Darcy LaCouvee

Darcy is the editor in chief at Android Authority. He follows the latest trends and is extremely passionate about mobile technology. With a keen eye for spotting emerging trends and reporting them, he works hard to bring you the best analysis, updates, and reports on all things Android. Darcy lives and breathes the latest mobile technology, and believes Android will be on a billion devices in the not too distant future.

Darcy's Posts

Want to attend the OnePlus 5T launch? Here’s your chance!

Want to see the OnePlus 5T first? Want to attend a really cool event and get some swag? Here's your exclusive chance to attend the OnePlus 5T launch!
Darcy LaCouveeNovember 11, 2017

Honor 8 International Giveaway!

Win yourself a brand new Honor 8 in this week's Sunday Giveaway!
Darcy LaCouveeDecember 25, 2016

Huawei Nova Plus International Giveaway!

Win a brand new Huawei Nova Plus in this week's Sunday Giveaway!
Darcy LaCouveeNovember 27, 2016

Axon 7 mini International Giveaway!

Test your luck in this week's Sunday Giveaway and you would win yourself a brand new Axon 7 mini!
Darcy LaCouveeNovember 6, 2016

Here are the videos you don’t want to miss this week – June 18, 2016

It was a busy week for the Android Authority family. Not only did Android Authority review several phones, we also saw the launch of a brand new sibling site and YouTube channel, VR Source!
Darcy LaCouveeJune 18, 2016

Google Fiber sets its sights on Dallas

Google is currently in talks with community leaders in the Dallas area to make they're blazing fast Google Fiber internet service a reality in the area.
Darcy LaCouveeJune 14, 2016

Is Samsung developing a new clamshell Android device with an Exynos 8890 SoC?

Apparently Samsung is making a flip phone with near flag ship specifications, well as near as you can get in a flip phone.
Darcy LaCouveeJune 13, 2016

Amazon to launch new music streaming subscription service

According to Reuters, Amazon is planning on launching a new music streaming service that aims to go toe to toe with Spotify and Google Play Music.
Darcy LaCouveeJune 10, 2016

Goodbye Moto X, say hello to Moto Z: what you need to know

Motorola's new offering in the Moto Z line is promising to be a game changer with hot-swap modular capabilities.
Darcy LaCouveeJune 9, 2016

Go champion of the world wants a piece of Google’s DeepMind AI

18-year-year-old Chinese wunderkind Ke Jie says that although he underestimated Google's AlphaGo, he still believes he can take it down.
Darcy LaCouveeJune 6, 2016
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