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Joshua Munoz

Josh joins the Android Authority team teeming with ideas and bursting at the seams with excitement. Whether it's app or device reviews, editorials, or massive long form features, he's looking to bring you, our loyal readers, nothing but the best.

Joshua's Posts

Apps of the Week, January 14, 2013

We've put together some of the best apps we could find into one convenient, quick, video! Hope you enjoy our first in the series! Here are the apps that we are reviewing this week.
Joshua MunozJanuary 14, 201375 shares

Sitdown at Spacetime: The Making of Arcane Legends

Spacetime Studios’ office is a beautiful place, but you’d miss it if you didn’t know it was there. Housed in one of the tall, white office buildings that ...
Joshua MunozJanuary 14, 201387 shares

Locale: Condition-based Android awareness, automagically automated [video]

I love making my phone work for me. Whether it’s using Navigation to get me from place-to-place, tapping NFC tags to run custom processes, or just tapping into ...
Joshua MunozJanuary 6, 2013132 shares

Win a Play-Fi speaker, courtesy of Android Authority and Phorus!

With our review of the Phorus Play-Fi finally up, Android Authority is excited to bring you the opportunity to win one of three Play-Fi speakers in our latest giveaway, ...
Joshua MunozJanuary 5, 201398 shares

Epic Raiders: Anime inspired fantasy gaming at the swipe of a finger

Sometimes you just need to do something epic, right? Well, fortunately, an epic adventure lays in the palm of your hand (or hands, if you choose a tablet) in the form of Epic ...
Joshua MunozJanuary 5, 201395 shares

Tweet Lanes: A truly Holo-themed Twitter experience, miles ahead of the rest

I love Holo, I really do. When Google unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich to the world, I was instantly smitten with how clean and cool it looked, so when I ...
Joshua MunozJanuary 4, 201391 shares

Phorus Play-Fi Speaker Review

Phorus has a solid speaker in the Play-Fi, but can it compete? Ask people to list off wireless speaker systems they can control with their phone, and you’re probably ...
Joshua MunozJanuary 4, 2013106 shares

Woot Check: Stay on top of your daily deals, all in one place

With sites like Woot, Tech.Woot, Home.Woot, and Sport.Woot all offering their own deals each day, staying on top of everything can become a daunting task. Fortunately, GT Media's own ...
Joshua MunozNovember 5, 201271 shares

Don’t forget to follow your favorite Android website on Google+!

It’s alright, I know sometimes we all need to be reminded. Life gets hectic, we all get busy, and we forget to do the important things. It’s no ...
Joshua MunozOctober 30, 201260 shares

Create custom notifications with Notif

Ever since Android saw a total revamp of it's pulldown notification system, I've been impressed. I'd always wondered, though, how could I create my own custom notifications? After doing ...
Joshua MunozOctober 22, 2012142 shares
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