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If the Google Pixel 4a XL wasn’t canceled, this is what it would’ve looked like

Sadly, the Google Pixel 4a XL will never see the light of day. Too bad, because it would have been a nice-looking phone.
Dave LeClair1 hour ago27 shares

Samsung might release a new Galaxy Watch soon: Here’s what we know

The FCC listing doesn't tell us a ton about the new Samsung Galaxy Watch, but we know one is in the works.
Dave LeClair4 hours ago86 shares

It’s shocking how many voice assistants might be in the wild by 2024

If the idea of voice assistants taking over the world is scary to you, now might be the time to look away from your screen.
Dave LeClair5 hours ago27 shares

Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X backwards compatibility information

Microsoft's policy for Xbox Series X backwards compatibility should have gamers feeling quite happy with their purchase.
Dave LeClair8 hours ago91 shares

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: All the juicy rumors so far (Updated: May 28)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is on its way. Here are all the rumors we've heard about the upcoming foldable phone.
Dave LeClair14 hours ago334 shares

OnePlus 8 supply is low. Here is the flash sale information for your area.

OnePlus is having issues with the availability of its OnePlus 8 devices and is turning to limited sales to get phones out.
Dave LeClair23 hours ago171 shares

Sony PlayStation 5 gets a potential reveal date

Information on the PS5 has been rather scarce, but it looks like the PlayStation 5 is going to be revealed very soon.
Dave LeClairMay 27, 2020199 shares

Is a Google Home successor finally coming?

The original Google Home speaker could change soon, as it is no longer available on the Google Store.
Dave LeClairMay 27, 202056 shares

Spotify is finally kicking its 10,000 song library cap to the curb

If there's one thing Spotify users hate, it's the music service's arbitrary 10,000 song library limit.
Dave LeClairMay 26, 2020234 shares

OnePlus CEO says ‘there’s still a demand’ for cheap phones, will deliver soon

In a world of more and more expensive flagship phones, one CEO thinks there's room for a cheap smartphone.
Dave LeClairMay 26, 2020419 shares
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