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Microsoft will host an Xbox Series X/S launch stream in November

You can catch the livestream on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.
Igor Bonifacic4 hours ago

Xiaomi could be working on a foldable with a 108MP camera

Could "Cetus" be Xiaomi's first commercially available foldable?
Igor Bonifacic6 hours ago37 shares

Speed Test G: OnePlus 8T vs OnePlus 8 (prepare to be surprised)

Despite featuring the same processor, one phone has the slight edge.
Igor BonifacicOctober 26, 2020191 shares

Google is working on dark mode for Chrome OS, here’s how to try it

You'll need to switch your Chromebook to the Canary channel.
Igor BonifacicOctober 26, 2020388 shares

These custom plates let you get away from the PS5’s white color scheme

One set will cost you $40.
Igor BonifacicOctober 23, 202096 shares

Miss squeezing your phone to launch Assistant? This app brings it back

If you miss the fact you can't
Igor BonifacicOctober 23, 202031 shares

Here are all the streaming apps you’ll be able to use on the PS5 at launch

Sony also showed off the PS5 Media Remote.
Igor BonifacicOctober 22, 202058 shares

Here’s how to turn on Instagram’s dark mode

Let Android Authority take you through how to enable dark mode in Instagram.
Igor BonifacicOctober 21, 2020

Poll: What do you think of the leaked Samsung Galaxy S30 design?

You've seen the first renders, now tell us what you think.
Igor BonifacicOctober 19, 2020160 shares

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei is officially leaving the company

He announced it on the OnePlus forums.
Igor BonifacicOctober 16, 2020543 shares
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