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Update, October 8: Thanks to our reader Mushfiqus, we now have Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA links for a number of eight Android One devices available in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Nepal. You will need to be on the LMY48M of Lollipop in order to install these updates. Here they go:

Original post, October 6: The time has come for Android 6.0 Marshmallow to finally start rolling out to Nexus devices and it seems that a number of first generation Android One smartphones are also receiving the speedy update treatment.

Android One Marshmallow update notificationWe have been told that Android 6.0 updates have been spotted for the Micromax Canvas A1 and Myphone Uno so far, and files for the rest of the series are probably on the way too. The update has already landed on devices in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, so keep your eyes open for an OTA update in the coming days.

If you don’t fancy waiting around for an OTA notification, you can also download the flash-able .zip file to install yourself from the links below. As always, please take the necessary precautions and make backups before flashing files yourself.

If you spot Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates rolling out for any other Android One handsets or in other countries, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks Mushfiqus Salehin.

Robert Triggs
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  • m192

    Cherry Mobile One (Philippines) – just updated mine to Android 6.0!

    • KARTH

      How is the update.
      Is there any change in UI.

      What are all the improvement you could see
      Please post here.
      How it has improved from 5.1.1

    • rdb0709

      CM ONE user here! Still not receiving an update :(

  • pavan gupta

    when micromax canvas a1 get OTA update of android marshmallow????

  • still no OTA for AT&T….seems the trend is a week after the images are posted.

  • saddik aibani

    Are there any bugs??

  • Caleb

    Still waiting for LG G3 Verizon…but it is Verizon. So I won’t be getting it until Oct. 2016.

  • pavan gupta

    how to install android marshmallow manually on micromax canvas a1??

    • Aswin

      official update rolled out . go to settings > About Phone > System Update

  • Vashkar Baidya

    I am from Bangladesh. Can i update my android phone 5.0.2 to 6.0 ???
    Phone model : HTC Desire 816
    Current OS : 5.0.2 (lolipop)

    • William

      nope. u’re gonna stick with the present one since 816 isnt on the official 6.0 list by HTC.
      although, u may look for custom rom for ur device

      • K53SM

        you literally denied what you posted yourself!..desire 816 is on the list at number 3!!

        • Vashkar Baidya

          Agree wid u Bro…. @K53SM

    • Sathish Benz

      Yea you’d and Htc 816 has been listed for update .. Probably you’d get the update by end of the year.

      • Vashkar Baidya

        Thank you… (y)

  • I hope my Z2 can get Android M update Fast
    Otherwise i will go with CyanogenMod

  • Sathish Benz

    Still didn

  • Sathish Benz

    Still didn’t received the update in my Android One -,-

  • My Android One 2nd gen is await for the update…

  • M. Hanif Ali

    I think Android 1 project phone is also available here in Pakistan by the name of Qmobile A1, now my question is that whether we will getting the update in near future or wait will be long?

  • Muzammil Khowaja

    Qmobile A1 MAin Update Kab Aeyga 6.0

  • Android Developer

    And Nexus 4 which is most probably more capable, can’t update to Android 6…

  • Etherious Natsu Dragneel

    Does anyone know when the LG G3 will be receiving Android M in Canada?

    • lol


  • Star

    No sign of 6.0 updates on Android one infinix hot 2 X510 in Nigeria…

    • Loretta Gilbert

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  • Agil

    Updated to 6.0 , but cannot find the option system ui tuner in my micromax a1

  • Exare

    I got the update notification on my Nexus 5 just now. At first I didn’t notice the very, VERY thin yellow progress bar underneath the “Android 6.0 System Update…” header. It wasn’t until I turned the phone sideways and it auto-rotated to landscape changing the header to, “Android 6.0 System Update Downloading…”. If I tilt it back to portrait, the “downloading” portion disappears.

    Freaked me out for a minute. I’m all for the Material Design, but this might be a little TOO subtle Google ;) Ha.

    • Rocky

      This comment is the best..

      Google you didn’t do that on purpose, did ya?

  • Nisarg

    Just got the update on my Canvas a1

    • kalyan

      official one or you downloaded

      • Nisarg


  • Dvr Dhanapal

    Why android one is getting update….. I want official update to my lollypop….

  • Semaan Kawar

    I still haven’t received the update to 6.0 Marshmallow on my Nexus 5 !! its been like forever ! I’ve been waiting too long ! when will I get it ? I live in the middle east.

  • Sagar Dhone

    thanks but how to install

  • Android Developer

    And Nexus 4 doesn’t get an update, even though it’s probably more powerful than any of them. :(

  • Anirudh

    How to download android 6.0 in Sony

  • Haris Aziz Siddiqui

    i am getting update in pakistan on my Qmobile android one phone, just an hour ago

  • Rakesh Dhuwad

    I got the notification of 6.0 update available, but was getting error “insufficient memory”. So I reset the phone & now I’m not getting the update

  • Ramakrishna Rockź

    My phone is canvas a1 **Rooted** running Android 5.1.1 and i how to install marsh mallow

  • Dean Christian Napala Sumcio

    Why am I still stucked at LMY47V.. and didnt received the Android 6.0 update in my Cherry Mobile Android One?? (Not rooted)

  • Olamide

    No sign of update to Infinix Hot 2 Androidone in Nigeria.

  • Aswin

    Got in India.. Updated to 6.0 in
    MicroMax Canvas A1

  • Sathya Ganesh

    when its update marshmallow in karbonn sparkle v android one its shows error.

    any suggestion

  • Mian Jee

    I got it last night. QMobile A1. Pakistan.

    • Muzammil Khowaja

      Wow Nyc Can U Make A video review marshmellow in q andorid one mobile

  • Nithin Elambachi

    After the marshmallow update the phones battery is draining without any use.
    Now we can degrade our phone lower version of android in simple steps (no root required).


  • Kelvin fleezy

    Samsung galaxy

  • yoyok

    I have one Infinix android , android when about one Infinix get android M ?

  • Shashi Kumar HG

    I waiting Android m

  • Janine Faye Tablazon Cataluna

    just wanna ask if android 6.0 would be available too on myphone my28?.. Well i hope.. and when?

  • nello ansari

    I need marshmallow update for Samsung galaxy grand prime my phone latest run

  • nello ansari

    From india

  • Krishno Saha

    My phone is Symphony H250 *Rooted** running Android 5.1.1 and i how to install marsh mallow