Here are 81 amazing boot animations for your phone [Android is awesome]

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 25, 2013

paolo ceric boot animation feature

I first stumbled upon the work of Croatian artist Paolo Ceric a few months ago on Google Plus. I was in awe with the beauty of Ceric’s animated GIFs, which typically depict abstract shapes that move in a mesmerizing, almost organic way. From pulsing stylized hearts to hypnotic animations inspired by Escher’s impossible constructions, these animations prove that art can take many forms, including a lowly GIF.

Back when I first discovered Paolo Ceric’s animations, I thought they’d make wonderful boot animations. Apparently, XDA-Developers forum user raishiro thought the same, because he took some 56 of Ceric’s finest creations and turned them into boot animations that can be used on any rooted Android device.

Raishiro added 25 variations of some of the 56 GIF images, bringing the collection to a grand total of 81 boot animations. All images are available in HDPI (480×800) and XHDPI (720 x 1280) resolutions.

Here are just a couple of samples (high resolution):


paolo ceric boot animationPaolo Ceric Boot animation (3)
The XDA user even made a helpful tutorial for changing boot animations on rooted Android devices, which you can watch below. The process if fairly simple and the results are definitely worth it.

For the full collection of Android boot animations by Paolo Ceric and packaged by raishiro, head over to this link. Enjoy!

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