Want to upgrade your Acer Iconia Tab A500 to ICS? There’s an app for that

by: Bams SadewoApril 30, 2012
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With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich being rolled out for Acer Iconia Tab A500 and A100 this week, Acer has taken the initiative to release an app that will make the upgrade process faster and a tad easier for Acer owners.

The Iconia Tab Update Enhancement app, which you can download on Acer’s website and Google Play, is designed to make sure that the experience of downloading and installing the Ice Cream Sandwich update for your tablets will run as smooth as possible.  Fun as it is to frantically check for the update manually through the system’s settings, you’ll have a better chance of getting the ICS update faster via the app. However, do note that it is only compatible for the Iconia Tab A500 for now.

If you’re in the US and Latin America, you probably already got the ICS update notification, as it was supposed to roll out last week. Meanwhile, those in Canada are expected to get the ICS only on May 3. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try and install the app on your tabs. Once you receive the update, which we heard won’t come with the Face Unlock feature, it’s recommended to keep the Iconia Tab Update Enhancement app. You see, the app is also designed to handle security patches, fixes, and future updates for your Iconia Tab.

We should pat Acer on the back for being mighty proactive in delivering Ice Cream Sandwich for Tab owners and hopefully other manufacturers will take note of this.

As for our readers, have you received the Ice Cream Sandwich update on your Acer Iconia Tab A500 or A100 yet? Share your experience in the comments below.

  • Somedewd

    Absolutely I want it to run much slower , crash a lot and piss through the battery , bring it on!

  • Anakin

    hopefully the ICS update will be coming for the Gateway TPA60 tablet, which is actually a rebranded Acer Iconia A500.

  • Ben

    This app does not speed up the update it only facilitates its install. I have an A500 and am still waiting. Acer will only say that it should be available some time this week.

    • guys dont insall app from playstore wil force close apps allready installed and then you will have to master reset and install all apps again heard this on forums boys going mad he had over 100 apps installed now has to reinstall all acer get it right firs time or wait as this is much confusion and your lose customers quality satisfaction ratings will plummet now haha ooops

  • James Harris

    I’m in AU and have not received the ICS update. A check using system update still shows 3.2.1 – kernel as the up to date version

  • In upstate NY, my A500 feels brand new again, I’m loving the speed bump, battery life and the fix that finally lets me us my back facing camera again.

  • Joe

    My A100 was stuck on 3.2. After some research I found out that it is a GEN2 and I had to find an update that turned it into a GEN1. That allowed it to be updated to 3.2.1 and that allowed it to be updated to 4.0.3. Once I found the initial update to start the process (on XDA) I was able to run through several updates (3 or 4 in total) and the end result is I am now running ICS!

    • jackal

      How do you find out whether it is a GEN2 or GEN1? My a500 is stuck on 3.2 as well.

  • haha acer told me they have bugs to fix thats why u.k have no icecream yet sounds like the icecream van bell wont ring just yet lol

    • Jonathangaraway

      Still have not seen the update yet in the uk and where is Acer on this, why have Acer not put information about the batch release when and where. Plus u can only live chat Acer in usa. I keep trying

  • Dph77

    i Have the Gateway tab tp a60 and have the iconia tab update enhancement installed on it so it is no just for the acer tablets because it was an auto update on my gateway as well.

  • Kauz

    Got the ICS in jamaica last week……thursday, the new UI is easy on the eyes, its not the most exciting update but I love my Tab -A500

  • Mftimbol

    our iconia here in the Philippines has no updates yet for ICS

    • Mftimbol

      i got the ICS update already for my iconia a500 and a 100 today!

  • Patiently Waiting

    I have an Aussie bought A500 Gen1 with me here in Saudi Arabia. No ICS updates here yet. (and I have been checking several times a day since the 27th, not that I’m impatient.)

    • Yuskaz

      still no update in saudi arabia?

      • Patiently Waiting

        Just downloaded it this afternoon in Saudi, 7th of May. A bit of a long wait. Have loaded it on and haven’t had any issues with it, works well.

        • Yuskaz

          yeah, i downloaded it and now its working perfectly… – jeddah

  • Primonbugayong

    still waiting for the ICS update for my a500 & a100 here in the philippines

    • Mftimbol

      I got the update today pre!

      • Primonbugayong

        My a500 on gen 2 still has no ics upgrade, funny thing my a100 got ics within a week of the release and received its first update yesterday.

  • Computerbasicsmobilepc

    I got the update right on schedule, completed with no issues. Definite improvement with less crashing but have still seen some application crashes and one lockup that required a restart.

  • John

    I got the ICS update 2 days ago. Took forever to download since it was 395 MB! I let it sit overnight to complete the download. Install was seamless without using the enhancer app. Haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it yet but the UI looks pretty clean.

  • Thospellegrino

    I updated an a100 to ics and my internet browsing has slowed to a crawl and I can’t play YouTube video.

  • Paul Bulley

    Not in UK yet. I emailed Acer and got this:
    “We have some further information for you, there will be shortly FOTA update available for A500 series to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) it is on pre release for final testing at the moment”. Not sure what “pre-release for final testing means” if its been released to various countries already?

  • Cjsantiago2006

    No big deal…BTW one of the reasons I wanted the upgrade was because of facial recognition…

  • Dragaus

    simebody knoes something about gateway tpa60w

  • Gg32g3

    A500 in Ontario Canada, still waiting for it Acer…

  • Mgbirds

    in Australia.. just got the update last night. no issues with the update..

    • No ice cream

      I have a501 and I haven’t got it yet.

