Adblock Browser for Android now officially available in the Google Play Store

by: Jimmy WestenbergSeptember 8, 2015

Adblock Plus is by far the most popular way to block advertisements on desktop, so it should be no surprise to see the service finally make its way to mobile devices. After being available on Android in open beta form for some time, Eyeo, the developers behind Adblock Plus, have finally brought its Adblock Browser to the Google Play Store for all to download.

Similar to the experience you’d find on a desktop, Adblock Browser for Android lets you browse the Internet more quickly without running into advertisements wherever you go. You’ll be able to whitelist specific websites to ensure they’re not taking a revenue cut, and you can even choose to block all advertisements for every website you visit. This new app claims to be able to load webpages much faster while also saving precious battery life and mobile data.

Along with a number of other ad-blocking services, Adblock Plus was removed from the Google Play Store in 2013 for breaching the Google Play Developer Program Policies. The company has successfully found a way to re-list the app in the Play Store without getting on Google’s bad side. There are a few notable differences between Adblock’s previous app and this new browser, though. Adblock Browser is a browser replacement, which will block ads from only within the app itself. Adblock Plus (the app that was removed) was interfering with ads in a third-party application, which certainly caused quite a stir at the time.

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Apple is holding its big press event tomorrow, where the company is expected to explain how iOS 9 users will be able to block advertisements from within Safari on mobile. Adblock’s new browser app coupled with the news that will likely come from tomorrow’s Apple event will not only allow users to block more ads, but will also likely impact the income of online publishers all over the web.

If you’re interested in the new app, head to the Play Store link below.

Download Adblock Browser from the Play Store
  • Борис Михаилов

    Since I’m already using Firefox on my phone, why not just installing the addon? :)

  • Great! Now content creators wont even get any revenue from smartphone either. This is f**king disgusting. I wish I could kill these developers. These freaking adblock think is killing the whole free internet economy and free internet data flow concept. If the content creators wont get any revenues from their sites, its’ really hard for them to keep running the site, creating more awesome contents and share them for free and in the end get nothing in return.
    This is freaking hilarious. Google should remove this app from play store immediately.Bl***y adblock devs.

    • BriniaSona

      Having a loud video autoplay on some websites really sucks. Especially with Canada’s terrible limited data plans. That and if I’m on a website and porn shows up while I’m on the bus or something. That just isn’t cool. Not to mention when I scroll fast I often miss click and open random crap.


        Lets be honest, you don’t mind seeing the porn pop-ups

    • Armand Bernard

      You can just whitelist websites you respect. If they give you loud, in your face pop-up ads, they deserve it. I don’t mind banner ads at all, but constant popups and flash ads that use up battery and slow loading times really get on my nerves.

      Granted. Most people may not bother white listing any sites. But that’s their choice. Adblocks have existed on Android for a while as plugins, but they blocked everything (at least mine did) this kind of implementation is actually better in my opinion.

      • Exactly, thats the point. Those disgusting sites who runs those annoying ads deserve adblock but the content creator who use adsense and show good ads, doesn’t. But as u said most people wouldn’t bother white listing even if they like the site. Because we are lazy. and whether or not they whitelist the sites, they are still getting contents for free and the creator suffers.

    • Paco Inurreta

      What? Sorry to tell you this but I use my old Galaxy S4 to play some relaxing videos out of YouTube to fall asleep and without any ad block app YouTube will just play whatever it finds. I dont want to buy a Ford car at 2AM nor I want to watch any other ad.

      “these freaking adblock think is killing the whole free internet economy and free internet data flow concept.”
      Then, they should start by making a more friendly system, currently it is really annoying.

      • No one is gonna buy a car nor they like ads but people do see those ads to suuport the person who is spending hours creating that relaxation music for you so that you can fall asleep and by blocking ads you are just saying “Great you shared your stuff for free? I will not support you nor your work, neither do I take those steps so that you can bring food to your table too, but I will always enjoy your work. No matter what you think. I didn’t asked you put your stuffs foir free. So stut up and f**k off”
        This is the literal meaning when you enable adblock on youtube.

        • Paco Inurreta

          I have supported them on Patreon with more than they get from the ads I block.

    • jokky

      Are you serious? We don’t like Annoying ADS. The other day my mother was on a download site to download a file a friend uploaded. What happened is that she mistook the download button and immediately she downloaded a virus and also opened a page with spam. Do you call that ADS? I call that Malware i call that MALA-ADS. We aren’t against ads, we are against ads that are malware, ads that makes your page load slower…..

      • Thats good and trust me we all are against these disgusting ads. But do me a favor, ask everyone you know uses adblock and ask them how many sites do they white-listed even if they visit it daily. Good content produces always suffers due to these sh*t websites runs annoying ads as their sh*tted content will never get approved by adsense.


      Just do me a favor and click on all the ads and refresh the pages a couple of times for me, please? I’m running AdAway and I can’t see the ads or else I would do it myself

  • Armand Bernard

    How does this compare to Dolphin + adblocker plugin in terms of performance and features? Apart from the option to whitelist I mean.

  • Paco Inurreta

    So maybe this is how Google is able to bypass AdBlock… Google made a deal with them, they would allow AdBlock in the PlayStore in exchange of being whitelisted or told how to.

    • Abraham Guerra

      makes sense

    • JoeyNexusPants

      It’s why I use Ublock origin on Firefox on mobile. They don’t have these shady deals where they block ads in our place and not another.

  • NexusKoolaid

    I wonder why this browser wants to run at startup, or download files without notifications.

    • yochanan

      To keep the filter lists up to date.

  • Blair Ginley

    Nice, now I can read your site without all those ads

    • Joey

      This guy gets it

      • Blair Ginley

        In all seriousness, I understand the ads necessity. But having to scroll thru 3 of them before I even see the story headline is a bit ridiculous


    What ads are you talking about? LMFAO

  • flamo

    ADGUARD its better.

  • jr

    Thank god. I am sick of seeing bud lite bucket list commercials

  • Karly Johnston

    Just use Adguard…

  • trwb

    Adblock severely kills my battery on Firefox for Android. I use ublock, much better. I wonder how resource intensive this browser is.