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Back to school: the essential Android apps for students

School is back in session and you'll need all the help that you can get. Here's a look at some of Android's best apps for students of all walks of life.
Mark HearnAugust 28, 2015386 shares

7 Android facts that you may not have known

Android has been available to consumers for almost seven years and boy has it accomplished a lot. Here are seven things about Google's thriving operating system that you may not have known.
Mark HearnAugust 24, 2015941 shares

How LG and Huawei can restore Google’s Nexus program to its former glory

Google's Nexus program hit a bit of a stumbling block with the release of its expensive Nexus 6. The search giant is reportedly working with LG and Huawei to simultaneously release two ...
Mark HearnAugust 17, 20151115 shares

Are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 worth the extra premium over cheaper flagships?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 are among the most celebrated smartphones released this year, but are these two critically acclaimed devices truly worth their higher premiums when ...
Mark HearnAugust 11, 20151422 shares

Jumping off the hype train: Are flagship smartphones still worth buying?

Is a new annual flagship smartphone worth your hard-earned money, or is a low-cost handset worth a second look?
Mark HearnApril 15, 20151202 shares

The fight for your wallet: A look at the mobile payment scene’s new big three

Apple, Google and Samsung are all fighting for a chance to replace your wallet. Here's a closer look at the mobile payment scene's new big three.
Mark HearnMarch 11, 2015742 shares

Sony’s mobile business doesn’t jibe with its quest for profits

Sony's mobile division isn't doing so hot. Can they return to glory, or are they better off calling it quits?
Mark HearnFebruary 27, 20151473 shares

The Android paradox: lots of smartphones, little money

Despite having the biggest market share of global smartphone shipments, manufacturers building phones based on Android are fighting for scraps when it comes to profit. Why is this happening?
Mark HearnFebruary 19, 20151623 shares

Failure to launch: a few reasons why smartwatches haven’t caught on

Tech superpowers like Samsung, LG, Sony and Motorola have been cranking out smartwatches faster than they can sell them. So why aren’t consumers biting? Here’s my take.
Mark HearnFebruary 10, 2015703 shares

The casual consumer’s misunderstanding of Android

Google designed Android to be a simple experience, but if you were new to the platform, you probably wouldn’t know that.
Mark HearnFebruary 4, 20154335 shares
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