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I respect the Samsung Galaxy Note line immensely — but I won’t miss it

C. Scott Brown 1 hour ago

Cyber Monday 2020: All the best deals still available

AA Deals November 30, 2020

Qualcomm’s next-gen processor is the Snapdragon 888

Robert Triggs 7 hours ago

Xbox Series X review: A legend in the making

Oliver Cragg November 30, 2020
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Deal: Get a Galaxy S9 Plus with a Chromebook 3 for less than the cost of a Note 9

You can get a brand new Samsung flagship AND a new laptop and still pay less than you would for a baseline Note 9.
C. Scott BrownAugust 10, 2018545 shares

Best tech gifts for college students

Looking for some college essentials to put under the tree? Here's a list of just a few tech items sure to please the college student in your life.
AA DealsDecember 1, 2017177 shares

Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro will run Android apps

Samsung has announced two new Chromebooks, the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro, which will be able to run Android apps out of the box.
John CallahamJanuary 4, 2017937 shares

Deal Alert: Pick up a Series 3 Samsung Chromebook from Ebay for only $160

You can pick up the Series 3 Samsung Chromebook for only $160 on Ebay. While it's not the most powerful computer on the market, saving almost $100 on the Chromebook is a considerable ...
Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 3, 2015567 shares

Samsung reportedly preparing next-gen Chromebook: octa-core Exynos and 2560×1600 display

According to a new report from Business Korea, Samsung is gearing up to make a next-gen ARM-powered Chromebook with a high-resolution display and octa-core Exynos CPU.
Andrew GrushDecember 30, 2013669 shares

Samsung Chromebook: Six months later

Can a $250 laptop hold up to the strains of six months of constant use? We take a look at the Samsung Chromebook after six months to find out. Read on!
Adam KoueiderSeptember 2, 2013466 shares

The potential of the Chromebook franchise

The Chromebook has been discussed quite a bit lately. With leaked videos, Android mentioned in the code, and a website domain reserved it looks like we’ll see something amazing at ...
Nate SwannerFebruary 13, 2013171 shares

The best cheap Android tablets to start 2013

In a very crowded Android tablet space, which are the best cheap Android tablets to start 2013? Which tablet is right for you?
Nate SwannerDecember 28, 2012158 shares

Got Chromebooks? Free 100GB Google Drive storage and Gogo in-air Internet passes await

While waiting for the postman to deliver the new Chromebook to your door, we suggest reading the following information on how to score some goodies for the notebook. Those who own ...
Bams SadewoOctober 23, 2012125 shares

Ubuntu Linux finds its way to the ARM-based Samsung Chromebook

Coming by way of a "Hack your Chromebook" night at Google, Olaf Johansson, a Googler, managed to get Ubuntu Linux installed and running on his ARM-based Samsung Chromebook.
Robert NelsonOctober 23, 2012217 shares
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