  • Dcheomail

    I got the 3.2.1 update for my a100 , no ics yet

  • jd

    Still waiting……..and waiting…….Atlanta GA

  • Rjdavies74

    still waiting for I cs update on my Gen 1 a500 in the UK can anyone help.
    I have installed the Acer app no joy it just says my device is up to date thanks.

  • Adam Smith365

    I got the Acer iconia a500 tab android 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich update in the UK but their is no face unlock which i s strange anyone got any idea if there is another update to allow face unlock etc

  • Pavloskl

    Got it on April 30th here in Cyprus

  • Steve

    Have tried installing update enhancement tool but still no sign of is. Is anyone else in the UK still waiting?

  • pandre

    Nice blog. I’m lookin for a ipad 3 hoes you know. where i can find them cheap?

  • Shethh11

    Still waiting 4 d update

  • Tele Bleeder

    Download 4.0.3 on my A500 last week – took a while but installed ok. Improved looks, fonts, icons, etc – some things wipe or splash differently – generally seems a little slower, jerky sometimes and emails have a big performance problem – especially some HTML types with embedded links and images – can seem to ‘hang’ interminably trying to load some emails. Overall improvements but introduced some issues….

  • Glen Brewer

    update done
    hdmi lost
    anyonegot the same problem

    • Fnerney

      Yes. Have you heard of any solutions?

  • David Makhan

    I got the update a couple weeks ago, and my browser now crashes and freezes continually.

  • kkr2012

    I’m in California and haven’t gotten it yet. :(

  • Still waiting USA a501

  • Mengkeli51

    Got it yesterday. Checked updates before installing The Iconia Tab Update Enhancement app and it says up to date. After installation, the ics update notification pops up

  • KRob

    I have an Iconia 500 and I just received the update message a week ago. Have been trying to download ever since. The update gets to between 55% and 57% and then an error message pops up, “You network is not strong, move to another location.” I moved it right next to the router for the strongest signal and watched. Never had less than a full signal and the same error message popped up at 55% completion. I formatted the tablet back to original manufacturers specs per tech supports instructions (erasing everything) and retried the download. Gave me the error message at 57% this time. Tried the fix according to Acer tech support, same message. Anyone hear about this?

  • Eddie

    I go the update probably a week or two ago? I forget, but since then my A500 has been working much better than it was the last couple months. i thought it might be getting slower cuz the memory was getting full and was maybe just getting a bit oldish, but then this update came in and gave it a nice speed boost along with making the UI pretty sleek looking. I like the whole new style/format or whatever of everything, there’s actually quite a lot of changes made to the look of things that I probably haven’t been able to fully appreciate yet, but so far I like it. ICS is cool.

  • AJ

    I am from Malaysia. I just updated my Acer Iconia A500
    yesterday to ICS. All icons on Home Screen seem to be flickering and sometimes disappear
    all together. Went into settings and back to the Main Screen seems to fix it.
    Restart my android a few times. Looks fine now. Anyone facing the same problem ?

    • Lee Boon Teck

      I am also from Malaysia. My A500 os is Android 3.2.1. I try to run System Update but it said “No update. Your device is up todate”. How did you upgrade to ICS?

  • luked

    When is it coming for the Gen a500

  • Michael

    Got this tablet two weeks ago, and it wouldn’t let me update. After hearing about this app (from another source :-) ) I saw it needed an update. I then updated it. While crossing my fingers, I checked for the update, and there it was! Now running ICS in Virginia, US.

  • lockie

    I’ve downloaded this but it still says my tablet is still up to date its so annoy in

  • kellyM

    Help, I’ve been trying to update my iconia tablet for months. It asks to install the updates and tells me to make sure it is connected to the charger. It then starts the download and gets as far as rebooting. Then the Acer icon appears (as if starting up again) and here it stops. A very small message written red appears in the top left corners that says ‘recovery verified failed…’ No matter how long I leave it never gets passed this point. I have to push and hold the start button to switch it off and start again and then it tells me every ten minutes that a system update is available.
    My tablet is starting to act weird. Help!!

  • Daniel Wium

    This stream died in April … what happened? Should we move to Apple?

  • Ajay

    when will be released to indian users?

  • saeed

    I bought my Acer iconiatab from Dubai and wonder how can I download ICS. I have gone through many websites but of no avail. Thanks.

  • joe w

    I have an A500 and never got a message to update. What can I do now?

  • Lain

    in US, Hawaii, and i havent gotten the update at all.

  • Rene

    I got it in Rwanda..but its background is black why? i hate black

  • Does the 4.03 update break the front and rear cameras on the A500? Just has a green screen and the apps were slightly visible also. Frist the rear camera, and then after doing a factory reset, both cameras were not working. That seemed to be a problem with one I had to return. It also seemed to not let you return to the original 3.0 Honeycomb update.

  • robert B

    I updated my A500 to ICS and got the 3.2.1 version…is not the ICS suppo/sed to be 4.0.1? Also, no I have no accelerater function (the tablet will not go from landscape to portrait and//or vice/versa) . Is there a.fix for this?

  • rocksbury

    …so i know where the acer office is, i want to toss a god damn brick through the window, everyday until i get an update.
    Acer A501 3G-Rogers
    running 3.2, the app tells me ICS is available yet when i check for an update its always up to date…like 5 minutes on facebook or a few days working on a fix and everyone would be happy but they are so focused on selling the product then walking away.
    I hope they go bankrupt.

  • witkamp

    After upgrade can’t watch videos….. why. Any one can help. I m missing out Hong Kong jockey club videos.


    I have an ACER A500 TAB and never got a message to update. What can I update my ACER A500 TAB to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich?