The Android 7.1.2 Nougat developer preview was unleashed earlier this week and what seemed like a minor upgrade may have more to it than you’d expect. We’ve already discovered that the Pixel’s fingerprint gesture was now available on the Nexus 5X (thank goodness), and we’ve now learned that you can choose where to set live wallpapers.

Or, at least, some people can choose. While many report that this feature was available since Android 7.1.1, others claim that it’s not even available on their 7.1.2 build (it doesn’t appear to be related to Google Play Services, as has been speculated).

Previously, those who wanted a live wallpaper — one of the fancy, moving wallpapers — on just the home screen were cruelly forced to apply it to both home and lock screens simultaneously. If you, for example, would have liked a live wallpaper as your home screen wallpaper, and then, say, a photo of a walnut wearing a tiny top hat as you lock screen wallpaper — well, it was just too bad.

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January 31, 2017

Android 7.1.2 seems to have addressed this on some phones, so to find out if it’s working on your Nougat device, tap and hold an empty space on your home screen, tap Wallpapers and select one from the category labeled ‘Live’. Next, tap Set Wallpaper and see if you can apply it to just the home screen on its own. Note that non-live wallpapers could always be set on the home screen or home and lock screen.

If you don’t have the functionality, you can try installing the latest version of Google Play Services, but it seems like a hit and miss solution.

Scott Adam Gordon
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  • Cakefish

    Meanwhile Samsung has removed the ability to set live wallpaper to the lockscreen completely :(

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

      Is this a recent change, like for the S7? I can still do it on my Note 4.

      • Cakefish

        Yeah, it changed in the Nougat beta for my S7. Don’t know if they’ve fixed it in the final Nougat build as I haven’t recieved the OTA yet.

        Trying to change wallpaper in the settings menu takes you to the Wallpapers and Themes app, which totally lacks support for live wallpapers from the Play Store (they just don’t show up within the app). Trying to set a live wallpaper from an alternative app such as Google’s Wallpaper app, only allows you to set the live wallpaper on the homescreen and not the lockscreen too.

        • Danny Maes

          Try Muzei,you can blur your live wallpapers,tick twice on your screen and you can see your wallpaper back normal.

  • I’ve been able to set a live wallpaper to my home screen with a different static wallpaper on the lock screen since at least Thanksgiving and I’m still on 7.1.1 on my Nexus 6P. I use Google’s Wallpapers app to set them. That said, my options are “Home screen” only or “Home and lock screen” for live wallpapers. Regular still wallpapers have the “Lock screen” only option.

  • Jason Stephen

    I just want that wallpaper of a walnut wearing a tiny top hat 😂

  • jaycclee

    On my Pixel XL, live wallpaper gives you Home screen or Home screen and lock screen option. Static wallpaper/photo gives you, home, lock screen or both options.