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Savumin is our new sister site dedicated to helping people escape the 9-5 grind to work online or improve their skillset to make their next career move!  We all work online and we love what we do, but the path to making money this way can be confusing and difficult. We’re here to help. Check us out at!

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Jump into project management with pro certification training

Train towards industry-leading project management certifications. This training bundle is just $23.40 with our promo code.
Savumin4 hours ago28 shares

Unlock a future as a certified computer hacker

Learn to be an ethical hacker for only $35.40 with our promo code. Start a career protecting companies from breaches.
SavuminOctober 21, 201969 shares

Become an AutoCAD ace and launch your design career

Learn how to navigate the design waters in AutoCAD. This software is trusted by pros and you can start training for $19.99.
SavuminOctober 20, 201949 shares

Deal: Launch your data science future for under $20

With great data science comes great analytic ability. Grab this training for only $17.40 and launch a new career.
SavuminOctober 20, 201950 shares

Learn how to turn posts into paychecks with the Social Media Rockstar Bundle

Launch into an ever-evolving career as a social media rockstar for only $17.40. Save over 97% and start an exciting future.
SavuminOctober 19, 201979 shares

Promo deal: Jumpstart a career in graphic design for only $17

Go from amateur to pro with this six-part graphic design training kit. Today it's on offer for 90% off.
SavuminOctober 19, 201949 shares

Master Matlab and Labview with this massive learning kit

Learn visualization and programming skills with these nine hands-on tutorials. The bundle is just $17.40 with a promo code.
SavuminOctober 18, 201975 shares

Deal: Burst into Bubble and build apps without coding

Build apps easily with Bubble. No coding required, just drag elements together and build logical workflows.
SavuminOctober 18, 201945 shares

Launch your consulting future with this $13 tutorial

Learn how to start a consulting business and work from anywhere. This short $13 training kit can get you started today.
SavuminOctober 17, 201938 shares

Deal: Power up your projects with Jira

Take control of your workflow and projects with this tutorial in using Jira. Get certified for 90% off the retail value.
SavuminOctober 17, 201967 shares
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