets. We do know they spend at least half a billion on each devices promotion. They also sell themselves ads online, most observers note that googles ads are mostly for themselves at a rate of about 8 out of ten being for Google and roid.

        And if Apple over charge for bringing ARM CPUs to 64-bit two years before roid, get as Google stated: the only fingerprint scanner on the market worth using, which after being lambasted by Samsung and roid users, now is being copied by Samsung, while roiders have bought green contacts to look at iPhone owners touching into their phones.

        While Samsung bring out a phone with off the shelf parts all created by SRI, Sony, Apple and ARM.

        You had me going their til I realised you were a joker.

        • Jarl

          a pure gold toy then
          never bought a samsung phone by the way, nor could I care less about fingerprint scanners

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Good to see someone admit that everything they stated was wrong, not many MorRoids admit everything they state is bulls#it.

            I am making an assumption as you counter nothing and admit one of your ‘as told by googles marketing department’ falsehoods.

  • Jarl

    who cares
    -not compatible with Android
    -too expensive
    -those watchfaces are pathetic, even my year old Smartwatch 2 can do better
    -answer a phone call with speaker phone, a 30 dollar chinese knockoff can do that
    -18 hours, really? my Smartwatch 2 latest 3 full days, my Pebble Time Steel will do 7+!

    totally unimpressed

    • Darktanone

      That right there is the typical Android user at his best. Cheap, practical, buys 100% into the Android hype machine…Precisely the audience the Apple Watch does not cater to! You should have the little green Android guy stamped to your forehead, man! That would complete the transformation.

      • Jarl

        oh my, you say it like it’s a bad thing :)

        • Darktanone

          Transformation complete!

          • Jarl

            you’re next

          • Darktanone

            You say it like it’s a bad thing!

      • MattEgansHairLine

        Sorry Darktanone, you are wrong, they don’t buy the stuff they profess to know everything about, AndiWear sold less than Tizen last year.

        No matter how much they claim to buy Andiwear, googles profit line shows they they are all talk and no action.

        They will claim the S6 as the greatest phone ever, and not buy it.

        They are a bunch of wannabe bin men, burger flippers and school caretakers.

  • theemptyhead

    Getting notification on watch is very important thing in smartwatch. I am using my gear 2 for almost 1 year now. The most used function on my gear 2 is to receive calls, control music on my smartphone while walking on street using third party headphones. Checking notification and to check time. Other apps like calculator are not so usable in this tiny screen. And the battery lasts for only one day if i keep using other apps like svoice, heart rate monitor etc. It would have been great if samsung would have made it android. But the biggest problem is its battery life. I don’t use all the apps and functions that this gear 2 just because of the battery life.
    My point is these smartwatches are like accessory. So, it should not be so expensive like this iwatch until and unless it has the battery that can last very long and we can use its apps and function without any fear of draining battery. This expensive iwatch has only 1 day of battery life. That means no one can use its functions in fear of losing battery. So in the end it’ll just be used for checking time and nothing else.
    My suggestion would be to not spend more than $350 on these accessories until it has great batteries.
    And by the way the fun part is i can design my own watchface and make it look like rolex. lol.

  • Cody Leslie

    I seem to be the only one who gets good battery life from their smartwatch, outside of Pebble owners. I have a G Watch. The original, black slab one. I have the always on set to off, and the screen brightness on 5 out of 6. I can see it perfectly outside, and I charge it every 3-4 days. I literally don’t understand if I just get some ridiculously low amount of notifications or….

  • Seriously, I can’t see why anyone would buy it. Oh wait it’s apple.
    I doubt it will have the same features Google Now boasts of aka integration with Gmail etc.
    Why the hell would someone want to call from a watch?
    why the hell would I want to see photos on my watch?
    messaging from a watch, reading mails from a watch, ebay from a watch? Who are they kidding?
    And the new symbol messaging feature or whatever it’s called.
    I don’t mean to stereotype, but doesn’t it seem a tad girly?

  • Akki

    Is this shit made for ultra rich people…

    • Darktanone

      Is the $349 starting price too high for you?

      • Akki

        Sorry for being rude in that post, but owning a OnePlus One will definitely make the Apple watch a higher one!!
        Do u deny?

        • Darktanone

          No doubt Apple charges a premium for its products. My iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB cost $949, my iPad Air 2 128 GB costs over $750 and my MacBook Pro costs over $2K. So $349 seems like a bargain to me. It’s all perspective. From your point of view it’s the opposite.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          You have a common misconception about Apples price structure.

          Apple products may have a higher RRP than some roid devices, but they have a much longer useful life than a roid device.

          As an example, the S6 is purported to be the rival from roid for the iPhone 6.

          The S6 is more expensive than an iPhone, but as Googles state in their T&Cs, will be lucky to get the full 18 months of updates.

          iPhone 6 will get at least 24 months.

          So the iPhone has a useful life of four years, the S6 will be lucky to get the full 18 months.

          Also the resale price is another major reason to stick with Apple. Due to the update flaw, used roid devices are terrible value on the used market unless you give them away.

          Price and cost of ownership are drastically different for both OS’s.

          Their is only one clear winner.

  • DJ

    No matter how much any of us here in this comment section are saying how terrible this Apple Watch is, those general consumers of our world are just going to buy this crap just cause, “it’s Apple.”

  • jack

    if this sells they should do the same with there next iphone.