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Huawei Mate XS hands-on: Weird flex, but it’s still unique

Oliver Cragg 21 hours ago 133 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: Love for all the wrong reasons

David Imel February 22, 2020 279 shares

Xperia 1 II is a silly name that perfectly sums up Sony’s smartphone woes

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Android 11 hands-on and first impressions!

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Tesla prematurely reveals pricey power bank with wireless charging (Update: Price drop!)

The Tesla Wireless Charger is rather overpriced at $65, but a new price drop makes it a more attractive proposition.
Hadlee SimonsSeptember 11, 2018458 shares

Intel hires Tesla and Apple veteran for major chip position

Tesla's former vice president of Autopilot, Jim Keller, has joined Intel as its silicon engineering lead.
Scott Adam GordonApril 27, 2018208 shares

Tesla now lets you precondition your car’s battery from your phone

With an update to its mobile app, Tesla is now allowing owners to precondition the batteries in their cars and avoid the limitations that come with driving in colder environments.
Matt AdamsDecember 22, 2017354 shares

Tesla has launched a stylish $45 portable charger for your phone

Tesla is finally taking on the smartphone industry with… a portable charger. What, were you expecting a Tesla phone?
Oliver CraggNovember 20, 20171784 shares

Tesla’s Model 3 can now benefit from the wonders of the Tesla Motors app

Tesla has added support for its Model 3 electric vehicle as production ramps up.
Scott Adam GordonSeptember 22, 2017243 shares

Former Apple and Tesla engineer will try to simplify Google’s AI efforts

Lattner developed Apple's Swift programming language, with the hire possibly simplifying Google's AI efforts on the backend and consumer side of things.
Williams PelegrinAugust 15, 2017137 shares

Your car is on Facebook, you’ll talk to it soon

From Charged.io - A new Facebook chatbot means you can talk to your car and give it instructions. Soon, this could develop into a natural conversation.
Team AAMay 24, 2017185 shares

Latest Tesla Android app update adds Powerwall support

You can now control certain functionalities of your Powerwall and check on a number of things (power flow...) with the latest version of the Tesla app.
Mitja RutnikApril 21, 2017223 shares

The head of Tesla’s Autopilot feature now works for Google

Robert Rose, the man in charge of Tesla's wonderful Autopilot features, now works for Google.
Jimmy WestenbergDecember 1, 2015900 shares

You can now control your Tesla car with Android Wear – your dreams have come true!

It is now possible to control your car via a smart watch, a feature that Tesla has introduced with its latest Android Wear application.
Edgar CervantesJuly 25, 20141109 shares
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